Warriors Notes: Randle, Curry, Mulder, Toscano-Anderson

This season has been one to forget for the Warriors, as they have a record of 15-50 and remain on track for a top-five pick in this summer’s NBA Draft. That being said, despite all the losses, Golden State’s front office has been able to identify different players who could be key contributors in the future.

Players such as Marquese Chriss, Damion Lee, Ky Bowman, and Mychal Mulder are examples of Golden State finding diamonds in the rough this season, opines Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

The Warriors signed Mulder to a multi-year minimum, non-guaranteed deal on Tuesday, making him the latest player to get a commitment beyond this season from the team. John Hollinger of The Athletic reported that Golden State used a portion of its mid-level exception to sign the former University of Kentucky guard.

In seven games this season with the Warriors, Mulder is averaging 11 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.1 assists in 29.1 minutes per game.

Here’s more news out of San Francisco:

  • Juan Toscano-Anderson was seen in a walking boot and is scheduled to have an MRI on his ankle, according to ESPN’s Nick Friedell. Head coach Steve Kerr doesn’t expect the forward to join Golden State on its upcoming road trip.
  • In other Warriors injury news, superstar guard Stephen Curry is on track to play on Thursday night against the Nets, per Slater. Curry has been out with the seasonal flu. He made his return to his basketball court last Thursday after missing time with a fractured hand.
  • Steve Berman of The Athletic detailed point guard Chasson Randle‘s journey from the Chinese Basketball Association to receiving a 10-day contract with Golden State. Randle was one of the many American players in the CBA that were sent home over the Lunar New Year in January. Randle’s 10-day contract is set to expire on Thursday.
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10 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Randle, Curry, Mulder, Toscano-Anderson

  1. Howie415

    It should also be added that Poole and Paschall are developing quite nicely. At the very least, Steve Kerr is going into next season with a deep bench.

    • Gary

      I’m not sure about Deep bench. A deep bench is Andre Iguodala Shaun Livingston David West Leonardo Barbosa Maurice Speights. Guys in the league 7 to 10 years. Veterans who know how to play.

      Next season, if they stick around, Paschal Poole and Bowman will be second-year guys with one season under their belts.

      Marquese Chriss is having his first success and the first time a team is considering him a rotation guy and keeping him instead of an afterthought and “when are we going to finally cut this guy.” Same with Bender.

      The only guy who probably will be a pretty good bench support guy is Lee. He’s been around a little bit, floated back and forth from the G League to the big club, and has really stepped up this year in his third year or so. He’s got a pretty good outside shot, good size, willing Defender. Pretty nice 9th or 10th guy on a playoff team.

      • Howie415

        I don’t understand your complaint. Why do you have to play in the league for 7 years to be a valuable player? Paschall is developing into a good front court player. The guy can score, defend, and rebound. Poole is developing more of a point guard mentality in his game.

  2. ChapmansVacuum

    Paschall, Poole, Bowman, Mulder, Smily, and Bender are all relative. Figure it this way outside of Paschall are the rest of those guys a good 11-15 with maybe like Bender on a 2-way? In the NBA success is relative to the role you play.

    The team will be adding a player or two with the MLE, can acquire someone with the trade exception up to 17M possibly with the couple second rounders they got for 2020, and they will either draft someone who will be higher in the rotation as a high lottery pick, or trade that pick for a good player for the team next year. On top of that you can sign as many minimums as you want so you can see if Burks or GRIII want to come back.

    1) Curry 2) Klay 3) Wiggans 4) Dray 5) Chriss/Looney 6) 2020 pick 7) Paschall 8) Chriss/Looney 9) Lee 10) MLE 11) TE Iggy 12) Mulder 13) Poole. You then have the rest of the guys JTA, Bowman, Bender, Smily et all play for the last two spots probably give Smily one and a couple two-ways. You can bring in 20 for pre-season to work it out. There are some interesting pieces you might sacrifice to competitiveness in the coming season, but its important to emphasize what types of minutes the players will serve.

    Paschall and the 6th man are your primary 2nd unit scorers and if they dont keep Bender they may want to roster at least one 7′ true C, but its probably a down roster guy who only comes in for certain matchups.

    • x%sure

      The MLE can be spread around (unless they have a mid-sized “whale” in mind). But they will need more vets beyond the big 4 and I’m not sure the oft-injured Looney and older Iguodala are enough. I doubt Poole makes it and Mulder better be good on defense.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        He was referring to the Iggy trade exception, which can also be spread around to trade for multiple players whose salaries add up to $17M or less.

  3. harden-westbrook-mvps

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Curry won’t be playing tomorrow.

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