Amick’s Latest: Bogdanovic, Drummond, OKC, Gordon, More

Bogdan Bogdanovic‘s name popped up in trade rumors at the start of the week, but the Kings still view the swingman as a key part of their push for the postseason and team sources “swear” they’re comfortable dealing with his restricted free agency this summer, sources tell Sam Amick of The Athletic. Interestingly, Amick notes that it was the Lakers, not the Kings, who initiated those reported trade discussions involving Bogdanovic and Kyle Kuzma.

According to Amick, winning is Bogdanovic’s top priority, and he’s not opposed to the idea of a long-term stay in Sacramento if the team continues to improve. If the Kings fall further out of the playoff race in the coming weeks, it’s possible both sides will become more open to a trade, but the price for Bogdanovic would be high.

Meanwhile, the Kings are also considering the possibility of a Dewayne Dedmon trade, and Amick confirms that the Hawks are among the teams with interest in the big man. However, Sacramento’s asking price for Dedmon has been too high for Atlanta’s liking so far, per Amick.

Amick’s latest Athletic article, which lists 16 top trade candidates from around the NBA, is jam-packed with noteworthy tidbits related to those players. Here are some of the highlights:

  • A source with knowledge of the situation downplays the likelihood of the Hawks and Pistons agreeing on an Andre Drummond trade, according to Amick, who hears from a second source that Atlanta could already have landed the center if the team was willing to include a first-round pick in its offer.
  • The Thunder have been sending “mixed messages” in trade discussions, sources tell Amick. They’re open to making moves if there’s something significant to be gained, but also aren’t opposed to standing pat, given how well they’re playing.
  • “There is chatter coming from Orlando” related to forward Aaron Gordon, one executive tells Amick. However, a source with knowledge of the Warriors‘ activity gave Amick a hard “no” when asked specifically about the possibility of the Magic trading Gordon for D’Angelo Russell. Another source said a Russell deal is “unlikely” to happen this season, Amick adds.
  • The Timberwolves are trying to find upgrades, one general manager tells Amick, who points to Robert Covington as the most logical trade chip to help Minnesota land that upgrade.
  • While the Trail Blazers are frequently cited as a potential Kevin Love landing spot, Amick says there’s “serious skepticism” among key people close to the Blazers that the Cavaliers forward will ever end up in Portland.
  • The Spurs have been gauging DeMar DeRozan‘s trade market, but the guard’s ability to walk in free agency this summer if he lands in an unfavorable spot complicates a potential deal. According to Amick, extension talks between San Antonio and DeRozan aren’t dead yet either. Based on the Spurs’ transaction history, an in-season extension might be more likely than an in-season trade.
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17 thoughts on “Amick’s Latest: Bogdanovic, Drummond, OKC, Gordon, More

  1. ffjsisk

    The Hawks should be more interested in Bogdanovich than Drummond. They need another shooter bad. Huerter needs to come off the bench.

  2. Skip, Tampa

    Actually the Hawks have the picks and players to make Drummond and Bogdanovic work. Plus the cap space to sign them in July.
    Given a chance though, a Kings deal with Reddish, Bremby and a 1st makes the most sense. Can then go after Adams or Capella on multi year deals.

    • i think Reddish needs time. hes a pure scorer. he needs time to adjust to nba life, hes a rookie, and he needs to get his legs underneath him from that injury. look at KP in Dallas, he was an allstar avg 24 pts. now hes avg 18 points. he sat out a whole year, he is having trouble finidng his rhytem. everyone knows KP and Reddish can score and shoot. it just takes time to adjust when coming back from a leg,knee,ankle or foot injury

      • ffjsisk

        Reddish is a scorer that can’t shoot. He couldn’t shoot at Duke either. Just cause he was a top 10 recruit doesn’t mean he’s an NBA player. I’d trade him while other teams still value his potential.

