Community Shootaround: Andre Drummond

Pistons center Andre Drummond could be the biggest name on the free agent market this summer. Right now, he’s the biggest name on the trading block.

The Hawks are reportedly in discussions to acquire the league’s leading rebounder. A separate report also named the Celtics, Mavericks and Raptors as potential suitors for Drummond’s services.

The trade talk makes sense from Detroit’s perspective. In the midst of a disappointing, injury-riddled season, the Pistons need to seriously consider hitting the reset button. Owner Tom Gores told reporters on Thursday that the front office needed to reassess its approach to make the franchise a serious contender.

The Hawks possess two things that a rebuilding club covets — expiring contracts and draft picks. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that the lottery-protected pick the Nets owe the Hawks is one of the items on the table. Atlanta also has three large expiring contracts — Chandler Parsons, Allen Crabbe and Evan Turner — and could use one of those to facilitate a trade.

Drummond holds a $28.75MM option on the final year of his contract and is expected to opt out this summer, which waters down his trade value.

The Hawks could take a look at Drummond and see how he fits around their young core of Trae Young, John Collins and Kevin Huerter. The Young-Drummond pick-and-roll combo could be quite formidable. If both parties like what they see, Drummond could re-sign with the club in July.

Drummond could also be the piece that turns a marginal contender into a serious one and a serious contender into a champion. He would be a major upgrade in the middle for Boston but it’s unknown what GM Danny Ainge would give up to rent Drummond. The Celtics have two extra first-rounders with some protections from Memphis and Milwaukee. The Pistons would likely want the Grizzlies pick as the centerpiece of a deal with the Celtics.

Drummond could be an interesting fit with Dallas next to Kristaps Porzingis. The Mavericks have Courtney Lee‘s expiring $12.76MM contract to dangle but don’t have any extra first-round picks to toss in.

The Raptors could trade either of their two large expiring contracts — Marc Gasol or Serge Ibaka — if they view Drummond as an upgrade.

That brings us to our question of the day: If the Pistons deal Andre Drummond, which team would be the best fit for him? And will he wind up with the Hawks or a playoff contender?

Please weigh in on this topic in our comments section. We look forward to your input.

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26 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Andre Drummond

  1. Tazza

    This is easy….
    Celtics don’t have anything to give up.
    Hayward suits Brad Stevens system and is on a higher salary so would mean taking back something extra and cutting a player.

    Dallas coach said he doesn’t want a low post player to clog the paint, plus they don have any good trade chips. Courtney Lee at 12 mil is a start, Powell is a bench player is 28 and gets about 10 mil a year. Jackson and Brunson are average, they just don’t have good enough pieces.

    Then lastly the Raptors.
    They’d need to give up either Gasol or Ibaka plus a first.
    Keep in mind tho, they traded for Kawhi in hope of resigning him and keeping him but he left them. Surely they wouldn’t want to give up a first rounder in hope of trying to resigning another player at the end of the year.

    Hawks can give up a big expiring deal, can give up a young talented player (Reddish) and can even give up some second rounders. Reddish is a better young talent that what you’d get from a Toronto, Dallas or Boston first. And A hawks second is only going to be about 10 places worse off than either of these teams first.
    Parsons big expiring deal and Jackson’s expiring deal would give them enough room to chase some Free agents like Brandon Ingram, Demare DeRozan, Montrez Harrell, Derrick Favours or Dario Saric.

    It’s a no brainer …

    • david

      Reddish has kind of been a bust. I also dont think Atlanta would give up a first, unless they protect it (they will probably be a lottery team this year and next year if drummond bolts in FA). would Det be interested in a pick in lets say 2022 and it be in the 20s and reddish (assuming hes a bust)?

      • JT19

        Halfway through their first year is way too early to declare a guy a bust. I agree Atlanta wouldn’t give up a non-protected first for this draft and maybe even next year’s draft though. All kind of depends on what Detroit values more. I don’t know how deep this draft is supposed to be, but that would play a factor. If the draft is top heavy, Detroit might just settle for a future first. If its deep, they might want to roll the dice with a first round pick this year.

      • Tazza

        Said Atlanta would give up Parsons Reddish and a second rounder not a first rounder.

        But you might be confused cause I said an Atlanta second which would fall top 10 in the second round. Where as Toronto Mavs and Celtics first rounder will all fall in the last 10 of the first so really there isn’t a huge difference

        • CursedRangers

          Good points Tazza. Just don’t forget the Mavs also own the Warriors 2nd round pick this year.

    • CursedRangers

      Agreed that the Hawks have the most to offer. Yet it appears that the Hawks are this year’s version of the Lakers from last year. Strong rumblings, coupled with numerous articles, about the Hawks locker room falling apart. They also have a horrific record and are in a tailspin. This begs the question on why would Drummond elect to stay with Atlanta after the season? And if the Hawks would likely lose him, why give up valuable draft picks for the future.

  2. Otogar

    Yep, surely Toronto are utterly disappointed about having traded for Kawhi and wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

  3. JT19

    Obviously Toronto doesn’t regret trading for Kawhi, but lets not kid ourselves and think that trading for Kawhi and trading for Drummond are the same. Drummond isn’t going to single-handedly carry Toronto to a championship like Kawhi did. To (kind of) back @Tazza’s point though, Toronto isn’t exactly a free agent destination and they can’t afford to trade first round picks for rentals. If Drummond somehow led Toronto to a championship, then yes, it would be worth the pick. But if he didn’t, and then left in free agency, we would all be here in the offseason criticizing Toronto for giving up a first for a rental.

