Warriors Willing To Trade Alec Burks, Other Veterans

Shooting guard Alec Burks is among several players the Warriors are willing to part with before the February 6 trade deadline, according to Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area. Poole suggests Golden State could be one of the most active teams on the trade market after virtually ignoring it during the past five years.

He identifies Burks as the most coveted of the Warriors’ assets because he can stretch defenses and has an affordable contract at $2.3MM. Burks is averaging 15.5 PPG through 30 games and shooting 34.9% from 3-point range.

Poole names the Lakers, Mavericks, Clippers, Pacers and Raptors as teams that could use another wing player who can shoot from the outside. He states that the Warriors will be looking for future assets such as draft picks and young players.

Although Golden State’s front office likes Burks, they need to open up roster spots soon to keep two-way players Damion Lee and Ky Bowman, who are both nearing their 45-day NBA limit. Lee has 12 days remaining and Bowman has 11. After that, they will have to have their contracts converted to NBA deals or remain in the G League until that season is over.

“It’s an awkward situation for us, because Ky and Damion are coming up on their limit,” coach Steve Kerr told reporters after Friday’s game. “And they’re two of our top seven players in our rotation. And yet the rules are that we only have them for another nine or 10 days each. Everybody is aware of that. We don’t know how it’s going to play out.”

Several league sources told Poole that the Warriors are ready to move into serious trade discussions. They added several veterans over the summer on contracts that they believed would be easy to move when the time came.

Those include Glenn Robinson III at $1.9MM, Marquese Chriss at a non-guaranteed $1.7MM and Willie Cauley-Stein at $2.2MM with a $2.3MM player option for next season. They also traded for Omari Spellman, who makes $1.9MM this year, and picked up his option for 2020/21 at nearly $2MM.

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34 thoughts on “Warriors Willing To Trade Alec Burks, Other Veterans

  1. Tazza

    Of those teams interested both the Lakers and Clippers don’t have first rounds.
    The Mavs and Pacers both have loads of guards for their bench units (Brunson, Curry, Wright, Barea, Lee) (A.Holiday, J.Holiday, McConnell, Lamb) so I don’t see the need to get a 1 year rental when you already have players.

    Why don’t GSW just cut Chriss who is guaranteed money and sign Bowman. At PF they already have Green, Paschall and Spellman

    • sleepyfloyd

      Because the Dubs like Chriss at C minutes and the fact that the others are undersized compared to other PF in the league.

    • sleepyfloyd

      Because they like Chriss at some C minutes and green and Paschall are actually undersized against bigger PF/C. The team needs size other than Stein

    • Strike Four

      Chriss is actually kind of good and plays at C a bit.

      WCS is the clear holdup here. If he goes then Bowman can come on board.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It shouldn’t matter if those teams have 1st round picks or not.

      It’s extremely unlikely anyone will need a 1st round pick in order to get Burks. It should only take one or two 2nd round picks.

      • Alex Ashton

        Burks should be worth a LATE first-rounder, maybe a protected first-rounder that reverts to a second-rounder or future first-rounder if it’s a lottery pick.

        But the only teams who should be willing to trade for Burks are those that see him as a missing piece for THIS YEAR, so only teams in the top 1-5 spots in each conference, therefore teams likely to be drafting late (unless they’ve traded for early rounds).

        Best likely a decent second round pick, late first round, or a decent young big (bench guy or upside potential).

  2. richard dangler

    The Warriors are actually in a real good position long term. Top 5 pick and the ability to move a Russell for a player and/or cap flexibility.

    • dust44

      Yah Russell is gone in the offseason. My guess is the TWolves for Covington and a piece or 2 and a pick. Or to the Suns for Bridges and another player and a pick.

      • Strike Four

        Dlo+++ for Embiid/Simmons, or Dlo+++ Giannis is totally on the table. Giannis already bitter about letting Brogdon go. Embiid beefing with Simmons, so either one might have to go. Hard cap off next offseason. Iggy already basically committed to coming back. The team might look drastically different but it might be deadly if its Splash Bros+ one or two superstars plus money not being an issue to fill out the roster.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          Why would the Sixers or Bucks give away Embiid or Giannis in order to get Russell? Maybe Simmons but not the other two.

        • amk3510

          They don’t have cap room for more stars lmao. They used their cap on giving role player Draymond 100 million. Warriors are a 5 seed at best beyond 2020

          • harden-westbrook-mvps

            Exactly. Even if/when they trade D’Angelo the Warriors will still have just over $100M tied up next season in Curry, Klay, and Draymond. And Steph has become even less durable than CP3, which is really saying something. And since there’s really no point in him playing again this season, it’s extremely likely that Curry will end up missing 122 games from the 2017-18 season through the 2019-2020 season.

