Magic Discussed Aaron Gordon Trades Before Deadline

Aaron Gordon remained with the Magic through last week’s trade deadline, but Sean Deveney of hears that Orlando discussed the sixth-year forward with a handful of teams. According to Deveney, the Warriors and Timberwolves were among the clubs that spoke to the Magic about Gordon. There was also “chatter” involving the Suns.

Although the Magic ended up having a fairly quiet deadline, executives around the NBA think the team may end up revisiting Gordon trade talks this summer, says Deveney.

“They were trying, and they tried hard to get something done with him at the deadline,” one source told Deveney. “All that gets brought back into focus once the season is over and you have a good idea what the market is for him.”

This is hardly the first time we’ve heard Gordon-related trade chatter this season. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported back in November that teams were monitoring the former No. 4 overall pick, and Deveney wrote shortly thereafter that there may be some long-term concerns in Orlando about Gordon’s frontcourt fit with with cornerstone player Jonathan Isaac.

A pair of January reports even connected both the Warriors and Wolves to Gordon. Those teams ultimately made a blockbuster deal with one another instead, swapping D’Angelo Russell and Andrew Wiggins in a trade that included other players and draft picks.

Gordon has had a down year in Orlando, with his scoring average slipping to 13.9 PPG and his shooting percentage dropping to a career-worst .422 FG%. Still, he’d be a coveted player on the trade market, given his versatility, his age (24) and his relatively team-friendly contract ($34.5MM over two years after 2019/20).

According to Deveney, the Mavericks are another team that has “long had interest” in Gordon, but they might have a hard time putting together a competitive package. Deveney writes that “buzz around the league” suggests the Nets and Nuggets – perhaps with a package featuring Spencer Dinwiddie or Gary Harris – would be teams to watch if Gordon is made available this summer.

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39 thoughts on “Magic Discussed Aaron Gordon Trades Before Deadline

  1. fishy 9 dogs

    A big 3 of DLo, KAT, and Gordon would be interesting. Especially with Beasley at the 2. Still have no idea how the Wolves are going to solve the SF position. Maybe Ariza for cheap?

    • Okogie has done alright there recently.
      Will be interesting to see if the Wolves keep Malik Beasley during FA I think Beasley will get a good contract

      • fishy 9 dogs

        Okogie is one of my favorite players on the roster, and Beasley has really been growing on me. I hope we keep both. I just don’t think Okogie is a long term solution at the 3. He’s only 6’4”. Would rather have him in a 6th man role. There just aren’t many legit 3&D SF’s available in FA and the draft. I think the wolves should trade their pick this year to the suns for Bridges or Oubre. Probably get some extra goodies back since it’ll probably be a high pick.

        • Yeah been a big Beasley fan for a while he’s really underrated. Think he might be hard to keep. However you do have Allen Crabbe and Evan Turners expiring deals so there will be cap space. Also have to remember you have Culver there and Jacob Evans also, no point in keeping 4 young SGs really…

          Maybe deal Culver for Mo Bamba and a second round pick. Bamba could be really handy behind Towns and then Okogie and Beasley could share SG minutes.
          Then use the draft to get either Obi Toppin or Onyeka Okongwu. The use Free Agency to hopefully get a cheap 2 way SF like Glenn Robinson or Jae Crowder.

          1. Russell.
          2. Beasley. Okogie. Evans
          3. Crowder/Robinson. Layman
          4. Toppin/Okongwu. Johnson. Hernagomez
          5. Towns. Bamba. Reid

          This would exciting to watch

          • fishy 9 dogs

            Yeah, we have a major logjam at SG. I like culver, but dude can’t shoot and I don’t think that will ever change. I don’t think culver fits long term after all the trades. I’d definitely be willing to trade him, but not for Bamba. We have Reid locked up as our back up 5 on a minimum contract. Plus Spellman can play some 5 and he’s locked in for 3 years. If we trade Culver or our pick, it NEEDS to be for a SF/PF. We are set at every other position. I like the idea of bringing Robinson back. Although I would start Layman over him. If we could somehow get Gordon and Ross from you guys while keeping KAT, DLo, Beasley, and Okogie… that would be a dream.

            • Not quite you guys hahah (Philly fan). I know what you mean about Culver kinda disappointing thought he would be a little bit better and I think his shot will improve but he has more value if you trade him for more of a sure thing now.
              Glenn Robinson would be a really nice pick up, he’s only 26 so he fits the timeline. He can defend well can shoot really well (48/40/85) and does a little bit of everything. Russell Beasley Robinson (draft pick) Towns would be great with Evans Okogie Layman Johnson and more all on the bench

    • Theone23

      I don’t think Gordon is necessarily better than Okogie. I would stick with Josh if I’m the Twolves

  2. Still like Aaron Gordon to the Suns in Arizona which is where he played in college. Plus his fit alongside Booker Oubre Ayton and those younger guys.

    Maybe the Spurs do a sign and trade with DDR and Fournier both having player options plus Aaron Gordon to the Spurs and maybe salary match with Rudy Gay.