        • imindless

          Reddish sucks to be honest. Lackadaisical on the floor and never knows where to be, very talented but that doesnt always translate. He isnt worth much after coming off a rough year ar duke and a bad year with hawks he worth less than what suns got for josh jackson. Your trade proposal works well for hawks as they get the better player not sure why kings would take that when they can have kuzma…

          • SheaGoodbye

            From everything I’ve read from Hawks fans, they have really liked the job he has done on defense as a rookie. The issue has entirely been on offense.

            And zero chance he is worth less than JJ at this point. That trade was all about Melton.

      • SheaGoodbye

        His mechanics are smooth at the very least, which is important. And he plays good defense. If he were one of those guys with a busted shot I’d feel much differently about his chances of surviving in the NBA.

        Still, it’s important he shows at least some offensive improvement in the 2nd half. For better or worse, I think they are going to stick with him as long as they can.

  3. casey@thebat23

    As much as the Pistons should trade Drummond, why would any team give up assets for him when they could wait to sign him in the offseason. Detroit will get hosed with nothing because they waited too long, and he wants a max deal.

    • x%sure

      If he’s getting the max regardless, then he has a choice. His choice will likely be with the team that has him because why not and the money is best.
      Presumably a team would trade for his bird rights as much as his half-year of production… assuming he has them, I think so.

  4. fishy 9 dogs

    I really hope the wolves don’t trade Covington. There is a reason so many teams want him. He needs to stay.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      They wouldn’t trade him if the team was a playoff contender in the highly competitive West. He just turned 29 and they are looking to the future to build a young team around Towns. Plus Covington may be their best chance of getting a young PG.

  5. Drummond is going to want a max deal and some team will be dumb enough to give him one. I’ve banged on a lot about how the pistons should trade him, still think the best return is Reddish Parsons and a second.

    As for teams like the Celtics and raptors looking at trading for him to make a playoff push it’s funny really. Drummond acts like he’s some big strong Centre he averages 15-15 and gets a couple blocks but if your 7 foot and stand in the paint all day your going to end up with atleast 8-8 with a block just look at Zeller, Len, and those guys.

    Drummond just got lit up by Tristan Thompson for his career high 35 points. He gets killed by Joel Embid every time they play the Sixers to the point where Joel calls him out before the game and Drummond is scared.
    The only centre I’ve seen Andre actually consistently do well against is KAT. That’s because KAT is awful defending the paint.

    So go ahead and sign him for a max but he’s definitely not worth it. I’d say 20 mil is a good price for Drummond.

    • x%sure

      I agree, his main thing is his big-man paint presense and NBA-best rebounding. Not bad but a team still needs money for shot-creators, if only for a Drummond rim-run. (Gotta like the rhyme there.)

    • I feel like Big Man paint prescene isn’t worth Drummond max money. Look at McGee, Howard, Thomas Bryant, DeAndre Jordan, Nurkic, Brook Lopez, Capela these guys all earn less that 15mil.

      Yet someone is willing to pay Drummond 30mil stupid.

      This offseason in free agency we have Marc Gasol, Hassan Whiteside, Tristan Thompson, Derrick Favours, DeMarcus Cousin, Mason Plumblee, Enes Kanter and more. These guys will likely cost a 10th of what someone will pay Drummond.

      Imagine Atlanta instead of throwing a max at Drummond throw 15mil-20mil at Cousins. Yes he’s been out a long time with injuries but when he’s fit he’s great. His career averages are 21/11/3 plus he shoots 33% from deep.
      Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, Hunter, JC and Cousins that’s a strong team in the East with Heuter, Reddish and Len off the bench

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    I agree Drummond is not worth a max. Pistons just can’t give him away. I would do all I can. To have him opt in to one more yr. Then you can trade him now or at draft. To a place he wants to go. I know it’s asking a lot of a player. But in end this works well for both. He’s a max on the right team. Hawks are one of them.

  7. stevep-4

    Knicks are going to sign Drummond, Whiteside, Thompson and Cousins this off season. They figured out having too many power forwards is not a recipe for success so they are going to try something different this year.

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