Pacific Notes: Kuzma, Bradley, Bowman, Lee, Curry, Thompson

The Lakers aren’t close to dealing Kyle Kuzma and want a substantial package if they do move the high-scoring forward, according to Sean Deveney of The Kings are reportedly among the teams interested in acquiring Kuzma. The Lakers would likely ask for a quality rotation player, preferably a point guard, along with a first-round draft pick that projects to be in or around the lottery, Deveney continues. The Lakers would also consider two lesser first-round picks as part of a package for Kuzma, Deveney adds.

We have more from the Pacific Division:

  • Lakers guard Avery Bradley suffered a right ankle sprain against Detroit on Sunday, Dave McMenamin of ESPN relays. X-rays were negative and it’s uncertain when Bradley will return to action. Bradley missed 13 games earlier this season due to a right leg injury and hasn’t played more than 63 regular-season games over the previous three seasons due to an assortment of ailments.
  • The Warriors will send Ky Bowman to the G League when D’Angelo Russell returns from a right shoulder contusion, Anthony Slater of The Athletic tweets. Bowman has six days remaining on his 45-day NBA allotment under the terms of a two-way contract. The team’s other two-way player, Damion Lee, has just two days remaining until he must remain in the G League or receive a standard contract. A roster spot is likely to be cleared for Lee at some point, Slater adds.
  • Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are getting antsy as they rehab from long-term injuries, Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area reports. Thompson is working his way back from the knee injury he suffered during last season’s playoffs, while Curry is rehabbing from hand surgery. “In an ironic way, this has been probably a good chance for them to blow off some stream and whatever metaphor you want to use,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. “But that can only last for so long. They’re both dying to play. And we’re dying to have them back.”
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57 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Kuzma, Bradley, Bowman, Lee, Curry, Thompson

  1. dynamite drop in monty

    Oh! Well, don’t let my white duds and pleasant demeanor fool ya. I too have been known to violate the statutes of man, and not a few of the laws of the Almighty.

  2. Dabofus going to the Padres game

    If I’m Golden State. I offer this year’s pick for Kuzma with hopes of pairing him with Curry and Thompson next year.

    PG curry
    SG Thompson
    SF Kuzma
    Pf Green
    C Stein

    • implant

      That’s actually a great idea. This years draft is so so and he would thrive with those guys

    • Adam37

      That’s a silly ass idea for the Warriors! Even if it’s a so-so draft you’re talking about giving up a potential #1 pick! Kuzma is a nice piece but that’s crazy. He’s only a little over a year from his rookie deal ending too. Why do people like Kuz so much??? Subpar shooter and defender

      • Dabofus going to the Padres game

        Curry and Thompson come back that pick is gonna be top 15 at best. Nowhere near 1st overall. It lands outside top 5, which it will if they come back, it’s not going to be as good as kuzma would be for the lineup.

        • JD Candello

          15th ! Thanks my man humor is always greatly appreciated- Time for you to find another website

            • Dabofus going to the Padres game

              Not as delusional as rocket fans and the front office thinking they’ll win a championship with westbrook.

              Better chance they come back than rockets winning it anytime soon.

              • washington_bonercats

                Dabofus in your quest for spicy opinions and hot takes you have failed yourself tremendously. Any person who cares about NBA basketball enough to watch, oh I don’t know, 1 maybe 2 games a week, knows Steph and Klay are done FOR THE YEAR. And to defend yourself you brought Russ into this because you don’t like the Rockets. Twitter is a more appropriate place for your half baked view on the league.

          • Dabofus going to the Padres game

            English language is lost on you clearly.

            At best means best possibly scenario out of all possible outcome

            If they come back means there’s a chance, no matter how slim it might be.

            Better enroll in a community college English class buddy.

          • Dabofus going to the Padres game

            I’ll help you out buddy. At beast 15th means the pick could be

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15. It can be any of those number but no number higher than 15. Assuming you can count that high.

      • Dabofus going to the Padres game

        Plus warriors can recoup a 1st trading Russel when curry is back.

        Curry Thompson kuzma is a better lineup than Curry Thompson Russel. Doubt Russel and Curry thrive in same back court. And Thompson is a much better fit at sg than SF.

