Reggie Jackson Bought Out By Pistons, Plans To Join Clippers

5:07pm: The Pistons have issued a press release formally announcing they’ve reached a buyout agreement with Jackson and have waived him.

3:24pm: Veteran point guard Reggie Jackson has reached a buyout agreement with the Pistons, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who reports (via Twitter) that Jackson intends to sign with the Clippers once he clears waivers and reaches free agency.

Jackson, 29, has spent the last five years in Detroit, having been acquired from the Thunder in a three-team trade in February 2015. He signed a five-year, $80MM deal with the Pistons a few months later and is now in the final season of that contract. His buyout agreement with the club figures to slightly reduce his $18,086,956 cap hit for 2019/20.

The Pistons had hoped that giving Jackson the reins as the team’s starting point guard – after he began his career as Russell Westbrook‘s backup – would clear a path for him to develop into a star. Although the former Boston College standout had some productive seasons in Detroit, his overall numbers as a Piston (16.2 PPG, 5.6 APG, .425/.354/.851 shooting) fell short of that star level.

Jackson’s name surfaced frequently in trade rumors over the last couple years, but his rising cap hit made it difficult for the Pistons to find a deal that upgraded their roster. Even at this year’s deadline, as the team pivoted toward a rebuild and accepted a very modest package for Andre Drummond, Detroit apparently didn’t find a trade offer it liked for Jackson.

With the Pistons headed for a lottery finish, there was little incentive to keep Jackson around for the rest of the season. He’ll now finish the year with the Clippers, who have until this Saturday to sign a player and get back to the 14-player roster minimum.

As Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN notes (via Twitter), L.A. could still use a defensive wing or a rim protector, but Jackson will give the team another ball-handler and a veteran scorer off the bench.

The Lakers and Clippers, who were poised to compete for Darren Collison if he had opted to come out of retirement, were each said to be in the market for a point guard. Wojnarowski confirms (via Twitter) that the Lakers also had interest in Jackson — they’ll have to look elsewhere if they still hope to address the position.

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Jackson had still been owed $5.7MM of his ’19/20 salary, tweets ESPN’s Bobby Marks. While we don’t know the exact terms of the buyout agreement, the veteran guard likely agreed to give back a prorated portion of the minimum salary. If he’s officially released by the Pistons today and joins the Clippers on Thursday, he’d make $734,025 on his new contract, with a $512,721 cap charge.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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34 thoughts on “Reggie Jackson Bought Out By Pistons, Plans To Join Clippers

      • jkoms57

        First it was no one wants to sign with Lakers..
        Then they sign LeBron.
        Then it was no one wants to play with LeBron..
        AD forces trade to play with LeBron.

        So now its evident Rockets fans need to live in safe spaces

    • diller1340

      Reggie Jackson is best friends with paul george they workout together and live together in the offseason

    • Jcool90

      Dude nobody likes his punk butt. He thinks he is the man and the best. Hes a washed up B U M. I cannot stand James. KD is way better. That’s my man, and Westbrook along with Beal. But I like college ball more.

      • Dark14ry

        Jcool90 talking like a 13 year old jilted fan who Lebron passed on signing an autograph for.
        Although i dont like LeBron as a sports superstar, i can recognize his talent. Hes no washed up BUM.

    • amk3510

      Imagine putting this much value into Reggie Jackson. Who wants to play with Harden?? How about Jimmy Butler spurning your team after 7 straight playoff years. “We got Demarre Carrol and Jeff Green!”

      • RenAvi

        1. Who said anyone did…
        2. Many do, I refer to their roster.
        3. So what? Jimmy wanted his own thing. He also didn’t pick the Lakers so that’s a weird name drop since the same argument can be laid at Lebron’s feet. Didn’t think that out did you?
        4. We got two more serviceable wings. Big win.

        • amk3510

          Anytime a player doesn’t sign with the Lakers this guy comes and says “no one wants to play with LBJ, its just dry and ridiculous. As for Jimmy the Lakers didnt actually try and get him. Morey was trying like heck to get him. The Rockets roster doesn’t help your point. Ok you got PJ Tucker on a good deal, he already wants a new one and will be mad if he doesnt get it this summer. They gave Gordon more than anyone else would. Doesn’t help yout point.

