Marvin Williams Finalizes Buyout With Hornets; Plans To Join Bucks

FEBRUARY 8: Williams has finalized his buyout agreement with the Hornets, according to a team press release. As noted below, he’s on track to join the Bucks once he clears waivers on Monday. Bender will be the player released by Milwaukee to make room, as we relayed in a separate story.

FEBRUARY 7: Veteran forward Marvin Williams is nearing a buyout agreement with the Hornets, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Williams is planning to sign with the Bucks once he completes the buyout and clears waivers, Shams Charania of The Athletic tweets. Milwaukee has a full roster and would have to waive a player to add Williams. Dragan Bender appears to be the team’s likeliest release candidate.

Williams is making just over $15MM this season in the final year of a four-year, $54.5MM contract. Williams would become a target for several contenders, according to Wojnarowski.

Williams, 33, indicated last month he might retire after the season rather than seek another contract.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve certainly thought about being done,” Williams said at the time. “I feel like that’s where I am right now: I could do it or I could not.”

Williams, 33, is averaging a career-low 6.7 PPG and 2.7 RPG due to reduced playing time at 19.7 MPG. He’s a capable 3-point shooter (36.2% for his career) as well as a solid perimeter defender. He had an 18-point game last month against Milwaukee but has scored just 10 points in his last four appearances.

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41 thoughts on “Marvin Williams Finalizes Buyout With Hornets; Plans To Join Bucks

      • lebuck

        Yeah why would he get bought out just go to from a non contender to another non contender, unless he has family in okc

      • afsooner02

        In fairness at least okc is gonna make the playoffs. Which is more than Charlotte can say. Although, yes, likely one and done.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          Is that really better though? I’d rather have the lottery pick, and a shot at a brighter future, than potentially be broomed in the 1st rd of the playoffs.

          • x%sure

            But is drafting a few slots higher really better, compared to team confidence from “being there”. Most picks are teases or backups or busts.
            The teases are the worst. The GLeague seems to be failing as a place to develop roomies.

            the NFL figured this out from the trend to putting their teams’ fate right away in the hands of a rookie. This could be a big offseason for QB movement.

            I am wondering about Drummond like this.

    • brewcrew08

      My guess is Reynolds or Frank Mason. Possibly DJ Wilson but I hope we don’t cut bait on him just yet.

  1. Bucks have Illayasova and Wilson and Bender
    They have enough “shooting” bigs

    • brewcrew08

      Wilson and bender won’t see the floor though. Can’t forget about Lopez and Giannis has found somewhat of a stroke from behind the arc too

    • Buckman

      Connaughton, Brown, and Wilson are subpar 3 point shooters at the 3-4 spots. Williams would add a 3 pt option with some size to play bigger 3s. I don’t know much about his defense, though.

  2. formerlyz

    With all of the teams that could use help at the 4, I’m surprised hes going to sit on the end of the bench, if this is the end of his career. Budenholzer and Korver there probably a draw

    • formerlyz

      On a side note, Dragan Bender is starting to show some of his potential, although part of that can be what he has around him. I just felt like he looked much improved in summer league and preseason, and it seems to have carried over. Still really young, and could be interesting for someone to take a shot on

    • Curtisrowe

      A good chance at winning a ring might be a draw too. Williams has been on bad teams most of his career.

  3. hiflew

    This is why I really dislike the buyout market. The 1 and 2 seeds have an incredible advantage when it comes to signing these guys. So much so that the Lakers and Bucks did basically nothing in the trade market. They knew they would get players for free afterwards. Teams further down are forced to give up assets to improve via trade. I don’t know how to fix the problem other than to just stop buyouts altogether.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      One could also argue that luxury is also a reward for some of the hard work the #1 and #2 seeds put in both before, and during the season. Look at some of the assets the Lakers and Clippers gave up already to get to where they are.

    • Mark Pope

      Yes teams like the MILWAUKEE Bucks getting the advantages is just the worst. The NBA should probably step in and do something.

      • hiflew

        It’s not about who is getting the advantage this particular season. It’s the fact that ANYONE is. It’s against the spirit of fair competition in my opinion.

        • Mark Pope

          i see you point but players wanting to go to successful teams is not something you can really do anything about. nobody wanted to go to milwaukee for thirty years for any reason whatsoever so them having this small advantage to get marvin williams seems like a strange thing to have an issue with.
          having a team in a large market is a way bigger advantage and is it just is what it is.

      • hiflew

        PS – Love your handle. Pope was one of my favorite Wildcats back in the day.

        • Natergater77

          Lakers took a big risk trading 1/3 their team to get AD. Clippers the same with going for Leonard and George. Just because their risk from the offseason had better results then say Houston going for Russ, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve buyout market players.

          Even more so, player still has to clear waivers. So if someone wants to pay him to help them get out of the first round and then lose in the second they can.

          Buyout market isn’t for the fringe playoff teams, it’s for the real contenders to make moves that can decide a close series. Example: Though he’s not a buy out Darren Collison could decide the West. Or if Williams chose Toronto that could tip the East. But it’s not for the Mavs, Thunder, Pacers or Wizards. Those teams need to continue to build.

    • HailRodgers12$

      I’m no expert on how all these things work, but it does say Williams has to clear waivers before he can sign with Milwaukee, correct?
      And don’t waiver claims go by worst-to-best record? So that means any team could theoretically prevent the Bucks or Lakers from snagging whoever they want.

      • El Don

        You right dude, but… the problem is that Williams makes $15MM, so any team needs to take this salary to pick him up & no one is gonna pay that for this bum.
        If he clears the waivers, as he will, then Bucks can pick him up for peanuts. That is the advantage of the buyout.

        • HailRodgers12$

          So, he’s a bum, but the Bucks have some great advantage because they can sign him?

          It all makes perfect sense now, how the buyout favors the best teams!

          • Natergater77

            Basically these fans who think their team is a rotational player away are mad that said player gets bought clears waivers and becomes FA who picks his home.
            But how it different than Collison who retires, sits out more than half the season and chooses who he wants based on who he thinks he can get title with. It’s the same, and when OKC or Utah get to where Milwaukee is these fans will want them to have the ability at these buyout players.

  4. phillyballers

    Lakers could just waive Boogie, no? But a contender could pick-up Boogie for next season (rockets) and have the ability retain him over the tax, no?

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