Pacers Notes: Brogdon, Sabonis, Oladipo, Warren

Malcolm Brogdon has taken on the closer’s role in his first season with the Pacers, at least until Victor Oladipo returns, writes Scott Agness of The Athletic. In training camp, it wasn’t clear who might get that designation with nine new players on the roster, but Brogdon, who was acquired from the Bucks in a sign-and-trade, feels comfortable making decisions that will win or lose games.

“It’s a privilege,” he said. “Being the closer, sometimes it’s about making the last shot, but sometimes it’s about making the right play, making the right pass. My teammates, this organization, my coach — they trust me with the ball, and I’m going to continue to make good decisions.”

Indiana is using Brogdon as a full-time point guard, Agness adds, instead of a floor spacer like he was in Milwaukee. As a result, he has eight double-doubles this season after just three in his first three years in the NBA.

“I was hoping for it,” he said of the point guard duties. “Especially with Vic being out, I was hoping I could be that guy, but I knew I had to prove myself. And now that I’ve proven myself, Coach and my teammates allow me to do that and empower me to do that.”

There’s more from Indiana:

  • Doctors don’t believe Domantas Sabonis is risking further injury by playing with a bone bruise in his left knee, Agness relays in a separate story. After he was checked by the team doctor, his representatives had two other specialists examine the knee before any decision was made. “There’s swelling in the bone that all doctors say can’t get worse unless you get hit in that same spot,” he said. “It’s the same thing if I get hit in my healthy knee. There’s the same chance. It’s not a muscle or anything, so by doing more stuff, you can’t technically get it worse.”
  • Oladipo remained in Indiana as the team left for a nine-day road trip, Agness adds in the same piece. He plans to practice with the team’s G League affiliate as he prepares for his season debut January 29.
  • Picking up T.J. Warren in an offseason trade with the Suns has provided a boost for the Pacers’ offense, observes Mark Montieth of Warren is averaging 18.1 PPG and his versatility has made the team more difficult to defend. “He can score any way possible,” Jeremy Lamb said. “Off the dribble. Catch and shoot. Floaters. Threes. Pull-ups. Post-ups. However you want it, he’ll give it to you.”
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9 thoughts on “Pacers Notes: Brogdon, Sabonis, Oladipo, Warren

  1. Jason Lancaster

    Indiana is going to be elite if Oladipo is 100%. And they’re a matchup nightmare for most teams, because they play two centers.

    I don’t know if they’re good enough to beat Milwaukee, but I bet Brogdon will give it everything he’s got if they meet in the playoffs.

    Still can’t believe Milwaukee didn’t keep him…

    • Otogar

      Brogdon, Oladipo, Sabonis, McDermott, TJ Warren, Jeremy Lamb, McConnell, Justin Holiday… Indiana’s roster is esentially made of players that were not successful elsewhere or were discarded by their previous teams for various reasons. And they are really rocking. Feel-good story.

    • jroseka

      I’m a big Pacers fan, but there’s plenty to worry about. Losing to Charlotte twice comes to mind and NO. Here’s hoping Dipo can bring them to that next level.

      • D-Wise

        Pacers also lost to Detroit and Cleveland. If the pacers beat the team’s they were suppose to beat they’d be the 2nd seed in the east. If Vic comes back healthy I can see them rising to the 2nd or 3rd seed in the east and maybe even get to the eastern conference finals.

  2. Looking back at it now. Brogdan would’ve been much better to keep over Eric Bledsloe.
    Bledsloe had a bigger name and reputation but Brogdon just fits the bucks team perfectly.
    He can play on ball or off ball, can facilitate or be a floor spacer, he’s a good defender, he can play point or shooting guard.
    Between Giannis Middleton and Brogdon the bucks would love been even stronger

  3. redlegsjones

    The Bucks are still 1st in the conference with the most wins in the league, so I’d say they are doing just fine without Brogdan.

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