Pistons Apply For DPE; Knicks Interested In Drummond?

The Pistons have applied for a Disabled Player Exception due to Blake Griffin‘s potentially season-ending knee injury, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

Detroit’s application is a clear indication it doesn’t expect Griffin, an All-Star last season and the team’s highest-paid player, to return. The $9.26MM exception, if granted, could help the injury-riddled Pistons make a trade to facilitate a rebuilding process.

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Griffin underwent surgery on the same knee after last season but he’s been bothered by knee soreness and a hamstring issue that kept him out of the lineup the first 10 games of the season. He only appeared in 18 games before getting the latest procedure.

The Pistons are just $3,669 below the tax line, $5.8MM below the hard cap, and have a full roster, Bobby Marks of ESPN tweets. Thus, the exception won’t be used on a free agent signing, barring a trade to clear money and open a roster spot, Marks adds.

The Pistons had a January 15 deadline to apply for the disabled player exception. As we noted earlier this week, if the Pistons were to trade Derrick Rose or Langston Galloway and take back a player on an expiring contract whose salary fits into the DPE, they’d create a trade exception worth $7.3MM, which could be used in the summer or next season.

In an unrelated but intriguing development, the Knicks have talked to the Pistons about Andre Drummond, according to Charania (Twitter link). The Hawks, Mavericks, Raptors and Celtics have also been linked to Drummond, who can opt out and become an unrestricted free agent after this season. The Knicks are owed two future first-rounders from Dallas, which could facilitate a trade with Detroit. They also have a number of expiring contracts to match salaries.

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21 thoughts on “Pistons Apply For DPE; Knicks Interested In Drummond?

  1. rxbrgr

    You mention creating a $7.3mm trade exception without mentioning who’d be traded away to create it. That’s important.

  2. Buckman

    Knicks miss a lot of shots so Drummond can increase his OREB numbers and PPG with putbacks! Good fit.

  3. Tazza

    Drummond to the Knicks what a fit.
    The Knicks are one of the poorest run franchises and they want to trade for a centre that is on an expiring deal and wants a max contract.

    The fit would be good because Knicks suck and Drummond isn’t worth the max.

    If the Knicks had any brains at all they would stay well clear and continue to develop this young player they have called Mitchell Robinson. Robinson is 21 and averages 10 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks in 22 minutes. So not only does he give you similar numbers at a small scale in less minutes but he gives you better defence and comes at a fraction of the cost.

    • padam

      Provided he doesn’t foul out. Need to be on the floor in order to produce.

      • Tazza

        Would still rather have Robinson who’s getting 1.5 mil and gives you 20 mins of solid production than Drummond on 30 mil giving you basically the same thing albeit in 30 mins

  4. Phattey

    Lmao the Knicks seemed to be interested in everyone while no one is interested in them

  5. stevep-4

    Who else would be interested in Drummond? He is a big guy, but still only a so-so free throw shooter, after working at it a lot, and only works in the paint.

    Without Griffin, the Pistons are dead in the water, so might as well try to get something for Drummond and maybe a few others if they can. Question is, where is the market for their mediocre players?

    Please please don’t talk to GarPax, as they would be just the type to make a “big move” by picking up a player who plays in another era.

    I am really not able to think of a team that Drummond would improve – maybe Orlando?

    • Tazza

      Or even Orlando with Vuce at centre. Maybe improves the Clippers but no way they can afford him on the books

  6. Simple Fan

    The Knicks need Griffin, not Drummond, in my opinion. Griffin, Randle, Barrett are the new face of New York. They don’t need to reach for centers like Drummond…

    NYK gave up players like Porzingis & Jordan over the years so no, I don’t think they want any more qualified centers. It seems like Morris is really confident but fears being traded. He’s good on the Knicks but could probably be used in a trade package with one of their guards. For Griffin to the Pistons or a Nance Jr. package to the Cavs

  7. phillyballers

    Just trade for Drummond and DeRozan. Morris and Payton to the Pistons, Portis and Gibson to the Spurs. Maybe some 2s scattered in.

  8. Skip, Tampa

    Drummond would be interesting for the Knicks could add 3 high quality shooters. Him along with Barrett and Morris is a pretty good core.
    Knoz, Smith, Portis and filler plus Mavs 2023 1st.
    IF he agrees to a 5/$150M extension should be right up the Knicks alley.
    Russell should be the prime target without a doubt.
    2020 1st Knicks, 2023 1st Mavs Knox, Smith, Portis and filler would get it done.

    • Tazza

      I’m definitely taking that if I’m Detroit cause it ruins your stupid franchise.
      Your giving up a young PG, a young SF, a first round pick and Portis for what someone that can do the same job as Mitchell Robinson can but makes 30mik each year hahaha

  9. Skip, Tampa

    We are talking about a desperate Knicks team with no management, poor ownership and plenty of cap space and Cash to burn right.
    Right up the Knicks alley.

  10. Even the Knicks FO can’t be clueless enough to have any real interest in Drummond. He’s going to want a LT contract near max, and he’s not a guy that can be a 1st or 2nd star on winning team. He duplicates the skill set of their best young player (as a pure 5). So MR would need to be traded (after being devalued via lack of PT), or they’d need to envision a team where half the cap goes to two unhappy C’s splitting time. Also, Randle can’t play effectively with either of them. So 70% of the cap for 1 position, essentially. One of increasingly less impact in the league. G leaguers at the other 4 spots? I wouldn’t even want to rent him unless they take Randle and an expiring deal.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Looks like Pistons may not get much, at this point. Drummond as max player can get 34 mill. Has to start at least 29 mill. IMO it’s best we move Morris for a pick. Now Morris is solid player for NY. Can handle it, can lead. I’m sure he would be fine going to contender. If you look at FA the next few yrs. Doesn’t look real good for Knicks. So only way to make significant move. Is by trade, or trading for player who wants to leave. Fact is Drummond is not coming with high value. If he has attitude that Morris has. I do it. His numbers are solid. His scoring is getting better. With pick we get for Morris and a Dallas pick. Or our 2021 pick. No other team is giving up two picks. DSJ, Portis and filler. We lose nothing. Now Knox can play and show. You can build around Drummond, RJ,Randle.

  12. Tazza

    If Drummond goes to NY it waste Robinson next 3 years. But it most likely overpays for Drummond.
    As someone who likes to see the Knicks suck sure go ahead hahah

    The only sorta package I could see is
    Drummond for Portis Payton and DSJ and a first.
    If I’m Detroit I take that.
    DSJ still has potential, you get a first rounder and Portis replaces Drummond.
    I mean Drummond gives you about 15-15 but he clogs the paint and isn’t a great rim protector. Portis doesn’t replace these things but he gives you a maker shift centre that can splash 3’s, opening the paint up for Griffin to drive into.

  13. Tazza

    I mean Drummond hurts his value even more after today’s game.
    Plays 19 minutes where his stats line is worse than the second round rookie who’s starting his first game he was up against in Daniel Gafford.
    Plus in one play he gets absolutely done in the paint by Gafford and he nails a 2 on Drummond he throws the ball at the back of his head because he looked at him for slightly to long.

    Dudes just a stat padding low post garbage can who is money hungry. Really hope the pistons trade him to someone dumb enough to give them something decent in return

    • x%sure

      And Gafford got the T! Well he got his face raked and the ball tossed at his head, whatever. Ha A secondround pick, ha. Like Claxton with the Nets, take the guy and see what happens, could be a main player.

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