Pacific Notes: Giles, Len, Lakers, Clippers, Bazemore

Kings big man Harry Giles III recorded his first double-double on Saturday, helping his team pull off an improbable 112-103 victory over the Clippers at Staples Center.

Giles posted 14 points and 12 rebounds in 31 minutes, proving his worth on both ends of the floor as starting center. He started the 2019/20 season with very limited playing time, but his recent surge has caught the attention of Sacramento’s coaches.

“He’s moving much better now,” head coach Luke Walton said, as relayed by Jason Anderson of the Sacramento Bee. “He’s out there calling coverages. He’s out there at the level, backing up, rebounding the ball. He’s doing all the things that we love about Harry. He looks like, physically, he’s in the best place I’ve seen him since I’ve been the coach here, and his skill set, as far as his passing and rebounding and toughness, that’s something we need.”

Giles has an injury-riddled history, particularly with his knees, but it hasn’t stopped the 21-year-old from continuing to persevere and improve. Instead, it’s motivated him to play better.

“I think with time and reps I’m going to get better,” Giles said. “I’m going to keep getting better. You know how the fouls go. It varies depending on how you’re going to play and depending on how the refs are going to let you play, too, so I’m going to keep getting better at that and just playing hard.”

There’s more from the Pacific Division:

  • Luke Walton also spoke highly of Alex Len, who made his debut with the Kings on Saturday and recorded eight rebounds in 16 minutes. “It was nice to have a big body out there like that,” Walton said, according to Jason Jones of The Athletic (Twitter link). “He did a good job of clogging up that paint. We’ve got to get him a little more familiar with what we’re doing so we can open up the playbook, but he knows some of the basic sets and he helped us win.”
  • The Lakers and Clippers are set to play their rescheduled game on April 9 at Staples Center, forcing the Lakers to play three consecutive home games from April 7-9, Dave McMenamin of ESPN writes. The game was originally scheduled to be played on January 28 but was later postponed due to the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.
  • The union of Kent Bazemore and the Kings has been a perfect fit for both sides, Jason Jones writes in a different story for The Athletic. Sacramento traded for Bazemore last month, acquiring a proven two-way player at the wing position.“Sometimes fresh blood does help,” Bazemore said. “I hadn’t been having the best year, so it was kind of a match made in heaven. A guy coming over desperate and team in a desperate situation. We’re kind of making it work right now.”
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28 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Giles, Len, Lakers, Clippers, Bazemore

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Lucky for the Lakers the first two games are against the Warriors and the Bulls. They should rest both LeBron and Davis the 3rd night against the Clippers.

    • Banesays

      My god dude you can’t be serious. If anything they should rest then against the GSW and just have them play the back to back. You are smarter than this. Don’t start looking like “Shawn Hemp” does.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Utah tried to do that and it backfired on them. They rested Mike Conley against the Spurs and lost, then played him the 2nd night of a b2b against the Rockets and ended up losing both games.

      • I mean wouldn’t the “more ideal” way to rest LeBron/Davis be for them to sit the Bulls game? This way they’re not playing the back to back at all? Either way we’re likely going to see some sloppy play in at least one, if not two, of the games. Obviously managing LeBron/Davis minutes in that stretch is more important, but you don’t want to be running out your other key rotation players 30+ minutes for all three games.

    • Mostteams don’t rest anyone against GSW because they have the last 5 years of being spanked by GSW to relieve their hate. I do find it entertaining when GSW are playing their whole G team starting lineup as their 2nd unit and still teams do not rest anyone. Watch LeBron and Davis plays just to score points to pad their stats. last time Davis coming off a injury played a lot of minutes against GSW.

    • JD Candello

      I think they will sit the Clippers game to not show them any more cards, especially if we win the game on 3/8-

      The win will prolly be meaningless for the standings at that point and they may even want the clippers to win to get up to the 2/3 seed instead of the 4 at that point-

      If they lose game 3 perhaps they play it out hard to try and get a reg season win vs the clips but ethier way bad scheduling for the nba with opening night and now a b-b-b for the lakers for the last meeting which could have been avoided

  2. How pissed off was Bradley Beal looking after his career high 53 and taking the L against the Bulls.
    I know the Wizards suck but they are only 4 games out of the playoffs that’s equally as close as the Pelicans making it in the west.

    Beal before the trade deadline in January came out publicly saying the team needs a change in culture and habits in order to win close winnable games.

    Like I continued to say before the deadline they should’ve dealed Iain Mahnimi and his 15 mil expiring deal in order to get better at defence. Apparently the rank as a top 10 offence but suck at defence.

