Lakers Sign Markieff Morris

FEBRUARY 23, 6:45pm: The Lakers have officially signed Morris, the team announced in a press release. As expected, Cousins has been waived to open up a roster spot.

FEBRUARY 23, 3:55pm: The Lakers will sign Morris using their $1.75MM disabled player exception once he clears waivers at 4 p.m. CST this afternoon, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tweets.

FEBRUARY 21, 5:04pm: Power forward Markieff Morris plans to sign with the Lakers once he clears waivers, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets.

Morris reached a buyout agreement with the Pistons on Friday afternoon and was placed on waivers. It’s possible another team could swoop in and claim Morris, who was making $3.2MM this season. However, Morris had a $3.36MM player option on the second year of his contract with Detroit. He let the Pistons off the hook with the buyout but that option would be restored if he were claimed.

A team would have to have a traded player exception big enough to accommodate Morris’ $3.2MM cap hit in order to claim him. Most contenders that fit the bill have tax or hard-cap concerns, making a claim unlikely.

The Lakers will have to make a roster move to add Morris. They’ll reportedly release injured center DeMarcus Cousins rather than a little-used rotation player like Troy Daniels, Quinn Cook, or Jared Dudley, despite head coach Frank Vogel recently suggesting that Cousins could get healthy for the playoffs.

Morris’ addition to the Lakers provides even more intrigue between the Los Angeles teams. He could wind up guarding his brother, Marcus Morris, if the Lakers and Clippers meet in the playoffs. Marcus Morris was traded to the Clippers in a deadline deal.

Markieff Morris, 30, has appeared in 44 games for the Pistons this season, averaging 11.0 PPG and 3.9 RPG with a .450/.397/.772 shooting line in 22.5 minutes per contest.

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52 thoughts on “Lakers Sign Markieff Morris

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Looking at his defensive stats, Markieff will be a huge liability on that side of the court, even more so than Kuzma already is. If he ends up guarding Marcus, I don’t like his chances of stopping his brother.

    • mcdusty49

      You liked him to replace Green on the Rockets earlier…seems like you need to remove your homer glasses and/or just stop commenting on Lakers posts

      • imindless

        Dudes one of the worst posters here dont mind him. This dude has said rockets will win chip last 5 years, just not sure he will realize that harden will never win a ring. Ball hog who plays zero defense and shrinks when refs stop calling tacky fouls like they do in regular season.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          When did I say this? I never posted here before 2019.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        I only said it was a possibility until I looked up how terrible he is on defense. He’s no better than Melo or Ryan Anderson.

    • imindless

      Lol just looked up defensive win shares broken down by team and by player. Lakers are 2 overall as a team behind only bucks. Personnel wise they have 8 players in top 150 kuzma ranks higher than marcus morris lol. Markieff is only 50 players lower than his brother so basically identical. This is according to


      Look at hardens defensive stats.. you making comments on defense when you are a harden homer.. really?

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        I have actually looked at Harden’s defense stats.

        If anyone else wants to take the time to look them up, they would see that he is probably the most improved defender in the NBA over the past five seasons.

      • HoopsR

        What does one have to do with the other?
        So you can only make comments on defense when your favorite player is a lockdown defender? Come on.

        • GABEPERKINS1

          That’s exactly what it means.. if your main guy doesn’t play a lick of defense but you can make comments about how bad someone else’s defense is.. if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

  2. imindless

    Nice pick up for lakers the exact same player as his brother for a fraction of the cost. Nice.

      • jkoms57

        Markeiff is quite a few steps below his brother.

        That said, Marcus is a beast and Markeiff is a useful player and solid pickup to fill out the bench

      • Jeff Zanghi

        Yeah I hear when he goes out to eat he only leaves an 18% tip. But his brother, Marcus, he leaves 20%!

  3. Thronson5

    Is drop Daniels who barely sees the court anyways. Cook doesn’t play much but is valuable to the team with his streaky 3 point shooting here and there and his defense. Dudley brings that toughness off the bench. All just my opinion and how I feel about it so I’m sure some will sdisagree but

  4. amk3510

    Lakers are not dumping Boogie espically after Vogel saying he could be coming back for the playoffs.

