Love: I’d Be Happy To Stay With Cavs Through Deadline

Reports this winter have repeatedly suggested that Kevin Love would like to be traded to a contender, and it’s still possible the Cavaliers will find a deal in the next couple weeks. However, sources tell Chris Fedor of that Love’s value may be higher during the offseason when it won’t be quite so tricky to move a player with his cap hit.

If that’s the case, Love may end up remaining in Cleveland for at least the rest of the 2019/20 season. And he insisted on Thursday that he wouldn’t have a problem with that.

“I will be happy if I’m still here,” Love said, per Fedor. “I fully plan on continuing to help these guys, continuing to help — Tristan (Thompson), myself, Larry (Nance Jr.), these guys, being a leader with all the veterans. And this place, Cleveland, the fans, they’ve been really, really good to me. So, yes.”

Love had a series of outbursts – including an in-game show of frustration – earlier this season, and a source tells Fedor that many aspects of the Cavs’ season have “driven him crazy.” Fedor adds that the club’s “selfish” playing style has been a source of irritation for Love, though the veteran power forward vowed a few weeks ago to “be better” when it came to expressing that frustration and being an example for Cleveland’s young players. He has been more patient since then, Fedor notes.

As has been the case all season, there’s still skepticism that the Cavs and a trade partner will see eye-to-eye on Love’s value. The big man’s expensive, long-term contract, which will have three years and $91MM left on it after this season, is a deterrent for potential suitors. But the Cavs will continue to seek at least one valuable asset – such as a promising young player or first-round pick – in any deal for their most productive player. Love is averaging a double-double (17.4 PPG, 10.0 RPG) with a .450/.366/.841 shooting line this season.

Love is one of several veteran Cavaliers who are candidates to be moved at the deadline. The club also figures to discuss players like Tristan Thompson, Brandon Knight, John Henson, and Matthew Dellavedova, all of whom are on expiring contracts. However, things have been quiet as of late for the Cavs, and there’s some growing doubt internally that a massive shakeup is around the corner, according to Fedor.

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10 thoughts on “Love: I’d Be Happy To Stay With Cavs Through Deadline

  1. Pablo Boner

    I keep forgetting that Dellavedova is still on the Cavs’ roster. I thought they waived him after re-acquiring him from the Bucks last year.

  2. i think kevin love is bipolar… wants out, then wants to stay, then out again, and now wants to stay again

  3. mcmillankmm

    Cavs fans have to be happy when they see those 4 players names and expiring contracts in the same sentence.

  4. sippycups

    Said as he throws an overhead rocket pass to a reporter 5 feet away from him.

  5. I know I’ll probably get ripped into but it’s a well known fact KLove wants to go home to play in Portland.
    Why not just bite the billet from both teams, swap Whiteside for KLove?

    TWolves almost have Nurkic back so by making this trade they open up the centre position for him to take back over. Love can play minutes at 4/5, Melo can play minutes at 3/4, and they also have Ariza there and Collins to return.
    Blazers would have 8 really strong players for a playoff push (Lillard, McCollum, Ariza, Melo, Love, Nurkic, Collins and Simons).
    This would be a top 10 team in terms of just shooting. Blazers would have this group of players tied up for the next few years to mix together and do well.
    Cavs get to clear KLoves huge contract with Whitesides expiring deal giving them boat loads of money to spend in a weak free agency but that’s better than having 30 mil tied up for 3 years on some old guy.

    • greenbowlpacker

      White side contract comes off books next season. Blazers trying to get under luxury tax. They really just can’t take on Loves 90 million over next three years. Unless maybe CJ was the trade piece… nice story Love back to NW however don’t see it happening.

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