205 Early Entrants Declare For 2020 NBA Draft

The NBA has released the official list of early entrants for the 2020 NBA draft, announcing in a press release that 205 players have filed as early entry candidates. Of those prospects, 163 are from colleges, while 42 are international early entrants.

That number falls just short of the previous record for early entrants, established in 2018. Two years ago, 236 early entrants declared for the draft, though ultimately only 91 of those prospects remained in the draft by the final deadline. A year ago, 233 early entrants declared, with 98 remaining in the draft.

This year’s total of 205 early entrants also figures to shrink significantly by June 3 and again by June 15, the two tentative deadlines for players to withdraw their names from the draft pool — assuming those dates aren’t pushed back. But it still looks like the pool will remain crowded, with the eventual number of early entrants likely to exceed 60, the number of picks in the draft.

Our list of early entrants is now up to date and can be found right here. Here are today’s updates:

College underclassmen:

The following players were listed on the NBA’s official breakdown today, but weren’t yet noted on our own list.

The following players reportedly declared for the draft or planned to, but weren’t named in the NBA’s official announcement today. As such, we’ve removed them from our list.

International players:

The following players were listed on the NBA’s official breakdown today, but weren’t yet noted on our list.

  • Philippe Bayehe, F, Italy (born 1999)
  • Vinicius Da Silva, C, Spain (born 2001)
  • Imru Duke, F, Spain (born 1999)
  • Michele Ebeling, F, Italy (born 1999)
  • Dut Mabor, C, Italy (born 2001)
  • Sergi Martinez, F, Spain (born 1999)
  • Joel Parra, F, Spain (born 2000)
  • Mouhamed Thiam, C, France (born 2001)
  • Andrii Voinalovych, F, Ukraine (born 1999)
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13 thoughts on “205 Early Entrants Declare For 2020 NBA Draft

  1. stevep-4

    Maybe not…there are a lot of G League contracts now, and borderline players might feel that they might as well get paid themselves instead of spending more time making money for the NCAA.

    • Also, spots in Europe, Australia, etc..

      If I am a 20 year old, and my choices are hang around Podunk U or go to to Italy and make a decent amount of money playing basketball, I know which one I would make.

  2. HubcapDiamondStarHalo

    I’m gonna go out on a limb right now and say that some of those guys won’t get drafted…

  3. nentwigs

    WOW !!
    Big change on the horizon for
    Tim Allen
    Times must be tough for him in the Comedy/Acting field.
    Home Improvement & Last Man Standing….

  4. nentwigs

    Teams will have to move fast if they are interested
    in drafting either
    Forward J Smith
    Guard J Thomas
    to ensure that they draft them
    JUSTIN time !!

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