Mitchell On Relationship With Gobert: “It Took Me A While To Cool Off”

Appearing on Good Morning America on Monday (hat tip to Scott Gleeson of USA Today), Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell essentially confirmed the reports that had suggested he was frustrated with teammate Rudy Gobert for the big man’s cavalier attitude toward the coronavirus before he tested positive.

“To be honest, it took a while for me to cool off.” Mitchell said when asked directly by host Robin Roberts about where things stood with Gobert (video link). “I read what he said and I heard what he said, so I’m glad he’s doing okay.”

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Although we don’t know with certainty whether Gobert or Mitchell contracted the virus first, or even whether one player got it from the other, the Jazz center faced criticism for not taking the threat seriously and touching others’ belongings at a media session and in the locker room last week.

Mitchell, who said he hasn’t exhibited any of the symptoms typically associated with COVID-19, expressed relief that he and Gobert were the only members of the Jazz to test positive. Following Gobert’s diagnosis, the team’s entire traveling party was tested for the virus. Mitchell was the only one of 58 Utah players and personnel whose test didn’t come back negative.

“I’m just really happy, to be honest – I hate to say that it’s just two of us – but that it wasn’t the whole party,” Mitchell said. “Neither (Gobert) or I have children at home. I know I have some teammates that have children, some staff have children at home. So I’m glad we were able to kind of contain it as much as possible.”

The All-Star guard, who told Roberts that he’s playing plenty of NBA 2K, watching movies, and watching his old highlights while he’s self-quarantined, will also be helping local students get healthy meals at no charge while schools are closed, per a press release from the Jazz.

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19 thoughts on “Mitchell On Relationship With Gobert: “It Took Me A While To Cool Off”

  1. goldenmisfit

    The report I heard Rudy had family over here from France and that’s how he got the virus and he passed it along to Mitchell.

  2. mlb1029

    Interesting that ONLY Donovan Mitchell gets it . But this virus is extremely contagious.

    • B-Minus21

      And a Pistons player who had recently played Gobert. Also interesting that potentially that’s all that got it bc they took measures to prevent more infections…

    • baseballramble

      This isn’t true. Christian Wood of the Pistons also got it from playing the Jazz, and a kid who got an autograph from Gobert contracted it as well.


        The kid infected had returned from a cruise from the Bahamas.. they are saying Gobert more than likely didn’t have at that time so it’s very possible that the kid gave it to Gobert.

        • x%sure

          It’s the other twin that went on a cruise. However the real news is the attempt at information control after the initial report.

    • baseballramble

      That’s not even comparable. Gobert was reportedly all over his teammates and their stuff just like he did with the mics. Mitchell was on the court without even playing and therefore not being in much contact.


    Have they retested them? There was a child that tested positive and was hospitalized and then retested and the kid came back negative.. they then Re tested the original sample and that test came back negative as well..

    • El Don

      Yes, I! Mon! How can you even think about it in the middle of such a crisis with the cold/flu? Rflol

      • x%sure

        Sexual contract is dangerous only in the sense that the fornicators are breathing on each other. Unless there is mutual bleeding, or touching another’s blood and then wiping your eyes. Who cares about butt stuff.3

    • hiflew

      Do you often look for feverish people with hacking coughs when looking for sexual partners?

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