    • Jeff Zanghi

      Well first off… they are (and did) but it sounds like (unless some team steps in and claims him, thus preventing him from clearing waivers) they plan to keep him around while he rehabs and one would have to imagine if he is looking like he’ll be ready to go by the playoffs they’d try to resign him and figure out who else to waive/cut at that point. For now the chances of him making it back are probably low enough that they feel like there’s more value in keeping the guys that are healthy rather than cut one of them and wind up just holding Cousins on a roster spot that’s wasted on someone who’s injured and won’t make it back.

    • Gary

      They can still chill together and have the same bank accounts like they did in Phoenix.

  5. aircarter777

    Doesn’t matter, Clips will still win the West when it matters.


      Yeah.. clippers they have so many players on that team that have won anything.. kawhi is one cut to basket away from being done for season.. pg is hurt again.. lakers are 0-2 reg season.. a lot different in a 7 game series when team is planning for you and you have the best player in world in lebron James.. but keep thinking clippers are better.. I bet you were a clippers fan during the Michael cage and Benoit Benjamin dayS.. all bandwagon clipper fans

      • MrWood

        This is in asinine post. LeBron is one cut away towards basket from being done for season and fragile AD is always one sneeze away from being done. Like saying the clippers would be doomed if KL or PG got hurt is well a complete, DUH comment. You can make that stupid AF notion about Bucks, Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, Houston, etc.. whenever your elite guy(s) go down for extensive period of times especially in an injury before or during playoffs, ya, you probably screwed… Nailed it.

        The difference is if Lakers lose LeBron or AD they done. Bucks lose GA, they done. Houston loses Harden, they done, Nugs lose Joker, they done. Clippers and the C’s given they lost by 2 W/OUT Kemba might be the only teams to be able to handle major injuries but neither could win a 7 gm series v. A healthy opponent but then again that’s a DUH, comment. Step ya game up dude. This ain’t 2nd grade analytics.

        • Chief Two Hands

          The difference is that both Leonard and George miss a lot of games even when they are not injured, much less play through injuries. Hell, Leonard refused to play almost an entire season with the the Spurs when he was medically cleared to do so and the entire organization, including Popovich, were very public in wanting him to play.

          • Chief Two Hands

            By the way, Davis actually plays through injuries and only sits if he has to and the team tells him he must…if anyone lets a sneeze keep him from playing, it is Leonard.

          • MrWood

            Then he led Toronto to a Title. KL & PG13 are sensitive, yes, playoffs, they ball, unless they truly hurt. AD played an avg if 66 games the past 7 years aka his entire career, not counting this year, where’s he’s already missed 8 so far…. meanwhile KL outside of that absurd Spurs/Sit our year is averaging 65.4 games played, can’t have it both ways.. if anything once AD nuts up and leads a complete useless franchise like Toronto to a title it seems rather silly to argue KL sits more games.

            • Chief Two Hands

              That “useless” Toronto team has been better this season so far without Leonard than it was last season with him. Also, that championship last season was incredibly lucky. Even after Durant went down with a freak injury, the Warriors were on their way to winning that series until Thompson went down as a well. It took not one, but two superstars suffering freak injuries for Toronto to win that series. Also, you can’t just dismiss an entire season in which Leonard chose to not play on a team that could have been a contender in the playoffs. If you have to do that to try to make a point, you really do not have a point to begin with. I also notice you didn’t dismiss the season in which the Pelicans chose to sit Davis in averaging his number of games played. How convenient. The Pelicans made that choice, not Davis. Unlike Leonard’s decision to quit on his team. Understand the difference?

              • MrWood

                Actually, the Raptors haven’t been better as their record indicates. Nor is anyone living in a fantasy reality in which the Raptors are getting by Mil, C’s, or Miami in a 7 game series.

                Secondly, I don’t need to bring up Davis being sat. He’s the guy along with his Laker buttbuddy Rich Paul and Klutch Sports demanded he be traded, then took their ball and went home, after NOR stood by their constantly injured star who could never get past 2R… then he wore his damn clown tshirt, something a 12 year old would do because AD immature. So you demand trades? Get sat because you’re now a asset only, to bad, you made that career move, not NOR.

