Pacific Notes: Lakers, Clippers, Wiggins, Kings

Former Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson says his longtime team is “playing the best out of anybody” in the Western Conference right now, but acknowledges that the Clippers may have the deepest roster of the two Los Angeles teams, writes Mark Medina of USA Today.

“If you look at man-for-man, (the Clippers are) probably better than (the Lakers) in terms of the bench,” said Johnson, who predicted the two L.A. clubs would meet in the Western Finals. “… Anthony Davis and LeBron James, to me they are going to be the key and they are going to have to dominate in that series. Then we’re going to need that third scorer (to step up).”

While the Clippers have solidified their rotation by trading for Marcus Morris and reaching a deal to sign Reggie Jackson, the Lakers have been quiet this month. They’re still monitoring the buyout market as they consider how to improve their title chances, according to Tania Ganguli of The Los Angeles Times.

Here’s more from around the Pacific:

  • Assuming the Clippers finalize their reported deal with Jackson today, they’ll still be $767,620 below the tax line, giving them enough breathing room to remain below that threshold even if and when they sign a 15th man, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks.
  • Andrew Wiggins has yet to evolve into the sort of lock-down defender that many talent evaluators believed he could become out of college, but Draymond Green is confident that the newly-acquired Warriors forward can still reach that level, Slater writes for The Athletic. “I think he can be an All-Defensive player. That’s one of my goals for him,” Green said of his new teammate. “As a leader of this team, that’s one of the things I really want to push him on.”
  • In his latest mailbag for The Sacramento Bee, Jason Anderson answers questions related to Vlade Divac‘s future, Marvin Bagley III‘s health, and possible roles for Alex Len and Jabari Parker. Anderson doesn’t believe Divac’s job will be in jeopardy this spring, but says the GM’s seat could get hot next season if the Kings are healthier and still don’t take a significant step forward.
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11 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Lakers, Clippers, Wiggins, Kings

  1. Wiggins has the physical abilities to be an all defensive player (ie. Paul George/Leonard type).

    Really hoping Green and Klay and the Warriors culture can develop that skillset

    • I know what you mean by physical abilities but it seems like the great Defenders or guys that really do well at defending and have great reputations, are stronger guys.

      Draymond Green, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler. These guys are strong in the shoulders and have a good size. Wiggins looks a little skinny. That might not mean much but I’m just making an observation. Hopefully he can be one of those quick guys.. Defenders maybe like Andre Iguodala, long arms quick lanky disruptive move their feet well.

      I’m thinking Wiggins can do it. He just never wanted to before or had no reason to.

      • Rewane

        All the guys you mentioned weigh 230 Ibs and have around the same height as Wiggins, and Wiggins weighs 194. If he doesn’t put on 20 lbs of weight he can only hope to be an average defender.

        • x%sure

          I’m not seeing it. The odds are greater that Wiggins gets tired of Draymond and his plans for him. GSW usually overwhelmed people anyway.

          • Howie415

            He’s only played 3 games in a Dubs uni. How many have you seen? What makes you an expert?

            • x%sure

              None in a Dubs uni.
              You know Wigs has played other places.
              Playing for GSW has transformed– who?– scoring high on a bad team doesn’t count.

              • Howie415

                First of all, Minnesota is not a well run team. Second, Chriss and Paschall are two players that are thriving in the Warriors system. Third, Wiggins is thriving defensively as a Warrior. Ever hear the old saying, “Right player, wrong team”.

          • Howie415

            And you will be a below average internet hoops expert forever. Deal with it.

  2. I think the deal was the best thing that will ever happen for Wiggins in his career. Being around a winning culture and having vets that will help/hold him accountable to being a team player and stronger defender will make this guy substantially better.

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