        • Adam37

          They aren’t coming back in time to take the worst record to 15th – that would be crazy to rush Klay back for that. he’s not gonna play at all this year

          Why would they rush Curry back either – he’ll most likely play at some point this year but if I’m the Warriors I’m all about next year and getting a top 5 pick so they can extend their window. Wiseman is the guy they should be hoping for.

          And Kuzma isn’t better in that lineup than Russell — I don’t love the fit with Russell but 3 guard lineups can work. He’s way better than Kuz who you definitely overrate

          • arc89

            Lakers want to win now so if they trade kuzma its for a player to help them win this season. Lakers will be terrible in a couple of years so its a win now attitude. The way GSW GM is talking they will trade way the first rounder for some more picks.

            • rbell1951

              The lakers won’t be terrible in a couple of years get a your facts straight!!!

          • Dabofus going to the Padres game

            At best 15th means it could be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 or 15. Not higher but can he any number below 15.

            English is hard apparently.

            • Adam37

              That doesn’t make sense man. And did you mean English is hard for you cause that’s what it looks like on your post :)

              A high pick is closer to 1. “No higher than 15” means not better than 15 — at least the way it’s used by sports media.

              If someone says “My team has the 15th pick but I hope they can trade for a higher pick” they want a pick closer to 1, right?

    • hiflew

      That would be perfect. I would to see Lamelo with the Lakers, just to hear Lavar have to eat his words following Lonzo’s trade. That and I would love to see a 3rd Ball flop in LA.

    • Strike Four

      Terrible use of GSW’s assets.

      I have absolutely no idea how, but I can see GSW getting two of Giannis, Embiid, Simmons and KAT, while keeping the splash bros. Light years, baby.

  3. Jason Lancaster

    So Kuzma IS available, he’s just not going to be cheap, eh?

    Pistons can ship D-Rose to LA for Kuzma and Cousins. LA gets better, Rose can play for a ring again, Pistons get Blake’s replacement and clear some space under the luxury tax line to make future moves easier. Who says no?

    • hiflew

      LA doesn’t say no, but they do break their phone from dropping it while laughing so hard.

    • Adam37

      Lakers say no to that man — Rose isn’t that valuable. They want to keep Cousins for next year. Rose plus some pick for Kuzma they’d maybe do

      • Jason Lancaster

        Rose is the only starting caliber PG the Lakers can trade for. Either they hope a good PG becomes available in March (Collison maybe), or they trade for one.

        I guarantee Detroit can flip Rose right now for a pick. What other PG is available that’s having a great year? And how many of those guys earn $7 million?

          • Jason Lancaster

            True. But Rose is better, and Orlando will want lottery protection on any pick they include, assuming they want Kuzma bad enough to give up a first.

            Detroit needs a PF. LeBron wants to win now. It’s Rose or hope Collison comes to the Lakers, right? Or maybe Iggy, who could play backup point?

            • x%sure

              I just immediately think, that Lebron and DRose already played together in 2017, and Rose got spooked or something and was moved in midseason. He picked that year to avg 3 assists per 36’at PG! This year the Lakers could have signed Rose but did not. Rose is live but, while Lebron is not a GM, he probably can veto people.

              Except for Lebron’s pickiness, Rose on LAL does make sense. Meanwhile I’m advocating Alek Burks to Philly for star-fit reasons but that is likely not exciting to that fanbase.

    • amk3510

      Not a chance. Rose is a great story but he is 7 years older than Kuzma and they could have just signed him in the offseason for the same price as KCP if they really wanted him. Kuzma is getting moved for old role players.

        • Jason Lancaster

          I’m sure that if the Lakers had known how good Rose was going to be this year, they’d have paid him.

          He’s having his best season in years, and Detroit is leaning on him heavy. Put him on a good team and he’s a great third option behind LeBron and AD.

          Rose just hung 28 on the Lakers in 29 minutes. When was the last time Kuzma scored 28 against a good team? Last October maybe?

          • amk3510

            Rose would be a good addition but for their respective ages keeping Kuzma makes much more sense.

            • Jason Lancaster

              So, last year, when they had a different system, different coach, he scored 39 points, right? Feb 10th? Lakers lost that game by 20.

