Pistons Notes: Drummond, Rose, Jackson, Wood

Trading Andre Drummond may be more difficult than expected, writes Vincent Ellis of The Detroit Free Press. The Pistons are hoping to get a young player or a draft pick in return for their star center. But because Drummond intends to opt out of his contract this summer, teams would be taking a chance by giving up future assets for what could be a short-term rental.

Although the Knicks are the latest team to be mentioned in a possible Drummond deal, a source tells Ellis, “there’s nothing there.” The Pistons reportedly reached out to New York, offering Drummond and another player in exchange for Julius Randle and Frank Ntilikina, whom they have tried to obtain before.

Ellis compares Drummond’s situation to Kemba Walker‘s last season, noting that teams weren’t willing to make significant offers to Charlotte at the deadline, even though Walker is a better player. Ellis suggests the Pistons may elect to unload Drummond for a package of expiring deals, if only to eliminate the risk that he will opt into a $28.7MM salary for next season when the team hopes to be under the salary cap.

There’s more from Detroit:

  • In an interview with K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, Derrick Rose talks about possibly taking part in the skills competition during All-Star Weekend and discusses how he has responded to an increase in his minutes limitation. “I feel healthy. And I’m just trying to play with grace out there,” Rose said. “Trying to take shots that they’re giving me, be smart with my opportunities. It’s been a year since I’ve been at the point guard spot. I came back in the league at small forward with Thibs (then-Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau). And then I went to shooting guard with Minnesota after that. This year, it’s the first year I’m back at point guard.”
  • The Pistons are optimistic that Reggie Jackson may return to the lineup soon, according to Rod Beard of The Detroit News. Jackson, who hasn’t played since the first two games of the season, received encouraging news when he met with a back specialist in Los Angeles last week.
  • Now that Christian Wood‘s $1.6MM contract is officially guaranteed, he has a chance to play a full season for one team for the first time since entering the league in 2015, Beard adds in the same story. “The transition for me has been good. It’s something I hadn’t really thought about,” Wood said. “I didn’t really kind of know the (guarantee) dates, but now it’s something I’m proud of. I’m happy and I think I deserve it.”
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10 thoughts on “Pistons Notes: Drummond, Rose, Jackson, Wood

  1. Drummonds hurting value more by his game play recently. Like I’ve been saying swap him for a Chandler Parsons, Cam Reddish and a second round pick.

    Pistons get an big expiring deal, get a young player that has played pretty badly so far this year and a second round pick that’s a high second round pick.

    • If I’m the pistons I’d rather my package. Clears way more cap space and along with Reggie’s and Galloways expiring deal gives them max money.

      I’d also rather Reddish and a high second round draft pick over Powell and Brunson. Reddish is a former 5 star recruit and top 10 pick, and an Atlanta second is almost a late first because it’ll be high. Whereas Powell is almost 30 and Brunson is a third string PG

      • Dallas has Warriors 2nd round and should be higher than Atlantas pick. Dwight has a super team friendly deal. Brunson is having a somphmore slump year. If you look at powell and brunsons numbers last year towards end of season they both had multiple 20 games. Dallas also can take on tony snells awful deal as well and clear more cap for pistons next season.

        • Powell and brunson were good last year at the end of the year……
          But they won’t ever be starters or close enough.
          As for team friendly… heaps of people say that but I think Powell at 10 mil is about right. He averages 27 minutes for 9/5.5/1.5… thats on par with like Cody Zeller, Meyers Leonard and JaVale McGee…..

  2. x%sure

    Knicks should take that Drummond deal! I doubt they’re crazy about Randle, especially given his replacements (including Morris, Gibson, Portis, Knox).

    Drummond would get a chance to get used to NY; while the Knicks might get a discount, and a lure to another max-type player.

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