Bucks Waive Dragan Bender

FEBRUARY 10: The Bucks issued a press release confirming they’ve officially waived Bender. They now have the roster spot necessary to finalize the signing of Williams.

FEBRUARY 8: The Bucks will waive big man Dragan Bender, clearing the way to sign forward Marvin Williams once he completes a buyout with the Hornets, tweets ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Bender, 22, has appeared in just seven games for Milwaukee this season while bouncing between the G League and the NBA squad. He has seemingly been a candidate to be waived all season since the two-year deal he signed over the summer was initially only partially guaranteed for 2019/20 and non-guaranteed for next season. Because this year’s salary became fully guaranteed last month, Milwaukee will be on the hook for the full $1,678,854 unless he’s claimed on waivers.

The Croatian big man has struggled in the NBA since being drafted fourth overall in the 2016 NBA Draft. After appearing in all 82 games for the Suns during his sophomore campaign, he has struggled to maintain any sort of stable role.

Williams, 33, averaged career-lows in PPG (6.7) and RPG (2.7) while playing a reduced role in Charlotte. He has scored a mere 10 points in his last four games but the veteran remains a capable three-point shooter and perimeter defender. Williams figures to help the Bucks down the stretch as the team pursues the best record in the Eastern Conference.

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21 thoughts on “Bucks Waive Dragan Bender

  1. bdpecore

    I think Bender will surprise a lot of people if he’s given a chance to play regular minutes down the stretch for a rebuilding team. He has real talent and has been improving since leaving that dumpster fire in Phoenix. I was hoping he would’ve been given a chance next season but I can’t argue with adding a solid veteran like Marvin who fills their need for an athletic forward 3 & D forward.

    • Natergater77

      Bender would be a nice pick up on the cheap for Warriors, Spurs or Celtics. They all have organization culture that could help him grow.

      Also teams in rebuild such as Dallas, Wizards or Orlando could give him a chance. Think about Bender getting to play with KP and Luka

      • bdpecore

        I agree being part of a good organization has had a significant influence on Dragen. Although I don’t see Dallas asa rebuilding team since they are currently 10 games over .500 and the 7th seed in the West. In comparison they are tied with Indy and only a half game behind Philly.

        • Natergater77

          But Dallas isn’t a true title contender. Bender could grow into something special if he is surrounded by the right guys.

        • yaniwox

          I just watched some videos on him. Seems like a similar skill set to what the Celtics liked in Bertans. They would have to cut someone to bring him in. It would most likely be Javonte Green or Tacko Fall. Cutting Tacko would be immensely unpopular, but I don’t see the C’s taking on two young project bigs. Bender is younger and fits better with what the Celtics are doing on the floor.

      • bdpecore

        Great argument! I’m curious why you think a 22 yr old player who was mismanaged and under developed for the previous 3 years sucks and doesn’t deserve an opportunity to try tapping into his undeniable potential.

        • Undeniable potential? Dude is a string bean who is an average athlete and has 0 killer instinct… he wouldn’t make a difference in college

          • bdpecore

            He has all the athletic attributes you want in a young raw player I never said he was a finished product or that he has shown significant improvement since being drafted. Only that he has untapped potential.

  2. phillyballers

    Sixers should immediately pick him up for O’Quinn. Bum for ever but he is doing well this year.

  3. mikedickinson

    Danny Ainge loved him in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised for him to go to Boston.

  4. rgreen

    I was hoping for Williams in Philly…I remember when”the process” began,part of the goal was to make Philly an attractive destination for star players.Yet,in the end we end up maxing out a secondary star in Harris,and overpaying for Horford. Basically added 2 power forwards to a lineup with a star center,and a power forward running the point.

  5. formerlyz

    Dragan Bender is starting to show some of his potential, although part of that can be what he has around him. I just felt like he looked much improved in summer league and preseason, and it seems to have carried over. Still really young, and could be interesting for someone to take a shot on

  6. harden-westbrook-mvps

    He’s a decent 3-point shooter, might fit well with the Rockets.

  7. Appalachian_Outlaw

    I’d like to see the Hornets give him a shot. I mean, why not? He’s got some potential, and you can’t teach size.

  8. hiflew

    This is the problem with letting teenagers into the draft. Sometimes players are not really ready until 23 or 24 and NBA teams are not patient enough to wait 5 years for their initial investment to pay off. That’s why college basketball used to be so useful for both the NBA and the athletes.

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