2020 NBA Draft Early Entrants List

With the sports world on pause as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s somewhat reassuring to see reports of early entrants declaring for the 2020 NBA draft as they would in any other year. Still, the coronavirus crisis figures to seriously complicate the decision-making process for many of the prospects who aren’t automatically draft-eligible.

A number of pre-draft scouting events have already been nixed or are in danger of being canceled, and there are serious doubts about whether NBA teams will have the ability to work out prospects leading up to this year’s draft. Many early entrants declare for the draft based on the belief that they’ll be able to improve their stock in those events and workouts, and may be less inclined to leave college if those opportunities aren’t available.

Additionally, with the NBA still hoping to resume its 2019/20 season, it remains to be seen when the 2020 draft – currently scheduled for June 25 – will actually take place.

For now, NCAA early entrants have until the end of the day on April 26 to declare for the draft, and can withdraw at any time up until June 3 while maintaining their college eligibility. The NBA’s withdrawal deadline is on June 15 at 4:00pm CT, so international early entrants would have until then to decide whether or not to remain in the draft. But some or all of those dates could be subject to change if the draft gets pushed back.

The NCAA has relaxed its rules in recent years for prospects who want to “test the waters” before officially committing to the draft, even allowing those players to hire agents without losing their college eligibility. Those changes have contributed to record-setting numbers of early entrants declaring for the draft. It will be fascinating to see how long this year’s list of early entrants will be, given the unprecedented circumstances.

As we navigate uncharted draft waters, we’ll be using the space below to keep track of 2020’s early entrant prospects. Our running list will include not only players who have officially declared their intent to enter the draft, but also those prospects who are expected to declare, based on reliable reports — be sure to click on the links next to each player for more details. If any players listed here ultimately decide not to enter the draft after all, they’ll be removed.

Since players can now hire agents while retaining their college eligibility, we won’t be dividing our initial list into players who are testing the waters and those who are definitely going pro, since that distinction is often unclear.

This post, which will be updated daily, will be accessible anytime under “Hoops Rumors Features” on the right sidebar of our desktop site, or in the “Features” page found in our mobile menu. The players below are listed in alphabetical order. If you have any corrections or omissions, please contact us.

Last updated 4-6-20 (1:05pm CT)

College Players:

