Poll: 2020 All-NBA Second Team

With the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting NBA hiatus throwing award season into disarray, we’re assuming the 2019/20 regular season is close enough to over that it’s safe to start making our unofficial picks for the league’s end-of-year honors.

On Monday, we introduced our first series of All-NBA polls for 2020, asking you to pick two guards, two forwards, and two centers for the First Team. While the results ended up being fairly decisive, the positional eligibility for a pair of Lakers stars became a subject of debate in the comment section.

LeBron James has been an All-NBA forward for 15 straight seasons, but after a season in which he became the Lakers’ de facto point guard and led the league in assists, should he be shifted to the guard category? Based on the fact that he almost always played alongside two other guards in 2019/20, we kept him listed at forward, where he earned one of two All-NBA First Team spots in our poll.

How about Anthony Davis? Some of the Lakers’ most effective lineups include Davis at the center spot. However, he spent more time overall playing alongside Dwight Howard or JaVale McGee than he did at the five, and he has talked in the recent past about preferring to play power forward. We gave you the option of voting for Davis at either forward or center, and you picked him as your All-NBA First Team center. It’s not clear whether or not actual All-NBA voters will have the same flexibility or make the same choice.

Here are the voting results so far:

2020 All-NBA First Team

We’re moving on today to the All-NBA Second Team, so be sure to cast your votes below for the two guards, two forwards, and one center that you believe are most deserving of being named to that squad. Don’t forget that a few players qualify at two positions.

You’ll have about 48 hours for this round of voting before we move on to the All-NBA Third Team on Wednesday. You’ll also have the opportunity to select two players apiece in the guard and forward polls, so be sure to take advantage of that. And if there’s a player not listed below that you believe deserves All-NBA consideration, be sure to mention him in the comments section too — if I agree, I’ll make sure he’s included in our All-NBA Third Team polls later this week.


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10 thoughts on “Poll: 2020 All-NBA Second Team

  1. El Don

    As Kyrie is not even listed, then I had to go with Westbrook that is in my 3rd team.
    I do realize Kyrie only played 20 games, but mat what 20 games! First time in his career he played like a superstar. In Cleveland he played like average Joe, in Boston okeish in his first year, but finally he hit star level in his 2nd… but now he finally plays like a superstar, hence why I put him in the team despite his 20/game/season.
    I didn’t have LBJ in my 1st (Giannis & AD) so he would have headlined this team, so next man up for me was John Collins (despite the ban) he played like a real star, he was on fire! But alas, again he isn’t in the list… so let’s move on to the very bottom of the 3rd team to fill the 2nd, aka Butler!
    Finally an easy & straightforward choice, as I had KAT in the 1st, Jokic was a lock for the 2nd for me!

    • x%sure

      I felt so guilty about voting Lilliard that I voted Adebayo & Middleton just to make up for it. Should have taken Westbrook & Butler. Butler is not making threes but isn’t missing that many either.

      Middleton is “khash money”! Does it all while fitting with Giannis. Nobody should be blamed for taking a max.

  2. Simmons>Russ

    First team
    LBJ Luka Giannas AD and Jokic

    Second team
    Lillard Harden Kawhi Siakim and Embiid

    Third team (hardest to chose)
    Walker Paul Middelton Adebayo and KAT

    Just missing out Russ, Butler, Tatum and KAT

      • Simmons>Russ

        Kemba has been great making the Celtics a real contender again. He’s a real leader for them and helped Tatum and Brown both improve. Russ joined a stacked team and was their second best player. He’s also the 6th highest in use-age rate in the league that’s why he’s got big stats, that plus the fact he stat pads.

        I think Walker just had a better year, bigger impact on the team and I like him more

  3. Jcool90

    I did beal cuz hes the heart and soul of my boys and yeah, deserves sum love

    • x%sure

      If the Wizrds get good because (in part) Beal keeps signing extensions, he should get over that overlooked reputation.

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