Latest On The Andre Iguodala Trade

Negotiations are continuing in an effort to make the deal sending Andre Iguodala to Miami a three-way trade that would also enable the Heat to acquire Thunder forward Danilo Gallinari, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

One way the Heat could facilitate trade talks is to remove protections on a lottery-protected 2023 first-round draft pick they owe to Oklahoma City, sources tell Wojnarowski (Twitter link). That would free up Miami to unconditionally trade its 2025 first-rounder, explains Anthony Chiang of The Miami Herald (Twitter link).

Because of hard-cap restrictions, Miami will need to send out at least $39.8MM in salary to fit Iguodala ($17.2MM) and Gallinari ($22.6MM) on its roster, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald (Twitter link). He notes that Justise Winslow, who is already believed to be part of the deal, Dion Waiters and James Johnson add up to $40.4MM.

Johnson’s representatives tell Jackson that they are expecting their client to be included in the transaction, but several other teams have expressed interest as well (Twitter link). Jackson identifies the Bucks, Rockets and Timberwolves as teams that have inquired about the veteran forward.

Meanwhile, the Grizzlies held Jae Crowder and Solomon Hill out of Wednesday’s game in Dallas, and Dillon Brooks spoke after the game as if they were being traded, though that hasn’t been confirmed (video link via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon). Moving Crowder and Hill along with Iguodala would allow Memphis to take back up to $47MM+ in salary, if necessary.

In an interview with Marc J. Spears of the Undefeated, Iguodala said he plans to join the Heat and take his physical in Sacramento on Friday. He’s excited to be coming to Miami, but after not playing since June he isn’t sure when he’ll be ready to be activated (Twitter link).

Jimmy Butler is very well respected in terms of passion and hard work he brings to the game,” Iguodala said. “His temperament and values he has really resonates with the Heat. They’re very well aligned. He’s brought out the most in those young guys. Those are some of the guys I’m really excited about. I feel I can make the most impact with those guys. I’m a big fan of Bam [Adebayo]. … Really looking forward to playing with him. … Been hearing about him last couple of years. Help him get better. Really excited about that opportunity.”

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21 thoughts on “Latest On The Andre Iguodala Trade

  1. kevincwilson

    We already know presti won’t make a deal unless okc comes up with an absolute HAUL in return. Confident in his decision as far as Gallo is concerned

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      Sounds like OKC is no longer interested in making the playoffs.

      • JT19

        I mean even if they get into the playoffs, they aren’t legit championship contenders. Maybe they win a couple of playoff games and if they get a favorable matchup maybe even win a series, but they probably aren’t going deep in the playoffs without some luck. They’re exceeding expectations in what is the start of a rebuild. Even then, the West isn’t as strong as it used to be and they could/should still be in the hunt for a bottom 2-3 seed barring injury. They’re 8 games ahead of the 9th seed (Trail Blazers) so another 10-15 wins on the season should keep them afloat in a playoff hunt.

        To boot, Gallinari is a free agent at the end of the year. If they don’t plan on resigning him they should move him. If they can get the protections on that 2023 pick removed and maybe pick up another asset or two, they should make that deal.

        • washington_bonercats

          Did you really just say the West isn’t as strong as it used to be?

            • SheltonMatthews

              I think he means more that the bottom of the West isn’t as strong. Teams like the Thunder and Grizzlies wouldn’t have made the playoffs in the past 5 years because the Warriors and Spurs were much better than they are now, making the 7-8 seeds much harder to obtain.

  2. specialfriedrice

    Get more info on the contract extension for Iggy plz, 2 years 30mil is that fully guaranteed ?

      • Tazza

        So the extension that’s from next year? His 17 mil is for this year and 15 mil guaranteed next year and then the team option?
        Bloody expensive team option for Iggy who will be 37/38

        • Luke Adams

          That’s right. And yeah, I’d be surprised if it ends up being exercised, but we’ll see how the next year and a half goes.

  3. Tazza

    Heat: Iggy and Gallo
    Grizzlies: Winslow Waiters and first 2025 top 5 protected
    OKC: remove protection in 2023 first and James Johnson

    Heat get the players they want and get James Johnson’s and Dion Waiters ugly contracts out and a steep cost but they go get solid players back. Grizzlies get Winslow who is a solid young player for them, they get Waiters which isn’t great but atleast he will work hard to try prove himself and they get a first. OKC get the protections removed on what could be a really really good draft class but have to take back James Johnson contract which isn’t awful for a rebuilding team

  4. FesenkoLegend24

    Looks like:



    The draft picks is the only thing left to figure out.

  5. formerlyz

    Butler hurt his shoulder tonight…after moving Winslow, this would be worse than trading for Dragic and Bosh getting the clots the same day

  6. Skip, Tampa

    Was thinking the same thing. The similarities are scary.
    The biggie is that Iggy right now is not close to what Dragic was then.

  7. Danieley3

    As I’ve maintained all season, I am really dumbfounded by teams & fans alike that are so enamored with Andre Iguodala. If I were a Heat fan, the ONLY way I’d be content with Pat Riley shipping out a young, talented, cheap, two-way player like Winslow is if Gallinari is part of the return haul with Iggy. In Iguodala, we’re speaking of a 36 year old who hasn’t faced NBA level competition/speed in nearly a full calendar year. Rust aside, the last handful of years w/ Golden State, the guy only played roughly 20 minutes a night, while his averages steadily sank to 6/3/2.

    Now, I certainly know Iguodala’s money has always been made on the defensive side of the ball, but with aging players, defense is the first thing to go as they slow down. So if these early reports come to fruition, after banking $17 mil this season, he’ll be inking a deal for another $30 mil for his age 37 & 38 seasons… I do not get this deal WHATSOEVER! Sure, the Heat will possibly be able to get out from under the Waiters & James Johnson contracts, but Justice Winslow is simply a much better player than Iggy at this point with much more potential to tap into.

    To wrap up, the Heat aren’t a title contender even if they do add Gallo & Iggy, but this league-wide fascination with a player deep into the twilight of a slightly better than average career is just too confusing for me to figure out. I hope I’m proven wrong; I’ve always been a fan of his play, but this isn’t 2008… Enjoy Memphis, Justise! No one’s gonna wanna mess with those young Grizzlies in 2-3 years. #AndreStealYaDolla

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