Knicks Notes: Ball, Smith Jr., Playoffs, Aller

LaMelo Ball tops the Knicks‘ wish list for this year’s draft, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. A 6’7″ playmaker who spent this season with the Illawarra Hawks in the NBL, Ball would solve New York’s long search for a point guard. However, unless they get some lottery luck, the Knicks would have to trade up to land Ball, who is expected to be among the first players selected.

Berman notes that new team president Leon Rose has experience in dealing with Ball’s controversial father LaVar during his time with Creative Artists Agency. League insiders told Berman that LaVar likes the idea of his son playing in a big market and will attempt to work behind the scenes to get him to New York.

If the Knicks’ pick remains in the 6-10 range, Berman expects Cole AnthonyTyrese Haliburton, Killian Hayes and Tyrese Maxey to all be considered, along with trading down to target RJ Hampton or Kira Lewis.

There’s more from New York:

  • The Knicks would like to part with Dennis Smith Jr.‘s $5.7MM salary for next season if they can put together a trade involving Chris Paul, Berman adds in the same story. The Thunder guard will make $41.36MM in 2020/21, so accommodating his salary would require sending out some contracts. Berman suggests that Kevin Knox ($4.6MM), whom Rose hasn’t committed to keeping, and Frank Ntilikina ($6.2MM) could also be included.
  • A “playoffs plus” scenario being considered in a survey of general managers could leave the Knicks out in the cold, Berman observes in a separate story. New York currently ranks 12th in the East, so it wouldn’t be included if seeds seven through 10 are involved in play-in games for postseason spots.
  • Plenty of people around the league believe Brock Aller will make a difference in the Knicks’ front office, writes Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic. Aller left the Cavaliers last month to become VP of strategy in New York. “He’s a big-picture guy who is also a diabolical genius from a cap standpoint,” said David Griffin, VP of basketball operations for the Pelicans, who formerly served as general manager in Cleveland.
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52 thoughts on “Knicks Notes: Ball, Smith Jr., Playoffs, Aller

  1. natsfan3437

    Why is Ball getting so much hype about being good? He had crappy percentage, on the worst team, in a crappy league.

    • Simmons>Russ

      He’s 6’7 plays either guard position.
      Naturally he looks a good shooter just needs to continue working on it but he’s better than Lonzo.
      He has great playmaking and passing ability like Lonzo does
      And with his height and length he could develop into a good defender like Lonzo has

      He’s got the potential to be a tall playmaking shooter that can play PG or SG and play on ball or off ball. He isn’t prefect yet but he’s got loads of skill and potential

        • El Don

          Don’t know about that Gary, but we all know how Ben has MVP potential for sure! No one can ever doubt that… then been a poor man’s Ben, means he will be an All-NBA player which ain’t bad at all, right?

          • I guess I was just thinking his size, ball-handling ability, can play the point, maybe need to work on his outside shot, very gifted player. Not Ben Simmons but a lesser player.

          • Ben does not have MVP potential, come on. Multi time all star and DPOY, sure, but best player in the L, nope.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Better shooter not as good defensively and Simmons is a bigger body and better passer.

          Melo is like a better shooting Lonzo Ball

          • natsfan3437

            I agree that he is a decent player but I just don’t get the hype that is all. I didn’t get the Lonzo hype as well. I think his comp is a bigger version of Mike Bibby.

            • alproof

              He’s got a great press agent and the Knicks are buying into it. If they go PG, it’s Halliburton. If somehow they get the first pick, trade down, but DON’T trade kids for Chris Paul—typical pathetic Knicks.

    • jkoms57

      The same Chris Paul that has the “rebuilding Thunder ” sitting pretty in a playoff spot due to his excellent play?

      Not sure the Knicks even have anyone on their roster worth that, even with Paul’s massive contract

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Sign and trade Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart for Atlanta’s first round pick, Cam Reddish and Dwayne Dedmon.

    They then trade Atlanta’s first (4th overall) and 2 seconds to move up 1 spot with Minnesota to 3rd overall and select LaMelo Ball.

