Knicks Not Planning To Buy Out Veterans

The Knicks have no plans at the moment to buy out any of their veteran players on expiring or pseudo-expiring contracts, according to Steve Popper of Newsday.

New York began its post-All-Star schedule hoping to make a push for a playoff spot in the East and not intending to prioritize playing youngsters over veterans if it compromised the team’s ability to win games. That philosophy has meant that players like Reggie Bullock, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson are still key contributors rather than buyout candidates.

While it’s possible the Knicks will adjust their approach to late-season player development as their postseason hopes continue to fade, their position on buyouts isn’t expected to change, says Popper. The team still views many of its veteran contracts – several of which include team options or small partial guarantees for 2020/21 – as potential trade assets for the offseason, Popper adds.

Besides Bullock, Portis, and Gibson, Wayne Ellington and Maurice Harkless are among the vets who fit the mold of a typical buyout candidate, at least to some extent. However, if those players aren’t interested in buyouts, the Knicks would have little to gain from pursuing them — the team already has one of the NBA’s lowest payrolls for 2019/20 and the savings would be minimal.

Additionally, none of those players have more than $1MM in guaranteed money on their contracts for next season, so they could be easily cut loose if no trade materializes in the offseason and the Knicks decide to move on. The only real benefit to moving on from them now would be to open up an immediate roster spot or two for developmental projects.

For what it’s worth, players like Portis and Harkless have publicly suggested they’re not looking to go the buyout route.

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4 thoughts on “Knicks Not Planning To Buy Out Veterans

  1. stevep-4

    I would bet Ellington would love to sogn on with his hometown Sixers for the stretch run.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Both the Sixers and Lakers need a shooter like Ellington.

  2. How many players who are “bought out” have team options in their contract for the following season (which are effectively forfeited) ? I don’t think many. Team options are assets, even if the player isn’t much of one.

    Among the guys mentioned, I don’t think Bullock (4 mm/yr) or Gibson (10 mm/yr) should even be considered buyout candidates; both options should be exercised. Bullock has a valuable contract, and Gibson is a local guy that came here to finish his career, and has contributed enough (on and off the court) to bring back at the option price.

    Portis, Payton and Ellington (especially) have team options that I’d consider under water, but who knows what the team situation will be in the off season?

    Harkless doesn’t have a team option (his value is just Bird Rights). That more fits the mold. But, still, based on his age/ position/ background and being a local, he’d be a guy I’d want to keep around.

    • x%sure

      Something happened to Payton’s distance shooting, which was not his strength anyway. 5 for 8 before injury, 18% after.
      “If only for that”

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