  1. Derrick Alston Jr., F, Boise State (junior) (link)
  2. Paul Atkinson Jr., F, Yale (junior) (link)
  3. Tyler Bey, F, Colorado (junior) (link)
  4. Jermaine Bishop, G, Norfolk State (junior) (link)
  5. Jomaru Brown, G, Eastern Kentucky (sophomore) (link)
  6. Jordan Bruner, F, Yale (junior) (link)
  7. Jordan Burns, G, Colgate (junior) (link)
  8. Manny Camper, G/F, Siena (junior) (link)
  9. Marcus Carr, G, Minnesota (sophomore) (link)
  10. Tamenang Choh, F, Brown (junior) (link)
  11. David Collins, G, South Florida (junior) (link)
  12. Jalen Crutcher, G, Dayton (junior) (link)
  13. Ryan Daly, G, Saint Joseph’s (junior) (link)
  14. Devon Daniels, G, North Carolina State (junior) (link)
  15. Kendric Davis, G, SMU (sophomore) (link)
  16. Ceasar DeJesus, G, UCF (junior) (link)
  17. Dexter Dennis, G, Wichita State (sophomore) (link)
  18. Cartier Diarra, G, Kansas State (junior) (link)
  19. Anthony Edwards, G, Georgia (freshman) (link)
  20. Mason Faulkner, G, Western Carolina (junior) (link)
  21. LJ Figueroa, G, St. John’s (sophomore) (link)
  22. Malik Fitts, F, Saint Mary’s (junior) (link)
  23. Blake Francis, G, Richmond (junior) (link)
  24. Javon Freeman-Liberty, G, Valparaiso (sophomore) (link)
  25. Hasahn French, F, Saint Louis (junior) (link)
  26. D.J. Funderburk, F, North Carolina State (junior) (link)
  27. Alonzo Gaffney, F, Ohio State (freshman) (link)
  28. Jimma Gatwech, G, Huntington Prep (N/A) (link)
  29. Jacob Gilyard, G, Richmond (junior) (link)
  30. Grant Golden, F, Richmond (junior) (link)
  31. Jordan Goodwin, G, Saint Louis (junior) (link)
  32. Jayvon Graves, G, Buffalo (junior) (link)
  33. Ashton Hagans, G, Kentucky (sophomore) (link)
  34. Tyrese Haliburton, G, Iowa State (sophomore) (link)
  35. Rayshaun Hammonds, F, Georgia (junior) (link)
  36. Nate Hinton, G/F, Houston (sophomore) (link)
  37. Elijah Hughes, G/F, Syracuse (junior) (link)
  38. Feron Hunt, F, SMU (sophomore) (link)
  39. Marreon Jackson, G, Toledo (junior) (link)
  40. Herbert Jones, F, Alabama (junior) (link)
  41. Mason Jones, G, Arkansas (junior) (link)
  42. Tre Jones, G, Duke (sophomore) (link)
  43. Kameron Langley, G, North Carolina A&T (junior) (link)
  44. Saben Lee, G, Vanderbilt (junior) (link)
  45. Kira Lewis, G, Alabama (sophomore) (link)
  46. Isaiah Livers, F, Michigan (junior) (link)
  47. Cam Mack, G, Nebraska (sophomore) (link)
  48. Sandro Mamukelashvili, F, Seton Hall (junior) (link)
  49. Naji Marshall, F, Xavier (junior) (link)
  50. Kenyon Martin Jr., F, IMG Academy (N/A) (link)
  51. Remy Martin, G, Arizona State (junior) (link)
  52. Tyrese Maxey, G, Kentucky (freshman) (link)
  53. Mac McClung, G, Georgetown (sophomore) (link)
  54. Isiaha Mike, F, SMU (junior) (link)
  55. Isaiah Miller, G, UNC Greensboro (junior) (link)
  56. Aaron Nesmith, G, Vanderbilt (sophomore) (link)
  57. Zeke Nnaji, F, Arizona (freshman) (link)
  58. Jordan Nwora, F, Louisville (junior) (link)
  59. Onyeka Okongwu, F/C, USC (freshman) (link)
  60. Isaac Okoro, F, Auburn (freshman) (link)
  61. Elijah Olaniyi, G/F, Stony Brook (junior) (link)
  62. Daniel Oturu, C, Minnesota (sophomore) (link)
  63. Reggie Perry, F, Mississippi State (sophomore) (link)
  64. John Petty, G, Alabama (junior) (link)
  65. Nate Pierre-Louis, G, Temple (junior) (link)
  66. Xavier Pinson, G, Missouri (sophomore) (link)
  67. Darius Quisenberry, G, Youngstown State (sophomore) (link)
  68. Paul Reed, F, DePaul (junior) (link)
  69. Fatts Russell, G, Rhode Island (junior) (link)
  70. Marcus Santos-Silva, F, VCU (junior) (link)
  71. Jay Scrubb, G, John A. Logan College (sophomore) (link)
  72. Aamir Simms, F, Clemson (junior) (link)
  73. Mitchell Smith, F, Missouri (junior) (link)
  74. Stef Smith, G, Vermont (junior) (link)
  75. Isaiah Stewart, F/C, Washington (freshman) (link)
  76. Parker Stewart, G, UT Martin (sophomore) (link)
  77. MaCio Teague, G, Baylor (junior) (link)
  78. Xavier Tillman, F/C, Michigan State (junior) (link)
  79. Jeremiah Tilmon, F, Missouri (junior) (link)
  80. Obi Toppin, F, Dayton (sophomore) (link)
  81. Jordan Tucker, F, Butler (sophomore) (link)
  82. Devin Vassell, G, Florida State (sophomore) (link)
  83. Kaleb Wesson, F/C, Ohio State (junior) (link)
  84. Romello White, F, Arizona State (junior) (link)
  85. Keith Williams, G, Cincinnati (junior) (link)
  86. Patrick Williams, F, Florida State (freshman) (link)
  87. James Wiseman, C, Memphis (freshman) (link)
  88. McKinley Wright, G, Colorado (junior) (link)

International Players:

  1. Terry Armstrong, G, Australia (born 2000) (link)
  2. LaMelo Ball, G, Australia (born 2001) (link)
  3. Joel Ekamba, G, France (born 2001) (link)
  4. RJ Hampton, G, Australia (born 2001) (link)
  5. Killian Hayes, G, Germany (born 2001) (link)
  6. Theo Maledon, G, France (born 2001) (link)
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