Hornets’ Malik Monk Suspended Indefinitely

Hornets guard Malik Monk has been suspended by the NBA for violating the terms of the league’s anti-drug program, according to a press release issued this afternoon.

The NBA didn’t announce a specific number of games for Monk’s suspension. According to the press release, the ban will begin when the Hornets face the Knicks tonight and will continue until Monk is determined to be “in full compliance” with the anti-drug program.

We don’t know the full details surrounding Monk’s suspension, but the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement states that certain drug violations – including for drugs of abuse – require a player to enter a treatment or care program. If the player violates the terms of that program, he will be suspended “until such time as the Medical Director determines that he has fully complied” with the program, per the CBA.

Because Monk’s suspension is open-ended, it remains to be seen how much money it will end up costing him, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks. A suspension of less than 20 games will cost Monk 1/145th of his $4,028,400 salary per game. A suspension of 20+ games would result in a loss of 1/110th of his salary per game. So if he’s suspended for the rest of the season (25 games), he’d lose $915,545.

The 11th overall pick in the 2017 draft, Monk hasn’t been the scorer and shooter the Hornets hoped for through his first three NBA seasons, averaging just 8.6 PPG with a .322 3PT%. However, he had played well lately, scoring 17.0 PPG on .457/.350/.851 shooting in his last 13 games (27.9 MPG).

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19 thoughts on “Hornets’ Malik Monk Suspended Indefinitely

  1. nentwigs

    RELAX !!

    Adrian Monk is being brought in to take his place and solve the MYSTERY behind the Hornets’ season !!

  2. Theone23

    Is cannabis use still deemed in violation of the anti-drug program?? Or is it just drugs of abuse like cocaine, etc?

    • Curtisrowe

      If he was suspended indefinitely, it wasn’t weed.


      “If a player tests positive for marijuana, or if he is convicted of, or pleads guilty to, the use or possession of marijuana, he will be required to submit to treatment, counseling, and aftercare testing in the Program. A second violation will result in a $25,000 fine, a third violation will result in a 5-game suspension, and any subsequent violations will result in a suspension that is 5 games longer than the player’s immediately-preceding marijuana suspension.”

    • Luke Adams

      It is, but the penalties aren’t as severe as they are for drugs of abuse.

  3. Treveon Graham

    So can the Hornets sign somebody for those 25 games, Like the Nets when they signed Shumpert because of Chandler’s suspension?

    • Luke Adams

      If the suspension lasts for 5+ games, they could move Monk to the suspended list and open up a roster spot. But they already have one roster opening and could create a second once Joe Chealey’s 10-day contract expires, so I imagine that’s not a major priority.

  4. x%sure

    Adonnis has been vindicated, if I remember the old poster’s name right. It was always a drug issue with Monk. Clear the addiction and he is the next biggest thing he says.

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