Warriors: Stephen Curry On Track To Play In March

As he continues his recovery from hand surgery, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry remains on track to return “at some point in March,” the team announced in a press release Saturday (Twitter link).

Curry will practice with the G League’s Santa Cruz Warriors on Monday, ruling him out of an originally-reported Sunday return against the Wizards. Shams Charania of The Athletic, who first reported that Curry would play on Sunday, tweets that the star guard had been preparing to do so, but the two sides ultimately agreed that he needed more practice time.

The two-time NBA MVP has missed all but four games this season after undergoing surgery to repair a broken left hand. In those games, he averaged 20.3 PPG and 6.5 APG for the reigning Western Conference champions. With Curry and Klay Thompson sidelined and Kevin Durant departed, the Warriors have endured a miserable season, sporting an NBA-worst 12-47 record.

Curry’s return will not mark a late-season addition for Golden State hoping to make a postseason push. Instead, it will be an opportunity for the three-time NBA champion to finish out a difficult season for the Warriors on a high note.

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39 thoughts on “Warriors: Stephen Curry On Track To Play In March

  1. afsooner02

    Should just stay on the bench. Warriors are tanking. No need to come back to win worthless games and cost you lottery chances. Although it is a weak draft this year….

    • Strike Four

      They should let him play enough to get his numbers up so he leads the team in ppg scoring stats, being that the nba and its media are run by cretins who became b**chmade to Bron and now the only things they care about are personal stats and Bron doing anything except breathing – and they’re almost at that level, luckily Steph will come back and they will immediately act like GSW are “the enemy” just because they’re butthurt about the league’s ratings being down because Steph (and KD and Klay) has been out and they hate how its Steph and not Bron who caused it.

      That said, the draft isn’t necessarily “weak”, it’s just that there’s no clear superstar like Zion in there. There’s about 10 guys who could all go #1, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad players. They’re not in Zion’s league, sure, but all 10 might be solid NBA rotational players, which hasn’t happened from all top 10 picks in a single draft in a long time.

      • x%sure

        The draft is weak. You want more than rotational for a top 10.

        The previous paragragh made little sense either… GSW will not base their rotations on some misguided whimsical cynicism.

    • jonnyzuck

      it’s a broken hand not something with a real risk of reinjury in basketball

  2. jump shot

    As this season showed, he can sit out this whole season and be injured in the 4th game of next season. After what happened with Durant, clearly they wouldn’t let Steph take the court this season if there was any doubt that he was ready. But, again, you can get hurt at anytime. I don’t blame him for wanting to get back in and take a few hits and run it a couple times off tackle ;)

    • Yes that’s true and as you might know, anytime you have an injury and you’re out for a couple months, it takes a while to get back into rhythm. It would be a lot easier next training camp and the beginning of next year if he got some run in this spring. 20 games would help a lot.

      Then there’s also the messing with Wiggins. Be great to get on the same page. It’s going to be bad enough with Klay Thompson out the whole season plus whoever they add with the cap space the number 5 or so pick etcetera. Always takes a while to get it together as teammates.

      I hope Steph comes back and runs 20 games or so.

  3. I hope him and Thompson just watch how other teams are laughing at the warriors right now. They need to get mad and come out and get revenge. LeBron laughing at their G team should be enough motivation to win next year.

    • amk3510

      Lebron lives in your head rent free. Load managing a game don’t mean a thing. They’ll be back in the playoffs next year but no more than a 5 seed.

      • ChazB322

        Pretty sure thus same team won a championship without Durant, and their big 3 are all still in their prime. They’ll have a 3 with way more potential than Harrison Barnes, and a top 3 pick. Probably not wise to write them off when all are healthy.

        • amk3510

          They won a title in 2015 without Durant. Thats going to be six years removed by next spring. KD was the only reason they were not getting upset by the 8 seed Clippers. But sure they will be capable of winning a title with a worse team vs a better west….

          • they didn’t need KD to beat the clippers last year. How many bandwagon shirts do you have? let me guess bulls, Spurs, Cavs, and lakers. With a Clippers one waiting in the closet in case they win this year.

            • amk3510

              They absolutely needed KD to beat the Clippers last year go look at the box score. If you actually saw those games too you would see how much a difference maker he was. Steph and Klay were non factors after game 1 of that series. And haha you sure told me with bandwagon. I guess thats why even during the 6 awful years the Lakers were still selling out games and the more popular team. Love how much of a clown you are its just all insults because you cant back up anything you say.

              • Strike Four

                @amk3510 way to think that if KD wasn’t there, Steph would NOT be going off for 40-50 a night – this is the risk players take when they side with doing whatever it takes to help his team win over pure individual glory – sometimes you have to bow to Kerr even though he secretly hates you and build the gameplan around ISO KD instead of on-ball Steph, but both plans will have completely different game results and online idiots will never understand that.