    Pelicans end up having more cap space and flexibility in the future for resigning its young talent or using in FA. They get LaMelo and Reddish who are great young pieces to add to the Pelicans future and fit great alongside Lonzo and Zion. They also get a replacement big for Favours in Dedmon who can space the floor and block shots.

    1. Zo Ball. Melo Ball
    2. Holiday. Reddick. NAW
    3. Reddish.
    4. Zion. Melli
    5. Dedmon. Hayes

    Plus 13th pick in draft and a second round pick. Plus a bunch of cap space.

    • L Lawliet

      Do you get to ride Dragons in that fantasy world your in? Brandon Ingram has MVP potential and you suggest they give him up for scraps. Lol

    • natsfan3437

      I hope your wrong only because of Lavar. I don’t want to here him say over and over “complete the ball boys” and “sign gelo”

      • Jcool90

        Lavar is the most loser just like all of his sons who posers! Ugh they all stink.

        • El Don

          Not as much as you do! Boy how jealousy turns people into monsters, SMH! You can only dream to be like them, right?

      • jkoms57

        They already have way too many guards.. now you suggest trading their best forward for another one?

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      I understand your logic, but I’m not sure NO would be better for doing it. They’d definitely have more flexibility. Would the sum of those parts be as good as Ingram though? I don’t believe they would, so I wouldn’t do it from NO side. If I have cap issues down the road, I’ll just deal with those.

      Now if I’m Atlanta, I couldn’t say, “Yes” fast enough. In a weak draft, if I could essentially get Ingram (even if he’s getting more expensive) with my pick, wow!

  3. mlbnyyfan

    No way Knicks should trade any picks for CP3. Is Kira better than Colin Sexton?

  4. donkeygym

    Who the hell wants Chris Paul to be a Knick? We’ve waited this long. Start making some good draft picks, and we’ll be somewhere. RJ and Robinson were very good picks. We’ve also had some high 1st round terrible picks. If there’s a sure bet here that we really want (not LaMelo)(I want Wiseman)mthen trade up to get him if you need to. Use the assets from trading the Big Softingus.

    • jkoms57

      The Knicks dont have a single good player.

      CP3 gets them in the playoffs.

      That’s why.

  5. mlbnyyfan

    I was thinking Wiseman too but PG or SG should be a priority unless they use the picks for Lillard, Beal or Booker hopefully and not CP3. RJ a great small forward his outside shot not consistent

    • Simmons>Russ

      Knicks fans can only dream but none of those players are coming to NY hahahah

  6. Yeah, don’t understand CP3, especially if it cost Knicks picks. The FA pool this year is weak, so Paul is not attracting another star to play with him.

    Okoro would be a nice addition, and I would take Halliburton as well.

    • jkoms57

      Someone didn’t keep tabs on the Thunder this year..

      Let me give you a hint.. they’re very good because of Chris Paul.

  7. Simmons>Russ

    3 team deal

    CP3 > Knicks
    Blake Griffin, 1st rounder (Knicks), Bruce Brown > Thunder
    DSJ, Randle, Portis > Pistons

    Knicks get a star player in CP3 to lead that team and would really help RJ Barrett. Then draft either Deni Avdija, Obi Toppin, Tyrese Haliburton or Cole Anthony. Preferably Obi Toppin.

    The Thunder get a solid return. Blake Griffin who is born and raised in Oklahoma return home to finish his career. He replaces Gallo who leaves in FA. They also get back a first round pick and a young player in Brown with potential.

    Pistons swap out Griffin and Brown and get back a bunch of young role players. This clears up their books and helps them with a rebuild. They should definitely draft in a PG either Haliburton, Hayes or Anthony.

    • emac22

      2 first round picks to NY from OKC not NY picks to OKC.

      CP3 has value but it’s closer to 20 mil per year than 40. OKC has to cover that difference with cash or assets.

      OKC got him with picks and he’s not only older now but the financial hit to the league makes his contract even more toxic.

