California Notes: Wiggins, PG-13, Kings, Lakers

New Warriors wing Andrew Wiggins, the centerpiece of a trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to Minnesota, is off to an excellent start with his new team, per Anthony Slater of The Athletic. Wiggins, the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA draft, is a reclamation project in what amounts to a redshirt year for Golden State.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr is grateful to have part of a season to develop Wiggins in the 12-43 Warriors’ motion offense before Golden State’s Big Three of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green is fully reinstated next fall.

“He’s a great weapon to have, and we’re still learning how to use him,” Kerr said of Wiggins. “We’re going to experiment with some things the last couple months of the season.” The 12-43 Warriors have ruled Thompson out for the entirety of the 2019/20 season.

There’s more out of California:

  • After Clippers star forward Paul George critiqued a disparity of foul calls favoring the home Sixers in a 110-103 Philadelphia victory as ”home-court cooking,” the NBA fined George $35,000 on Thursday, as details.
  • Several factors will determine how the Kings close out the stretch run to what has been disappointing season, according to James Han of NBC Sports California. The development of core Kings players De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Harrison Barnes is a crucial element.
  • The 41-12 Lakers boast the best odds in the Western Conference (+180) to win the NBA title, per Caesars Sportsbook, writes David Purdum of ESPN. Los Angeles has a four-game lead on No. 2-seeded Denver (38-17) for the best record in the West.
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21 thoughts on “California Notes: Wiggins, PG-13, Kings, Lakers

  1. I must say Wiggins defense is better than I thought. For him not to be the top offense guy in the lineup will let him concentrate on defense.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      When was Wiggins ever the top offense guy? He was the #2 after Towns, and was #3 when Butler was with the T-Wolves.

  2. MrWood

    Wiggins is in the perfect spot. He isn’t an alpha. He needs serious drive… think back when he was coasting then Julius Randle came to town anf Wiggins ballled out because he had real competition. Hell think back to when UF was kicking he and JoJo ass, then Wiggins just kept going to feast. With Steph, Klay, Draymond around him, he could finally reach his potential, has to stay focused but his ceiling is still there. Can he focus? Time will tell.

  3. Kings were looking nice as rebuilding team on the rise but this year they have stalled and gone back wards. Not sure if it’s the GMs fault with the free agent signings and trading most of them now, or Luke Walton’s faults, or the players faults. Fox and Bagley have both had injuries this year but for a team that was suppose to be in playoff contention they look a few years away now.

    Maybe you have to lol for a new GM, new Coach and look at the trade market, Heild seems to want out which is fine cause he’s 27 and Fox and Bagley are both early 20’s.

    Maybe they do a sign and trade Buddy Heild for DeMare DeRozan. Spurs get a replacement SG and a really nice shooter which is something they’ve lacked and the kings get back a more experienced to go scorer. Kings would probably accept as long as DeRozans deal isn’t to pricey and to long maybe 75m/3years.
    Kings would become a more likely playoff team which would give valuable post season experience to Fox and Bagley.

    • Otogar

      I wouldn’t make that trade if I were the Kings. DeRozan is almost 31 and his mid-range game is very inefficient in today’s game, even if he’s a volume scorer. It would be wiser to stick to Hield.

      • DeRozan might not be an amazing return for a young team but atleast he’s an experienced player who can give this team some scoring and help lead them. Buddy Heild hasn’t done much improving this season and only caused issues with the coaching staff and front office if we wants out next year he’s only going to be a bigger distraction next season and waste another year.

        Atleast DeRozan is putting up nice numbers, he’s averaging 23/5/6, while shooting 53% FG% which tells me his mid range game is still solid. Heild who is actually only 3 years younger, averages less points on more shoots, less rebounds, less assists, less blocks and less steals.

  4. x%sure

    From seeing Wiggins in HS, I think he got into a coasting mode and was not usually compelled to leave it except for scoring. He was always kind of unconscious. His good defense (perceived as unnecessary by scouts) came from the efficient use of length and just showing up.

    It would have been a mess and distraction to get him up to speed in Cleveland and I was relieved that they did not take a developmental orientation to accomplish it… they just got KLove instead, to take advantage of the Lebron window at the expense of the future (applause). (Then Altman took over.)

    I’m not a hater, but at some point he will stop being the check-it-out kid and it’s a great trade for GSW to send D’lo for him and a high first. Wow.

    I was on here arguing with people about a D’Lo/Wigs trade as soon as GSW got D’lo. That popular sentiment got GSW the first. They have about the same talent IMO.

  5. I just think this is a great place for him.
    3’rd option
    SC & KT
    If he listens and applies himself, it should work out

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Wiggins is far from being a decent replacement for KD.

      Warriors fans keep thinking their team will still compete next season, just like so many of them were blinded by false optimism before Curry’s latest injury. But they will be in the mix for the bottom seeds with teams like OKC, Memphis, New Orleans, and Portland struggling just to make the playoffs in 2021.

      • x%sure

        Bottom seed ’21. That is an even more amazing (or funny) prediction. Anyway they will have the picks.

      • Otogar

        Sure, because Curry, Thompson and Green would never win anything without KD. Oh, wait…

      • Buckman

        KD is a freak of nature and there is no replacement for him. Even 2020-21 KD could not replace prime KD.

      • Strike Four

        GSW are about to be the first team to have the worst record then be Championship favorites the next season. 5 more finals….

  6. Skip, Tampa

    No Wiggins isn’t KD, but is a huge improvement over Barnes. Trade Geen for Arron Gordon, sign Baynes. Heck with that pick might get Bamba in the Magic deal.
    Warriors will be a 4 seed at the minimum next year.

  7. Skip, Tampa

    Quick follow up, Kings should sign and trade Hield for Arron Gordon and sign Bogdanovic for a SG. Then use picks for Bamba.

    • I wouldn’t get in Gordon cause Bagley will want to play PF minutes as would Barnes in small ball line ups. But I would look at getting Bamba if the price on him isn’t to high. He is a 7 footer that’s long and can block shots at an elite level and has a good offensive game which a nice 3 point shot.
      Bamba and Bagley could be a great duo

  8. Now if GS could land an elite big guy with those (2) valuable first round picks in the offseason…that would be dangerous.

  9. Skip, Tampa

    Hear Turner might be available. Not sure about 2 high 1st, maybe 1 of them.
    Him and Looney is a nice 1/2 punch.

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