    I suggested Mahnimi and Bertans for Barnes and a first. Barnes would’ve been an upgrade defensively and getting back a first would’ve been nice. Plus Barnes is from the same draft class as Beal so maybe that makes him happier.

    They should’ve also looked at Taj Gibson and DSJ for Mahnimi and a second.

    • imindless

      Tazza do you have nothing better than to create hypothetical trades that make little to no sense?

      • Grant

        I’d rather read analysis and hypothetical trades than most of the bs some other people be saying in these comments

          • Cheers, to say do I not have anything better do to indicates you think I sit around all day or spend hours actually thinking about these things.
            It’s more or less about 10/20 mins thinking.
            I saw Beals frustration and saw his comments a month again about losing games. Obviously the Wizards haven’t addressed the issues or resolved the issues. I said before the deadline with that roster they needed a trade and should have done something with Mahnimi’s deal for starters.
            I was just pointing out how the wizards have done nothing, Beal is still frustrated and I was probably right in suggesting the should’ve done something. At least making a trade shows your trying to improve and willing to have a look and work the phones.

            You might say these ideas make little to no sense but give me some facts or opinion on why you think so….
            what’s the point in just belittling someone

            • JD Candello


              Its hard for Wash to attract big tome FA’s

              They have 38 mill dead with Wall this year

              By the Wizards doing nothing, essentially this means they ARE in for the Now b/c that means not trading Beal himself

              Beal should ethier demand a trade asapor be quite and see how him and wall perform next year- Theres no in-between, Washington hasnt done anything ill mannered towards him in his tenure

        • HoopsR

          For reals. There’s much more hate and nonsense trash talk than actual basketball discussions or analysis.

        • phillyballers

          Yea… I mean it could be like football rumors full of politcal and racial arguments. Let the kid dream. Most of his trades don’t pass the trade machine but it’s all good.

    • formerlyz

      Zero reason for Sacramento to make that deal. They need defense on the wing next to Barnes. If they’re moving Barnes, it would be for something of importance.

      • Barnes has a pretty bad deal so just clearing his 24 mil would be a bonus not to mention Bazemore is a decent defender. Bertans who you’d revive back in my trade idea is a nice defender but not great.
        Plus because they are such a young team I’d recommend drafting a wing defender like Issac Okoro, Precious Achiwua or Devin Vassell.

        • x%sure

          What reason is there to believe that Mahinmi makes the D worse or that they wanted to trade Bertans for an overpay at SF? Wiz would like Troy Brown to be out there. The trade idea is problematic to begin with, not to mention now impossible.

          Is Brown a problem? Is that who Beal means? Mahinmi or Bertans? Beal doesn’t say, unlike Wall who meant Gortat. If Beal meant nobody is like Wall, well wait a half-year, he will be back.

  3. formerlyz

    I said this here a month ago: “I’m slightly disappointed that Giles hasnt really been healthy this year, after being impressive, in my opinion, last year. I think he could give them some defense at the 5 spot that they have been missing”

    So far, since starting at that spot, he has looked good. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and get more run. They badly need the defense, and I’m very interested to see if he can develop into the type of player I think he may be capable of being

    • Always liked Giles and it sucks that’s been so injured. The kings oddly chose to not extend him with their team option making him a free agent come end of the year. Doubt he would get much money but if another team can get him and keep him healthy and fit they will be fit hugely.

      Thought a nice landing spot would be Milwaukee, Denver, Utah, OKC and Dallas.
      Maybe for him going to a contending team, training with players on a winning team, and having better doctors and physio’s would be good for his development.
      He would only be expected to play 12/15 minutes per night or some nights not at all which would put less stress on his body until he’s comfortable and performing again

    • phillyballers

      2nd that. He hasn’t been able to stay healthy at any level. Good for him yo get in there and show he still has that potential. But honestly, it’s an uphill battle. Traditional big is a dying breed.

  4. hiflew

    Giles is starting to remind me of Mario Hezonja. Shows very little until after his team turns down his rookie option. Some team (Knicks) will overpay him in FA for him and he will end up being a disappointment like Hezonja.

    • phillyballers

      I don’t think anyone will overpay Giles. His career may look more Noah Vonleh, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor. Small contracts 1 or 2 year deals.

    • MikeWiz

      Kings are the worst organization in the nba. They waste more talent than the Sixers, twolves and Knicks combined. Can’t wait for Giles to get out of that toxic situation and thrive. Even Detroit would be better for his career. Kings should just have a policy of trading all draft picks and nobody on the team under 25. And no more than 3 coaches in a single season. Kings just suck.

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