NBA Players Who Can’t Be Aggregated In Trades

The NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement includes a rule that states players who are acquired using an exception (ie. not using cap space) can’t be aggregated in a second trade for two months after the original deal.

Aggregating a player in a trade refers to the act of combining his contract with another player’s contract for salary-matching purposes. For instance, an over-the-cap team can’t trade a player with a $5MM salary straight up for a player with a $13MM salary. But if the team aggregates that player with a second player who also earns $5MM, the deal would work.

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The rule against including a player in an aggregated trade for two months after he’s acquired doesn’t preclude the player’s team from adding him to a multi-player deal. His salary simply can’t be combined upon with another player’s for matching purposes in such a trade.

For instance, even if a player earning a minimum salary can’t be aggregated in a trade, his team could still include him in a swap involving a pair of $10MM players, since his minimum-salary cap hit wouldn’t be needed for salary matching.

With those rules in mind, here’s the list of players who have been acquired using a cap exception within the last two months and can’t be aggregated in a deadline trade this season:

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  1. Natergater77

    Basically these guys can only be traded for straight up deals. So none are likely to be moved again this season.

  2. formerlyz

    Kind of a random question, but it sort of fits this post, so I thought I would ask. I was wondering if the rule in the summer before the 2004-2005 season was longer, like 1 calendar year after a signing….The reason I’m asking is b/c if I recall correctly, the reason Caron Butler was included in the Shaq trade to the Heat was b/c the Heat couldnt count Lamar Odom’s salary towards the trade for another couple of weeks, and the Lakers needed to get Shaq off their roster for Kobe to be willing to resign there. Back then, I was a lot younger, and wasnt as aware of certain rules as I am now, so if anyone knows the answer to this, it would be appreciated

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