          • RenAvi

            1. Who cares if you find it dry. Truth is truth.
            2. You know this because you were in both front offices, right? Didn’t think so.
            3. You sound like that one loser that got rejected by a hot girl and says, “she wasn’t that hot anyways” or “I didn’t want her anyways”. Pathetic.
            4. It absolutely does. Two HOF players, a HOF coach, and one of the most prolific GMs of the past decade. Not to mention a host of wings for every occasion. Stability, innovation, and one hell of a city. We have plenty to offer. Haters gonna hate.

            • amk3510

              LMAO I guess delusional Rocket fans comes in packs here. I don’t work in front offices but I sure trust Woj and he reported on the Rockets heavy interest in Butler. There was literally not 1 rumbling about Butler and the Lakers during the summer. What you just said at #4 is nothing short of insane and comical. Mike D’Antoni is going nowhere near the hall of fame. Morey the most prolific GM of the decade whos team has not made 1 finals appearance…….. Yes the Harden trade was great whats 1 other thing he has done that stands out??? What a a pathetic standard you have. Host of wings?? lol who on earth cares if you dont at least make a finals trip. You know when you turn to petty insults you have no argument. Not only that your argument is terrible. Dude really thinks Dantoni is a hall of famer and Morey is a god. Comedy


      That’s coming from a guy who runs everyone out of town(harden) and a guy who ran Kd out of town(Westbrook) AD wanted to play with lebron.. that’s all that matters.. AD top 4 player in nba

  1. joemoes

    Idk why he would go there he’s not going to play. They are pretty full. Would of made more sense to go to the lakers or possibly philly

    • jeremy

      lets not act like the lakers have a open spot for meaningful min. he would be fighting for mins with rondo and Ac. both who should get playing time. heck even troy and cook should just dont have the playing time for everyone

      • joemoes

        as bad as rondo has been I’d argue Reggie Jackson could be a boost or they could let antekuompo go.

        • RenAvi

          Reggie can give you some offense, Rondo’s D is redundant with AD, Bron, Green, Mcgee in the lineup. They need O.


    I like lakers chances.. they have 2nd best record in nba.. Reggie jackson gets injured rolling out of be in morning.. clippers have bigger issues. They have no size.. what’s there record with Marcus Morris? Paul George is hurt again and Leonard is one cut to the basket away from tearing his quad.. he isn’t healthy thus no back to playoff lebron is like no other player

  3. MillMill12

    Solid pick up for the Clips. Reggie can play 1 and 2. He’s a mix of Lou and Pat. Looking forward to seeing all the small ball options and a 5 out match up with the Rockets.

  4. Tommy313

    So happy he’s not a piston anymore. He’s going to dribble out the shot clock in the playoffs and screw that teams chance. So happy. Good luck doc

  5. Good pick up by the Clips, and they can use him now, and for so long as they either can’t or won’t field their entire team. But, at full strength, he may or may not get much PT. Behind at least Williams, and likely Shamet, as guards off the bench. Whereas, with the Lakers, I have to think he’d have a tight rotation spot for keeps.

  6. Eric Lord

    Good luck with that Clippers. Jackson is a selfish player. When he was traded from the Thunder, the entire locker room was happy to see him go. That tells you something about the type of teammate he is.

  7. 1. Beverly. Jackson
    2. George. Williams
    3. Leonard. Shamet. McGruder
    4. Morris. Green. Patterson
    5. Zubac. Harrell

  8. x%sure

    The Clips are gathering my least favorite players. The way things are going I might be rooting for the Rockets at some point.

  9. Danieley3

    Reggie Jackson?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    One of the best PG’s on the FA Market? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Harrell and Zubac vs AD/McGee/Dwight? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Good lawd… Delusion everywhere.

  10. Dxit90a

    I wouldn’t be laughing since the Lakers are 0-2 against the clippers eventhough the clippers were not full strength…. time will tell in the playoffs.. both teams have ?? Marks but will both teach the western finals

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