    I agree with @Tazza though in regards to Drummond’s likely destinations.

    There would probaby be too many moving parts in a Boston-Detroit swap on top of the fact that Boston can’t offer any significant expiring contracts. Dallas can’t really offer any headliner and don’t have a first round pick to offer til 2025 (assuming their 2023 pick to the Knicks conveys then).

    Amongst the known suitors, Toronto and Atlanta seem the most likely. Raptors can at least offer an expiring contract and have all of their first rounders to offer. Same for the Hawks, but they could offer more cap flexibility for the Pistons considering all of the expiring contracts on their books and how much cap space Atlanta will have (currently only $33m is tied up for next year). Atlanta could easily take on Snell’s contract if Detroit insisted on it. And not that they would/should do it, but Atlanta could even take on Griffin’s contract if they were desperate enough to get Drummond and Detroit was desperate to get out of Griffin’s deal.

    • Otogar

      If Toronto makes an offer for Drummond it will not be thinking long term, but because they believe he increases their chances of winning it all this year. Indeed, Drummond will not single-handedly lead Toronto to another ring… But one can argue that currently Milwaukee is the only team clearly better than the Raptors in the East. If Ujiri deems Drummond an upgrade over Gasol or Ibaka (and he certainly looks like one, as he would address Toronto’s biggest weakness, namely rebounding, while giving them more offensive punch) it’s likely he will try to get him, with no regrets whatever happens at the end of the season.

  4. david

    About if Dallas traded away THJ Powell Lee and Brunson and got back Drummond Griffin and Rose. Drummond and rose would make up the scoring loss of THJ. And dallas can rest griffin knee as much as they want.

    Drummond can also improve dallas on the board and play better defense.

    If drummond leave in offseason at least you still have grffin to play center (No good centers on market next year. Plus on the current mavs roster, they wont have any money to sign one unless THJ opts out)

    Griffin contract will also expire when Lukas rookie expires.that will open up 30 mill in free agency. Dallas can sign whoever they want and then sign luka to the max.

    I dont think dallas has a prayer at getting Giannais in freeagency. Dallas has whiffed a lot. Plus do we really think Giannis and Luka can co exist? They both need the ball to be effective

      • david

        Clear cap. Blake Griffin contract is almost impossible to move because of all the injuries and level he is playing at

        • david

          Not really blowing up the chemistry that much. Lee doesnt play, brunson has been in the dog house. Drummond will do same things as powell does- he will just do it better. And rose will pick up the scoring production that you lost from thj

  5. Eric Lord

    I feel like the Pistons have to get a young player back for Drummond as well as a pick & expiring contracts. The cap flexibility isn’t going to do them any good if they can’t lure quality free agents to the franchise. They need talent

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Hawks seem like best fit. Or Boston. Atlanta can probably give best offer. I wouldn’t trade for him. Unless he opts into contract for a yr. IMO that’s key so you can sign him. After you see the fit. Celts and Hawks are young teams. Celts are more ready. If I’m Drummond, I take Celts. But he has to opt in on contract.

    • 1-you can’t be sure he will opt in
      2-to take drummond boston MUST give hayward or smart+ at least 4 other players. How can boston be a frontrunner for drummond?

  7. david

    Clear cap. Blake Griffin contract is almost impossible to move because of all the injuries and level he is playing at

  8. Tazza

    If he gets moved to Atlanta for Parsons Reddish and a second. Which I think is the best offer available and most likely to happen. Then by having Reggie Jackson (20mil) and Parsons (25mil) along with Galloway (7mil) and Maker (3.5mil) that gives them roughly 55mil cleared in cap space from this year.

    I would then give Brandon Ingram a max offer, although he probably doesn’t deserve it, your paying for this years version of Ingram and the potential you see. He is averaging 25/7/4 with 1 steal and 1 block, while also shooting at 48-40-85. To put that into perspective KD in his fourth year averaged 3 points more, an assist less and had slightly worse shooting numbers.

    Then replace Drummond also in free agency with a cheap offer for a centre. This offseason has Marc Gasol, Hassan Whiteside, Tristan Thompson, Mason Plumblee, DeMarcus Cousins, Nerlens Noel, Willie Cauley-Stein and Robin Lopez. So I’d offer most these guys 2 year deals at around 6-10 mil a year. It makes for a good starter and a easily moveable contract.

    Now that you have SG, SF, PF possibly and C sorted I’d use the draft for a PG. Not to mention still have youngsters Reddish, Brown and Douyoumbia on the roster. This year in the draft there is a lot of talent at point including Cole Anthony, Theo Maledon, RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball, Nico Mannion, and loads more.

  9. phillyballers

    Makes sense for Toronto, but what asset is Detroit getting? Atlanta makes some sense bc they can just get him via cap space next yr, but would get his bird rights. Dallas doesn’t make a ton of sense given how well their team has played as currently constructed. Minnesota could match-up giving them a front court of Drummond, KAT, Wiggins (assuming they reup Drummond). Maybe even take back D.Rose.

  10. x%sure

    There is no need for Detroit to trade Drummond for expirings. Basically Drummond is that already.

    Probably whoever has him will keep him if the max is offered. Probably Atlanta in order to please Trae Young, and they have cheap arguing youngsters to balance.

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