        • amk3510

          Classic arc89 bringing up Lebron or the Lakers then not being able to handle the smoke that comes with it. I didn’t know you can only comment on your favorite team.

          • amk3510 never seen last year when the warriors were destroying his favorite team now comes here to troll when they have more injuries than the rest of the entire division.

        • Strike Four

          Gotta love all the bronwashed people gravitating to the worst team in the NBAs stories instead of enjoying their own good year they’re having.

          Listen up Rockets, OKC and Lakers fans: Steph OWNS you. He will ALWAYS own you. He is the true Mamba. He is a 1-team player on a team that made all the right moves to quickly bounce back to title contention and YOU know it. GSW lives in YOUR heads, not theirs – stop lying and stop acting like its the other way around, f’n peabrains…

          • amk3510

            LOL Steph Curry is a god and we should all bow down and kiss the ground he walks on. We don’t even deserve to walk on the same earth as him. He lost any right ot be called a mamba when his team lost a final they were up 3-1 in. Kobe would never. Lebron went and took Stephs lunch money and Draymond had to cry in the parking lot for help.

            • Strike Four

              Lebron snitched on Draymond, who was stealing HIS lunch money all series, and they lost because of that. Also Curry was injured that whole series, but keep on telling lies as your truth, your opinions are utterly meaningless if you believe all this crud you spew on here.

            • Dodgethis

              Kobe couldn’t win in a league that wasn’t watered down. He was a product of the times, not a legend.

    • Strike Four

      Why would they do that, when they can look down at their hand and see 3 rings in the last 6 years, and how scarily-poised they are to go on another 5-finals run.

      • amk3510

        Yes we all know with KD gone the other stars would get the ball more. The fact you think Curry will average 40 a night shows how downright delusional Warrior fans are. Love how they just come in packs. Another 5 year finals run might be the craziest thing any Golden State homer has said here. 10 finals in 11 years… yeah ok clown not even the Bill Russell Celtics did that. Curry and Thompson are not gods and no the bucks are not trading Giannis for Wiggins. I also forgot you think Curry is the best player ever. Nothing but delusion in the bay area.

        • Strike Four

          You do not understand how basketball works if you think Curry in the Rockets system with his % would average 40+, if Harden can avg 35. Curry is literally the best shooter in history and yet you have the audacity to ignore real, actual stats and call others delusional?

          I dont blame you, I see this all the time. Steph straight up broke so many NBA fans they all have this extremely common reaction to call GSW fans delusional even though they relentlessly move the goalposts to their liking every time.

          YES – GSW wins without KD, you absolute clown. Because if they didn’t get KD they still had money for another elite or a bunch of better regulars than Festus Ezeli and Alfonzo McKinnie, or Kerr finally puts Steph on ball like Harden is allowed to be and we finally get to see Steph’s ceiling. These are all facts you refuse to acknowledge. Because you are salty. Grow up.

  4. It’s either to preserve their record at the bottom of the league or another injury other than the wrist has surfaced. Unless, Curry’s bones are different than those of the rest of human species.

    • Watching his workouts shows he’s ready to go. The only hesitation is he has no feeling in his left hand. But the injury to the bone has healed. It’s been 4 months.

        • Of course I get the sarcasm. I miss some of them, but it wasn’t too difficult on that one.

          All I did was call it out and not accept it. All I did was expose it as a dumb comment and not the slightest bit funny nor witty.

      • HailRodgers12$

        Except it clearly says he’ll practice with their G league squad, not the big club..on Monday.

        It also says ‘on track…’ “Sometime in March.” A few days ago he was hoping to play March 1. I give 50/50 odds his return gets pushed back to April.

  5. jump shot

    When Draymond got suspended for Game 5, anybody that has followed the NBA knew that series was over… they coulda just presented the Cavs the trophy before the Game 5 jump-ball and spared us having to even watch the rest of the series. It was over. And, we all knew it.

    • x%sure

      The lesson from that is to not do what gets you a suspension, but that was/is not the takeaway for some.

      It’s not like Dray’s blow-ups do anything for the team. He just wants the game to be a sh–show.

    • El Don

      I didn’t know, neither do I know that you speak for me now… wouldn’t mind if you were right, but you are just talking trash here, so I beg of you to just stop it!

    • I didn’t think the series was over at that point. I just thought game 5 was a lost cause. Game 7 was tight with 2 minutes left in the game. It was very close when LeBron did that incredible block on Andre Iguodala.

      Plus I remember that with less than a minute to go Curry had the ball outside the 3 pt line and a 3 would have made the game close or tied it. I can’t remember.

      But that swarming Cavaliers defense.. I don’t know if he got a shot off. But game 7 was anybody’s ballgame.

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