ESPN’s Doris Burke Recovering From Coronavirus

Appearing on the latest episode of The Woj Pod with Adrian Wojnarowski, ESPN’s Doris Burke said that she tested positive for the coronavirus.

Burke described feeling her first symptoms on March 11, the day she worked the Mavericks/Nuggets game that ended up being the final NBA contest before the season was postponed indefinitely. The ESPN analyst, who said she experienced extreme fatigue for several days after that, was tested last week and got the results earlier this week.

Speaking with Wojnarowski about her experience, Burke confirmed she is now symptom-free and is feeling like herself again, which is great to hear.

Here’s more on the coronavirus and the NBA’s hiatus:

  • David Aldridge of The Athletic is the latest NBA writer to put forth a proposal for how the league might structure a resumed season. Aldridge’s series of ideas includes a mini-tournament that would help determine which lottery teams get the highest picks.
  • Major sporting events that feature tens of thousands of fans are candidates to become “biological bombs,” according to Gabe Lacques and Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today, who explain how the NBA and others sports leagues will look to avoid that scenario when they resume.
  • Joe Vardon of The Athletic takes an in-depth look at how the coronavirus pandemic has complicated the contracts between the major sports leagues and the TV networks that broadcast their games.
  • For those interested in how the NBA’s hiatus may affect its salary cap going forward, cap guru Albert Nahmad has updated his exploration of the subject at, digging into many of the variables at play and explaining why it’s so tricky to make any projections yet.
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7 thoughts on “ESPN’s Doris Burke Recovering From Coronavirus

  1. x%sure

    Somebody here mentioned Doris Burke out of the blue about that time, Mar.11 when shutdowns started. I was going to comment, Is that a prediction?, but it looked like a morbid comment so I think I passed on it. I looked at commentator’s ages and everyone is kind of in range. Marv Albert is 78. Not that Burke is.

  2. king beas

    I hope she makes a full recovery and gets back to full health. But I also hope she retires because of this because I can’t stand listening to her do games

    • El Don

      Why? I mean she is a bit mature, but… still is blonde & pretty! IMO is worst when you have to listen to ugly, bold & fat white dudes doing games, right?

  3. It’s strange how with this disease some people are dropping dead within a week and others come out of it clean as a whistle. I’m sure it’s not all pre existing conditions.

    • 4Quarters

      It is. Not all pre-existing conditions mean confirmed diagnosis. A person can have an awful diet, slow metabolism & have the markers for diabetes. That would qualify as a pre-existing condition. Additionally, anyone susceptible to pneumonia are at risk (asthma, smokers, etc)

      CDC already confirmed those are the folks to be considered at higher risk, without the age qualifier. I don’t think the media are exactly giving the entire medical background of people “dropping dead within a week”. You got HIPAA laws, plus fear mongering is more lucrative

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