Hiatus Notes: TV Revenue, Benson, Storylines, Clippers

The NBA hopes to play at least 70 regular-season games this season in order to retain 100% of the revenue the league receives from their regional sports network partners, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (hat tip to RealGM). Those networks broadcast games in local markets. An abbreviated resumption of the regular season would also serve as a way for teams to ramp back up before the playoffs begin, Windhorst adds.

We have more developments related to the league’s hiatus:

  • Pelicans owner Gayle Benson has pledged to give $1MM to various causes, including financial assistance to arena workers displaced by the coronavirus-related stoppage, according to a team press release. The Gayle Benson Community Assistance Fund will also provide assistance to the general New Orleans community. Numerous players and teams have reached out to help their arena workers.
  • LeBron James‘ pursuit of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time scoring record and Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s potentially historic follow-up to his MVP season are among the storylines that won’t be played out if the season is canceled, Michael Lee of The Athletic notes. The Pelicans’ pursuit of the Grizzlies for the Western Conference’s final playoff berth, with the added intrigue of those teams being led by top rookies Zion Williamson and Ja Morant, would also fall by the wayside.
  • The hiatus could have a silver lining for the Clippers, ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk points out. The prime title contender will have a chance to get fully healthy heading into the postseason, as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will have an extended time to rest, while Lou Williams (calf) and Patrick Beverley (groin) can recover from their ailments. The article breaks down what the hiatus means for each Western Conference club.
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13 thoughts on “Hiatus Notes: TV Revenue, Benson, Storylines, Clippers

  1. illowa

    Well there it is, get to 70 to get 100. They’ll be trying their asses off to get them games in, so we’ll definently see shortend regular season.

    • SheltonMatthews

      Of course we will. You can’t end this season in late August and start the next one in September with training camps. To minimize the effect on next year’s season, you have to shorten this one. You probably wouldn’t want to just start with the playoffs though, so 5-6 games per team to ramp back up over 2 weeks seems like a good plan.

  2. Major Factuh

    Anyone consider being shot up with this stuff and putting it on social media? End the hysteria a little maybe?

    • illowa

      Someone tried telling me that the cdc will infect you for $4500. I’m cracking up saying where do i go?

      • Major Factuh

        I’ll do it for free. Stop this madness. I’ll put my immune system up against Goberts, Mitchell’s, Elbas, Hanks, the wife of PMs any day

  3. x%sure

    The societal response is not impressive since, basically, I see no charts on the MSM and I don’t think our leaders know what they’re doing; or else they’re not disclosing anything; not sure which is worse.

    The only chart I’ve seen repeated on TV is a comparative transmission chart, displayed to show our goal. A short steep natural covid19 line is compared to the flattened aspirational version. Note that both versions show the same amount of dead under the curved lines but nobody says that.

    The front-loading looks like another chart, comparing droplet-spew rate after flu contraction between covid19 and a normal flu. I saw that awhile ago and can’t find it now, thanks Google. It shows that covid19 works much harder at dispersing early in the contraction from coughs & breathing.

    Despite efforts, it’s going to take its 4 or 6 percent or whatever; it’s going to go around like a flu does. Maybe, let it, and be ready for the next mutation with clear eyes.

    We can’t shut down everything and curfew everyone. How will we eat? There is no method to the responses. I hope things are going better in labs but IDK. There’s no mention of antibodies, which is actually what humans developed to combat viruses, and shutting down the schools blocks that method. They should be forced to go back to summer school, all kids, to get us ready for the next wave. Else hope vaccines are possible and found.

    Trump has no plan and is mea culpas are too little too late. Just declare a surrender and get back to things. About 6,000,000 will die not 60,000 from the flu. Trump was not concerned until now and he will never be smart enough for us to not be animals, subject to slaughter or the hunt.

    • Major Factuh

      Only numbers that matter is the age. Look at it. You guys are all stats guys and dissect all kinds of numbers from the b-ball court. Look at these, please. Don’t blindly just take a blanket numbers here. Look at age, in the risk group, isolate, not? Keep rolling. Total populations etc etc. look at them!

      • x%sure

        Yes, children won’t die if they go to schools. It’s like the Chinese invented this to get rid of their aging population expenses.

  4. Skip, Tampa

    Nobody has a plan because this type of situation is only looked at in terms of a Bio-Weapons attack on paper. Ture application with independent minded people is a whole different animal.
    The so called News is more of a mess than the Govt. response. Got to sift thru mountains of option BS to get at the facts
    Very grateful it’s not 1918 and have the internet with these pesky cellphones.

    • Major Factuh

      The news is running the show. This is incredible. It’s a panic not a pandemic. Everyone wake up before it’s too late.

  5. stevep-4

    I am reminded of the quote attributed to Mark Twain: “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”.

    I was in Spain 2 weeks ago, and it pretty much was like here last week. Much worse is coming. If you know any elderly people whom you care about, give them a call, and think about them when you are asked to make a temporary sacrifice in the name of reducing the risk of overwhelming the hospitals that may have to treat them as this gets worse.

    • Major Factuh

      I could fire back with Mark Twain quotes ad nauseam, too, but I won’t. Like I said, roast me, call me names, don’t really care.

      Imploring people to critically think is all.

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