Andre Iguodala Still Elite In Riley’s Mind

Heat president Pat Riley isn’t worried about Andre Iguodala‘s age or the fact the veteran forward hasn’t played this season, as he told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald and other reporters. In fact, Riley took a different spin on Iguodala sitting out while waiting for the Grizzlies to trade him to a contender. Miami acquired Iguodala from Memphis in a deadline deal.

“He’s an elite defender, an elite team defender; an elite assist-to-turnover percentage. You don’t lose that in seven months,” Riley said. “Probably a blessing in disguise he didn’t play in seven months. He’s in shape. He’s definitely going to have to get his basketball legs under him. As long as he’s healthy he can play.”

Riley also touched on a number of other subjects:

  • He was unwilling to give Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari a guaranteed 2021/22 contract extension, which prevented a trade for the OKC forward. That supports an ESPN report earlier today. Miami wanted to protect its projected cap space for the summer of 2021, when several high-level players are expected to hit the free agent market. “I wanted everything. But I wasn’t going to … compromise a two-year plan,” Riley said, adding “I like Gallo. I think he would have fit in really well. “
  • Trading Justise Winslow to Memphis in a three-team deal that also included Minnesota was the hard part for Riley. Winslow has been injured most of the season. “I know he’s missed 150 games during 4 ½ years with us,” Riley said. “We’re going to miss him. The Memphis Grizzlies got a great young player.”
  • No decision has been made on whether to offer Derrick Jones Jr. a contract this offseason. Jones becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. “I like the fact he’s improved his three-point shooting,” Riley said. “Like the fact he’s become a better, more consistent defender. When that time comes we have a decision to make.”
  • The Heat will scour the buyout market for a rim protector, per Riley: “We will keep our eyes out. We are happy part of this transaction gives us the possibility of a buyout player later on.”
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10 thoughts on “Andre Iguodala Still Elite In Riley’s Mind

    • SheltonMatthews

      Him being a potential HOFer isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. Guaranteed first ballot? Nope. But does he have a chance? Maybe. We will see how his legacy goes down when he walks away. But he was part of one of the best lineups in league history and helped make that Warriors team what it was.

      • El Don

        Basketball Reference gives Iggy a 6.1% shot at the HOF, so basically is a 1 in 16/17 chances, if I was a betting man having a 93.9% chance he doesn’t make it, I wouldn’t back Iggy with my money, right?

  1. TedKnox

    Strike Four, I agree.
    I’ve always had a lot of respect for Pat Riley, being a UK fan from way back and looking at everything he’s done over the years. He’s making swings at the players he can get right now. Andre Iquodala is not going to have the impact on that young team that he might have had as a playoff role player elsewhere. Danilo is not that much of an upgrade either as a starter or on the second team. Jimmy Butler was a sensational addition, but Andre is not going to get them past the best of the east. I sstill respect Pat Riley for trying, and I hope he can put one last championship team together in Miami before he calls it quits.

  2. x%sure

    People Riley said he was an elite DEFENDER, not that he was elite or an elite. “Elite” was used by Riley as an adjective, not a noun. Misquote in the headline.

    I think Riley won this trade, and his statement is true enough. I actually hope otherwise as I prefer Memphis, but Memphis had already gotten something from Iguo and just got rid of him for a hopeful, Winslow. This attitude is working so far in getting Josh Jackson earlier.

    Winslow is the one one hobbled, not Iguo.

  3. formerlyz

    Winslow got hurt his 2nd year when Al Horford took out his shoulder after the final buzzer of a game. People act like that makes him injury prone. They mention the amount of games he has missed but what about the entire heat roster that has been injured the last 6 years? They tried to get Gallinari, who is historically massively injury prone. Iguodala has had some issues the last few years at times, including the year they lost in the finals

    It really feels like Winslow must have been much more injured than thought b/c that’s the only way I can justify moving him in this type of a deal. Also not a fan of the deal overall, but that’s already been talked about…the best way to make this not as bad is for Iguodala and Crowder to be healthy and themselves, and for the Heat to use the cap room they cleared in a really strong way, whether that be this offseason or 2021. With so many options available that year, I feel like they’ll at least get someone, but that still remains to be seen, and is hard to assume, with so much time left in between

  4. formerlyz

    Solomon hill is the most obvious guy to get cut for a buyout guy, right? Could potentially use his defense if he can recapture it, although he has never been much of an offensive player

    Heat need to keep Derrick Jones jr and Goran Dragic somehow

  5. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I don’t believe Riley’s wrong in his assessment. The thing is, they gave up too much for a chance at what? Iggy helps, but not to the extent where you’re making any type of real noise out of the East.

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