                Thirdly, you both keep bringing up PG13 & KL and only comparing them to LBJ… cool, the exact discussion was started because, and I quote “ kawhi is one cut to basket away from being done for season.. pg is hurt again.. “ Well again that 2nd grade stuff applies to every team, ie: Lakers, and not only LBJ, but AD, the guy who if he gets hurt again like his entire career (68 games played prior to her got sat’ babble, per year), the Lakers have 0.0% advancing out of 1R, unlike Clippers who will with or without one of PG13 or KL… again something the Lakers can’t say. Do both of you please stop. Just stop. You sound like Lakers homers.

                • greg1

                  You really don’t think the Raps can’t get by any of those teams in a seven game series?!

                  Mike Budenholzer lead teams never win in the playoffs, while the C’s and Heat are good, but not great. It would not be the most shocking development if the Raps won the East. They don’t win the Finals, but getting there is not unfathomable.

                • GABEPERKINS1

                  Raptors just had a 15 game win streak all while missing Marc gasol.. part of that streak they were missing Lowry and siakem and ibaka.. raptors have the 3rd best record in the nba. This year they have a .736 winning pct.. last years .707..58-24…. last year they were 17-5 without Kawai.thats. .772 winning pct.. last 3 years for ad not including this year. 75 75, 56 last year.. last year they sat him… kawai taking out the sas year where he was out still averages missing 17 games per year….that’s every year not including sas year where he played 9.. Davis career doesn’t miss 17 games per year..

                • Chief Two Hands

                  I haven’t mentioned LeBron once. Again, you conveniently change the narrative to try to make it sound like you have a point. This time you are blatantly making things up. The only “2nd grade” aspect of this conversation has been you. Stop talking, kid, no one is taking you seriously at this point.

                  • El Don

                    Chieffyof2paws… dude we All know that GABEPERKINS1 is right & you couldn’t be more wrong, facts are against you, just quit while you are behind, please!!!

                    • 22Leo

                      Gabe and I are arguing on the same side. I was responding to MrWood. Try improving your reading comprehension, El Don. Currently, it appears to be nonexistent.

                • GABEPERKINS1

                  Mr wood.. Kind of like kawhi demanded trade fromSpurs cause he was being called out for not playing when he was medically cleared.. Ad requested to be traded and it was demps who broadcasted it.. it’s clear you are on clippers bandwagon.. lakers will smash them.. kawai’s drama will get old to his teammates.There’s reports of rumblings within the locker room about his special treatment. superstars don’t sit 1/4 the season because they need to load manage.. they play thru like Kobe, mj, lebron have done..

            • GABEPERKINS1

              Step my game up? Really.. kawhi has a chronic injury.. that is why he load manages.. he will never be 100%..he is fragile.. pg 13 dealing with same hamstring.. clippers 1-3 since getting Morris.. lebron has been injured one time in his career and as plays thru injuries as well. For all the clippers homes that say clippers will win.. lakers have beat record against above average teams. Lakers have battle tested players.. only player on clippers is kawhi.. lou williams, pg, zubac, harrelll, Beverly, shamet, Morris all have won nothing.. lakers have JaVale, Howard, Danny green and lebron all having teams go to finals..

        • GABEPERKINS1

          Step my game up? Really.. kawhi has a chronic injury.. that is why he load manages.. he will never be 100%..he is fragile.. pg 13 dealing with same hamstring.. clippers 1-3 since getting Morris.. lebron has been injured one time in his career and as plays thru injuries as well. For all the clippers bandwagon fans that say clippers will win.. lakers have best record against over 500 teams at 17-10.. clippers 14-11… Lakers have battle tested players.. only player on clippers is kawhi.. lou williams, pg, zubac, harrelll, Beverly, shamet, Morris all have won nothing.. lakers have JaVale, rondo, Howard, Danny green and lebron all having teams go to finals.. I’ll take lebron in playoffs all day long

          • GABEPERKINS1

            Worthless Toronto team had danny green, Marc gasol, van fleet, siakem, Lowry.. og Adebayo, ibaka.. . so aside from kawhi, they were pretty stacked.. That is why they have a better record this year than they had last year.. Cause it wasn’t all about kawhi..

    • jkoms57

      A healthy Lakers team crushes anyone in a playoff setting.

      Just need AD and LBJ to stay suited up

  6. diller1340

    The Morris brothers moving into a house together in LA. Nothing good can come from that lol

    • illowa

      They should swap jerseys for one of the games and tryn hoodwinke eveyone.

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