Cavaliers Notes: Drummond, Thompson, Shumpert

Andre Drummond‘s option decision will be the move that ultimately controls the Cavaliers‘ offseason, according to Chris Fedor of, who hears from multiple sources that Drummond exercising that option remains the most probable outcome. With that $28.7MM option on their books, the Cavs almost certainly wouldn’t open up any cap room, limiting their potential offseason moves.

The Cavaliers are “fully prepared” for Drummond to opt in and felt when they acquired the veteran center that there was no better player – among those would be available and realistically attainable – to spend that money on, according to Fedor. As Fedor explains, Cleveland considers Drummond’s skill-set, including his ability to protect the rim on defense and roll to the rim on offense, a good match for the young guards the team is developing.

Here’s more out of Cleveland:

  • In a mailbag for, Fedor addressed a handful of topics, including Tristan Thompson‘s possible future with the Cavaliers. Fedor says he was convinced following the acquisition of Drummond that Thompson wouldn’t be retained, but now feels that there could still be a place for the big man in Cleveland if the price is right.
  • Speaking to Shams Charania of The Athletic (video link), Iman Shumpert discussed the gradual dismantling of the Cavaliers team that won the NBA Finals in 2016, noting that he has talked to Kyrie Irving about the subject since they left Cleveland. Shumpert expressed some regret that the roster didn’t remain fully intact for another year or two, given the success the club had.
  • In case you missed it, the most recent installment in our Salary Cap Preview series focused on the Cavaliers’ 2020/21 cap outlook.
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10 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: Drummond, Thompson, Shumpert

  1. I don’t see Drummond beating $28.7 million on his next contract’s average. However, while I think a year of even close to his usual production will get him paid, the injury risk is always there.

  2. acarneglia

    Considering what the Cavs gave up yo give him, I consider it a win regardless of if he stays or goes.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Drummond is a 15:15 guy that doesn’t play defence as good as DeAndre Jordan, Rudy Gobert and half the leagues starting centres. He doesn’t stretch the floor at all like centres are improving at. Yet he still expects to be paid like a top 10 centre.
    I feel like more so in today’s league centres are much more easily replaceable especially with his skill set.
    You can pay nearly 30mil for Drummond or you can pay 5mil for Alex Len and your getting near enough the same skill set.
    Capela signed for 15, DeAndre Jordan for 10 thats Drummonds market. I think he is a 15/18 mil level player and even then I’d rather pay to have a good PG and a good SF before I pay a centre big money.

    • x%sure

      So who else available would you spend that $29MM on? Or what else, if that space is to be loaned out, if such an offer arises.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Well it’s a player option so they don’t exactly have any say either way.
        I’d suggest if they were to be buyers at FA then surely you’d throw money at the young players with potential such as Brandon Ingram, if available, Malik Beasley, Dario Saric, Josh Jackson and Harry Giles are the best names.
        Doubt Ingram guys the market, Beasley isn’t exactly a need considering you play 2 points and have Windler and Porter. It’s hard to consider offering Saric anything considering you have Nance Jr as your back up PF already signed up long term. Which leaves Jackson and Giles, both of which will have a fair bit of interest

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    If Wiseman is there Cavs should take him. They can Drummond later in season. He’s not giving up 28 mill. Drummond is not max guy. A team who commits to his strengths. He’s worth the money there. I wouldn’t pay more than 25. Reb is part of defense. Needs to play consistent D. He can be a 20 n 14 on the right system. The right team, system. You can win with him imo. Its true the NBA is moving away from traditional C. A low post beast. IMO is still a high skill set. High FG% you get other team in foul trouble. Today’s shooters you can play. Inside outside gm much better. Just not many Shaqs out there.

      • El Don

        Yes man! @KnickerbockerAl is right, a low post beast is super valuable, I prefer 2’s at very high % than 3’s at average to good %. Embiid & Jokic are the best centers in the league, but were they hurt the most other teams is when they play around the ring not throwing 3’s, that diminishes their game!

    • Simmons>Russ

      Drummond was a 25mil guy and had the opportunity to be 20-14 on the right team but that team never won in Detroit as his ceiling is 16-14 on a losing team.
      He’s not worth 25 mil, he’s not worth 20mil look around the league Capela, Jordan these guys are better and getting paid less

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