              Kuzma might end up being a poor man’s Tobias Harris if things go well. But that’s also not going to help them win a ring this year or next. I guarantee LeBron is all-in on a trade that brings back a borderline All-Star earning $7.3 million.

              • SheltonMatthews

                You asked for an example and without looking it up, gave you one. He’s been hurt this year, and currently has 17 in the first half right now in Dallas

      • JD Candello

        Yea if they just had that crystal ball huh Amk….. My goodness how do you even make that connection

        Who cares about age its 1 yr of Rose or 2 of Kuzma in Lebrons last hurrah; that is the question

        Last Q – Have you really even watched Kuzma YOURSELF? This guys cieling IS role player but the problem is he doesnt see it that way thus making him a natural move even before his last little spaz on Twitter-

        Gimme Rose for a 2020 run, I like your thinking here Jason, Rose looked great last night and Kuzma a mis-cast

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      It makes perfect sense because the Lakers are trying to win now before LeBron gets too old. They need a PG like Rose to get to the WCF.

  4. wildboys

    Knicks send Elfrid Payton,
    One of Morris, Portis or Gibson
    and Mavs 2021 pick
    Get it done.

    • king beas

      What does kuzma do for the Knicks? They have enough low percentage shooters who are a defensive liability not to mention Morris plus a first better bring back more than kuzma since Morris is better

    • JD Candello

      S**t send it! Trust me it will get done quicker than a lightening strike

      Man Im blown away by what non-Laker fans view Kuzma

      – Tape is not this guys friend but hey I hear he does make up for it with a large social media profile

      The last thing the Knicks need is Kuzma but in a way that might make a trade like this more feasible based on recent history

  5. Kuzma is the Lakers only real trade asset, so they have to start kicking the tires now to see what might be out there between now and the deadline. No harm in setting a high bar. But nobody is giving up anything close to what they’re asking for. He’s a one position big, who’s undersized and poor defensively and on the boards.

    • Jason Lancaster

      Agreed. Interest in Kuzma isn’t going to set the world on fire. He’s overrated by the media.

      • JD Candello

        Agreed x 2 – The guy plays like he has his left hand tied behind his back-

        He has some skills but hes got obv flaws that caps whatever upside the Media wants to make out of him-

        He is def not a good fit what Lebrons lakers so I do agree he should be moved if poss- Id like to see Kuz + for Bogan but I dont know where the + comes from

      • ThePeople'sElbow

        if Kuzma played for the Hornets or Cavs, would his profile be as “hyped” as it is?

    • paladin

      Kuzma only makes about 2 Mill, so no matter any opinion with the 80% match rule he can cover only a small amount in trade value cash wise. Most of the Lakers veteran players have ”no trade” kickers and it is just the ”bottom feeders” of the Lakers bench that they can use as throw ins. Lakers need defensive wing help to match up against Kawhi/PG13 or they won’t get to the title series. Marginal PG improvement won’t beat the Clippers. A Robert Covington type player or maybe a Davis Bertans player would, if Rob P could pull that off! Lakers would be the favorite in my opinion…..

  6. JD Candello

    Kuz + for Bogan is the play-

    Collison with the inj player exception in March-

    Perimeter defence and that sorely needed shooter-

    Problem of cource will be the + (lakers dont have any :(

    • Jason Lancaster

      Don’t think Sacramento gives up Bogdanovic. If they’re worried about the tax, they can trade Hield this summer.

      I’m sure Walton would help Hield pack.

      • king beas

        How can Sacramento be worried about the tax they’re not a legit contender

      • JD Candello

        I agree but one can dream !!! Love Bogs he would be such a great add and they have at least dangled him a tad-

        Problem is I just dont think Kuzma is that great and we dont have anything to add so yea if Im Sac this prolly never happens

      • x%sure

        That’s the question, whether Divac wants Hield or Bogdan. Hield had the advantage but Bogdan is gaining…

  7. harden-westbrook-mvps

    The Lakers window of opportunity is only for two more years at best. LeBron will turn 37 at the end of 2021 and won’t be nearly as good by then as he is now. They are in win now mode after giving away all of their young talent except for Kuzma. They would trade him for Rose in a heartbeat.

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