    Spurs get an upgrade in shooting with Fournier and Gordon plus Gordon would develop nicely under coach Pop. Magic get a star player in DDM and Gay could fill in at SF with T. Ross

    • hiflew

      Why do people just assume guys need to go play where they played college ball? Most only played there a year. It’s not like a lifelong commitment to an area.

      • Never said it was.. was just linking him because he doesn’t fit with the Magic.. has been rumoured to be on the outer… he played college there.. he would fit in age wise with their players… and positionally the Suns don’t have a set PF either

  3. hiflew

    Jonathan Isaac as a “cornerstone player” is fine if you want to build a shed or a doghouse instead of a house. The guy seems like he will be a decent NBA player, but I hardly think he has shown even a possibility of being someone to build a team around.

      • hiflew

        Would you care to list the reason(s) why, or are those three words enough for you?

        • formerlyz

          I feel as though there is enough there. I was thinking of saying why, but felt as though it was obvious enough to speak for itself, as well as things I feel like have been said about him in the past

          I think he is capable of being an elite defender, which he already pretty much is, and his offense has come along where he is more willing to be a little more aggressive/be a scorer, which he is capable of being. At his size, he is a perfect type of player in this league. He was arguably one of my favorite guys coming out of that draft b/c I felt like he had a lot of upside, where you could see he could put the ball on the floor, and shoot, while also being an NBA defender at multiple positions right away.

          • hiflew

            Thank you. I always appreciate it when someone puts forth an effort to explain why they disagree with me rather than just assuming they are right and don’t act like I deserve to know the reasons why. I consider it very respectful, even if you did take a little back-handed shot at me before you outlined it.

            I am still not an Isaac believer, but it’s nice to know why someone else is.

    • Luke Adams

      He already plays defense at an All-Defense level. If his offense keeps improving (which it should — he’s only 22 and he’s gotten better every year), he’s gonna be really good.

    • How about a cornerstone relative to Gordon? Issac is already a better player than Gordon, and a much better asset. They really can’t put both in the best position to develop/succeed (regardless of how they play around with lettering of SF, PF, etc.). So, time to get what they can get for Gordon.

  4. A mid twenty year old dunker who averages 14/7/3. Yawn – rookies are putting up better numbers…

    • Sounds like yawn but if you look into it he’s playing out of position, with a bunch of bad PGs, in a team that hasn’t gotten the best out of a young player this decade.
      Think you’d find if he switched teams he could easily be a 19-8-4 guy that’s hyper athletic

    • Strike Four

      He’s a wing, its about spacing, its about guys who know their role vs guys who want to be the closer. Wouldnt expect anyone around here to understand the nuance of it being a TEAM game, smdh

      • x%sure

        Is that about Gordon? If he does not have a closing mentality then that may be why his stats fell. In that case he’s not really slumping this year. (I haven’t looked.)

        I suspect Gordon is counting on a trade and is resigned to be a convential PF on a better team. This is as opposed to the Zach Lowe description of a guy who thinks in Superman terms but then holds back.

      • He’s not a wing he’s a PF. It’s about spacing, oh yeah not everybody is a great floor spacer especially at the PF position.

  5. Skip, Tampa

    Bet Pat Riley would trade for Gordon. He would look great in a Vice Night jersey.

  6. formerlyz

    I think the Heat before the trade they made would have made sense, Portland would have been cool. Houston would make some sense I think. Dallas as well

  7. Strike Four

    GSW going to draft wings for sure now, tbh there arent that many good ones who are available. Wiggins is already way better than expected. Add splash bros and the draft picks and trade exemptions and MLE and…hello 5 more finals

  8. phillyballers

    Magic have been desperate for a legit PG for 6 years. If they get 12, 6, and sub 30% 3pt out of Fultz they basically have Elfrid 2.0. They should have tried to find a taker for their better pieces and esp Augustin who’s expected back after the break. This offseason they need to move Gordon, Fournier. They overpaid Ross and Aminu. Vucevic has taken a step back in every stat. Not an ideal situation in Orlando.

    • Totally agree… I’m glad they are giving Fultz another chance and giving him time and minutes to develop. I hope he can become a 16-8-4 guy shooting about 33% from deep but that’s a long way to go.
      Magic haven’t had a good PG in so many years now, this draft has a lot of PG talent but I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed on all of them thinking Fultz will get back to his best.
      Vuce has gone back to himself as expected really, Fournier is playing like he always does, Gordon is a PF playing SF, Issac is great defensively but is still developing his offence and then yeah two veteran bench players in Ross and Aminu.
      They are a team who’s ceiling is 7th and a first round exit and if they rebuild they don’t have good trade prices to get lots of picks

  9. ZacharyH

    Doesn’t matter. Gordon+Fultz for Sabonis and 2 future firsts. 3 years ago that would have been perceived as an equal trade. My point is Orlando’s management is incompetent. Where’s oladipo?

  10. I think Gordon was a borderline RSC extension at the 20 mm level, and Orlando is fortunate that his improved play last year has him considered an asset vs the liability he could well be at this point. He can fit on a few teams, but there’s no general demand for players with his skill set.

  11. Skip, Tampa

    Betting a deal could be made with Pat Riley.
    Nunn, Olynik for Gordon
    Intriguing at bare minimum.

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