Eastern Notes: Haliburton, VanVleet, Presti, Thompson

Iowa State sophomore Tyrese Haliburton might be the safest lottery pick for the Knicks among the guard prospects, ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg told Marc Berman of the New York Post. Haliburton was averaging 15.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 6.5 APG and 2.5 SPG before a wrist injury cut short his season. There isn’t any guard on par with Ja Morant in the draft, according to Greenberg, but Haliburton is a pure point guard who doesn’t carry any baggage.

We have more from around the Eastern Conference:

  • The Raptors would probably be willing to pay unrestricted free agent guard Fred VanVleet $17-20MM annually to retain his services, Blake Murphy of The Athletic opines. The market for VanVleet could drop significantly if the salary cap is lowered, with only a handful of teams having the ability to sign him using their space. VanVleet’s best option may be to secure long-term money from the Raptors since they hold his Bird rights, Murphy adds.
  • It’s doubtful the Bulls would make a serious run at Thunder GM Sam Presti during their planned front office restructuring, according to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago. Not only is it unknown whether Presti would be interested in a high-level front office role with the club but it would probably take $8-10MM annually to land his services, Johnson continues, and the Bulls historically haven’t forked up that kind of money. Presti would also likely want to bring in some of his own people, which would add to the tab, Johnson adds.
  • A sign-and-trade is the most likely outcome for Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson when he becomes an unrestricted free agent, Chris Fedor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer opines. It’s increasingly likely that Andre Drummond will exercise his $28.7MM option, relegating Thompson to a bench role. The Cavs might want to bring back Thompson on a team-friendly contract, but if they draft a center that would also change the equation. Thompson has earned the right to test the market and a sign-and-trade could give him a chance to maximize his value and playing time, Fedor adds.
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14 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Haliburton, VanVleet, Presti, Thompson

    • jorge78

      How about paying their arena staff/employees in
      this time of crisis as an investment? Let’s stop worrying about next season before we figure out if we are going to live through this zombie apocalypse…..

    • tomjoadsghost

      Reinsdorfs pockets of course. And to pay Gar Forman, Paxson, and Collins their lifetime contracts.

  1. Major Factuh

    3 thoughts:

    1. Has anyone on here personally tested positive or know someone directly who has? Not a ‘friend of a friend’ or ‘I heard Jim down in payroll got escorted out by a guy in a hazmat suit.’

    2. Wonder what the birth rate will be in 9 months from all this isolation. Invest in Pampers etc…?

    3. Three 6 Mafia ‘Chapter 1: The End’ album is probably one of the best rap albums of all time if you like M-Town, Southern style rap. Tough call with that and UGK’s ‘Super Tight.’ Anybody have suggestions to for listening?

    • x%sure

      Ha #2. Population replenishment.

      Today is the sound of rain & high winds to make for a “novel” type of moody day. Not watching the news… good you’re doing something else.

      • Major Factuh

        There will be a spike I’m betting. Has happened times where there have been extended blackouts in cities. This is going to take it up a few notches haha.

    • 1. No one I know has been confirmed. However, a couple caveats:

      a. Indiana isn’t really testing many people. We have conducted <500 tests in a state of 6.7 million.

      b. I don't have many friends.

        • El Don

          So far I don’t know of anyone who has tested positive, so go figure, right?
          So far the wife is giving me the social isolation too, making me sleep on the couch, don’t think I will contribute to the baby boom, sooo very sad!

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