      2 picks from OKC is still a steal for them at 10 million dollars a pick.

      • Simmons>Russ

        OKC aren’t giving up picks to get rid of CP3 they are happy to keep him. It’s the Knicks who want CP3 and will have to give up a pick

  8. The talk of Chris Paul to the Knicks to “lead” the team? Gets some players and direction before add a final piece, like a Chris Paul. He’ll be retired by the time their youth is developed.

    • jkoms57

      I feel like a mocking bird, but I’ll say it again.

      The Thunder roster is pathetic. Maybe even worse than the Knicks.

      But CP3 has them in 6th in the West.

      Let that sink in.

  9. mlbnyyfan

    CP3 is just wishing he finally gets bought out and does the ultimate predictable move signs with Lakers. Hopefully someday he gets ring. Didn’t work for the Mailman at the end.

  10. KnickerbockerAl

    Berman is is Loony Tunes. 35 yr old that makes 45 mill a yr. Post is a rag,’owned by Murdoch. Can’t believe anything they write. Cause they will write anything. I rather have Lonzo. The other is overrated. No D is at least 4 yrs away. I rather take Hayes. He will take 4 yrs too. But he won’t be a BUST. Look we don’t need no drama here. We got enough. #1 pick we take Wiseman. Any other it’s Halliburton. If he’s gone I take Avdija. We can move Mitch. We get a lot for him. New front office are suppose to be intelligent draft people. It’s what I been reading, I hope it’s right. This draft is UUUuuugggge for us. It’s why I would like to have coach by then. NYK

    • emac22

      Ball has yet to play against anyone better than an elite team of high school seniors.

      He’d get eaten alive in NY.

      • jkoms57

        Its actually the opposite; Ball is playing against far superior competition than kids in the NCAA

  11. You take cp3 with picks, not giving away picks…
    So you give to okc dsj+Frank+gibson+portis+ellington for cp3 AND picks

    Okc then waive most of them and have something like 30M in caso space, Knicks have old cp3 and picks

    • emac22

      Agree about the picks but Taj, Port is and Ellington will get the 1 mil buyout.

      I’d send Randle and leave it at that unless DSJR is beyond hope. I’d sort of like to see what CP3 can do with him first.

  12. Appalachian_Outlaw

    CP3 to the Knicks would be an absolute disaster. He’d probably make them a hair better, but with his price tag, is it worth it? They’re not one piece away, and he doesn’t move the needle enough.

    The franchise might be thirsty for a big name, but the best path forward for them is to continue to build a young core. It’s NY, so if you can build a foundation, and show you’ve gotten your act together as a franchise, a star in his prime will eventually want to come adorn the blue and orange. Until then, be patient.

  13. emac22

    What makes you think an elite point guard might make them a hair better?

    If he comes with 1st round picks all he costs is money and I’d rather spend it on him than Randle and Portis.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      An elite PG would make them much better, no doubt. CP3 is no longer an ‘elite’ PG, however. The last four seasons he’s only averaged about 60 games, and has started to show some signs of decline.

  14. Sillivan

    Knox + Smith jr + Frank N = 2nd round picks?
    All of them are top 10 picks, have not been developed

  15. alproof

    Draft PF/C Onkongwu and one of PGs Mannion, Lewis, Jones in the first round; keep Barrett, Knox, Robinson; clean house; DON’T hire Thibs: Bring in JvG or Atkinson. And NO Chris Paul—that contract would destroy the team for another 10 years.

  16. x%sure

    Maybe next year. There’s no need yet for OKC to deal CP. They can do better drafting than get Knick youth, so they will not send picks and their floorleader both.

    Some Knick youth has to commit to coming hard around screens for shots, or else Lamelo may be the best choice since I think his value is in spontaneity and finding people.

    Resumption would help Rose get his footing to choose a path. It’s less about whether Knick fans want to see them again for 19/20.

  17. Heard the Knicks are working on a deal that will bring Zion over to them in 2035.

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