Warriors Notes: Curry, 2020 Draft, Kerr, Chriss

Stephen Curry recently rejoined the Warriors as he continues to recover from his broken left hand, per Nick Friedell of ESPN.com. Curry, who underwent a second procedure earlier this month to remove the pins from his hand, had been in Los Angeles for a couple weeks, but has since resumed rehabbing the injury with the club.

“He’s been doing basketball movements,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said on Sunday. “He hasn’t been shooting the ball, but he’s been out on the floor doing a lot of lateral movement, jumping, that kind of stuff. And it’s nice to have him in the gym; it just feels better when he’s around.”

Curry’s recovery timeline hasn’t changed at all since he underwent his first surgery on November 1, Friedell notes. The plan is still for the former MVP to be re-evaluated at the three-month mark, which will happen at the start of February.

Here’s more on the Dubs:

  • The Warriors’ down year represents a rare opportunity for the franchise to land a top-five pick, but Ethan Strauss of The Athletic wouldn’t be surprised if Golden State ends up trading its 2020 first-rounder. As Strauss observes, the Warriors will want to add win-now pieces to their veteran core in the offseason, and the 2020 draft class is short on players who can make an immediate impact.
  • After leading to the Warriors to the NBA Finals for five straight years, Steve Kerr has had a much different job description this year for the injury-plagued, lottery-bound version of the club. As Anthony Slater of The Athletic details, Kerr has welcomed the challenge of coaching Golden State’s young, non-star players. “I’ve learned how to be a better coach, honestly,” Kerr said.
  • Marquese Chriss, the only player on the Warriors’ roster without a fully guaranteed salary for 2019/20, seems unlikely to be waived before his guarantee deadline next month, writes Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. In fact, Thompson believes the former lottery pick might even stick with the club beyond this season. “I see a future for Marquese with this team,” Kerr recently said during an appearance on KNBR.
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11 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Curry, 2020 Draft, Kerr, Chriss

  1. I’m wondering what the Warriors can get back for D’Angelo Russell and a top-five pick? Could be very interesting. Hopefully a strong Paul George type Wing guy but I can’t think of who would be available.

    • phillyballers

      Sad to say it but the player that may work best with that roster is Ben Simmons. You put him with the best two shooting teammates of all time?

      And I was always kinda pissed that it felt like the NBA rigged the deck in the draft so DLo went to the Lakers and the Sixers got Jah instead. Simmons is a much better overall player than DLo, but his skillset probably matches up with Embiid a lot better than Simmons. It’d be like a lesser version of Shaq-Wade.

      I don’t value DLo as high as Simmons obviously, so I’d want that pick too.

      Salary matching, only Wiggins makes sense of the bunch. I just go to Basketball Reference player contracts and it’s easier to look at they clump of guys that could line up for such a trade. Wiggins for DLo shouldn’t need a pick involved.

    • Typical? We’ve been on top of the world for 5 years… with a chance to it all 5 years in a row. What more do you want? Sheesh.

      • Since they have better luck with 2nd round picks picking in 1st round might not be best for them. Last 2 1st round picks Poole and Evans so far are bust. Trade the #1 lotto pick for 2 1st rounders from another team.

        • You make a great point. Maybe that’s why they’re open to dealing their pic.

  2. Strike Four

    Isn’t there a feasible way for GSW to get Giannis and either Embiid or Simmons to pair with the splash bros? Haha how many tears would be shed if that happened???

    • totoiv

      There have been some articles suggest Giannis is interested in the Warriors, but I don’t think he is a available (free agent) for a few more years. He or his family lives in the Bay Area.

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