        • JD Candello

          Ill play along with this fantasy just to ask why the hell GSW would want Simmons….Theres not a worse match in all of basketball

          If Iggy comes back wouldnt that also make the team look drastically THE SAME as well?? Im utterly confused by everything you said

          • jump shot

            Simmons would actually work w GS as a facilitator – a huge one – getting the ball to guys and being a bigger (and better) Draymond Green with the ball in transition. Could eventually be the same on-ball defensive presence as Green, while already being as good or better in the passing lanes and helpside. Could move Green to a 6th man role or trade him for an impact (big) player, two solid pieces, or a rotation player and R1 pick. Simmons and Embiid together is a dead-end destination, and that’s not in the Finals.

        • Alex Ashton

          Sorry, but Embiid or Giannis fgor D-Lo is a pipe dream. Covington plus a lottery-protected first-round pick would be a great deal from Minn., but they also need to move Wiggins or trade another mid-level salary to make the numbers work. Might take a three-team deal to create a fair deal for both Minn. & GSW.

    • Tazza

      Neither will go for Russell don think.

      What about three team deal?

      Russell and Covington to the Bucks,
      Middleton to GSW,
      Bledsoe and the Wolves.

      Bucks get upgrade at PG and Russell is the sort of personality that would make Giannis want to stay. Covington replaces Middleton at the 3. Covington is just as good if not better defender, doesn’t score as much but spaces the floor better.

      GSW get Middleton who would be a great fit next to Curry Thompson Green and a top 5 pick (Wiseman).

      TWolves get a franchise PG which hopefully gets the best out of Towns and works with Wiggins.

      Maybe the Wolves need a pick or two to convince them but GSW definitely get stronger and the Bucks get younger and cooler.

        • Wade Herbers

          I wouldn’t give it to them , but they will want a #2 round pick as well to package with their own to go after another veteran

  3. xdrta

    It’s wrong to say Lee and Bowman will remain in the G league for the rest of the season once their 45 days are up. On March 7 either one can have their 2-way contract converted to a regular NBA contract (minimum, pro-rated) and take the 15th roster spot, and the Warriors will still be under the hard cap. To convert the other they would have to move someone.

    But, so what? If they stay on a 2-way, they’ll be RFAs next summer and the W’s can just match if they get an offer. It’s not like teams will be knocking down the doors with big offers to sign them.

    • Alex Ashton

      Someone will grab Bowman for sure if he’s RFA, at a salary the Dubs will not be able to match unless they trade Russell or drop at least one of the current short-contract vets. And if they’re going to do the latter, they can only get value by swapping a vet to a CONTENDER for THIS YEAR, so why not do it now?

      Russell trade could wait for this summer, but if someone offers real value to bolster their 2019-20 roster, could be earlier.

      • xdrta

        Why won’t they be able to match an offer for Bowman? They’re going to be in the tax anyway, they can match.

  4. david

    Not sure why Dallas wants another wing… i can see a justin jackson for burks stright up. But it seems like Goldenstate wants to trade 2 of their players for just 1 player

  5. x%sure

    The content sounds like a plant by the GSW FO. Kind of heavy-handed to remind other teams they have to trade. Inspired by the Cavs?– but that was Love’s people. The Knicks?– but what else was going to happen there.

    The linked article started out “In
    this year of movable assets for the Warriors”.

  6. Ironmonger835

    Didn’t the Thunder sign Burks but he asked to be let out of the deal after they traded Paul George and Westbrook and he thought they would be bad so he went to the Warriors? Lol.

  7. John Kidd

    Mavericks would trade for Willie Cauley-Stein and maybe Alec Burks for Courtney Lee and second rounder.

    • david

      Dallas doesnt want wcs. he clogs the paint and rick carlise doesnt like post players anymore. (Go to bleacher report and look how he defends KP and ehy he doesnt put KP in paint). And its not report out of Dallas. If you reread it, its just some guy that suggest dallas could use another wing…. but we dont

      • John Kidd

        Mavericks do need another big who can run the floor and defend the rim. WCS could be that pick and roll option for Luka.

        • david

          I agree. Thats why i want dallas to trsde for drummond. But with rick carlise offense, he doesnt want anyone that cant shoot threes. “Post ups arent effective anymore” his words. Thats why there will be no WCS or drummomd in dallas

    • Tazza

      Courtney Lee for Dwayne Dedmon ???

      Dedmon doesn’t clog the paint cause he can shoot 3’s and on defence he blocks shots. He’s really out of form but giving up Courtney Lee for him isn’t a huge loss at all.

  8. dynamite drop in monty

    Pacers have no need whatsoever. Once Oladipo comes back and is in form Lamb goes to the second unit.

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