Nets Notes: Dinwiddie, Marks, Durant, Harris

Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie has a pointed question for the NBA if it decides to resume its season with just playoff teams, relays Ted Holmlund of The New York Post.

“If we go 16 teams directly to playoffs do those teams get paid more for the risk and carrying this year’s revenue after Corona and China?” Dinwiddie tweeted.

He offered a few more comments in response to fans who replied to the tweet. After someone accused him of viewing the return only in financial terms, he wrote, “Isn’t that what big business is about? I’m a small business that is a cog in the machine of a bigger business lol.” After another claimed that players ceded some of their leverage by admitting they want to play again, Dinwiddie stated, “Yes, the team owners have run a master class in media manipulation.”

There’s more from Brooklyn:

  • After dropping a hint three weeks ago that Kevin Durant might be close to a return, Nets general manager Sean Marks now seems resigned that it won’t happen until next season, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. Sources tell Berman that the league hiatus has made it impossible for Durant to maintain the progress he was showing during workouts in late winter. Durant wasn’t in game condition when the season stopped and needed five-on-five scrimmages to reach that point.
  • Talking to Sky Sport New Zealand, Marks said Durant and Kyrie Irving have a chance to add to their legacies if they can bring a championship to Brooklyn, Berman adds in the same story. “That’s what these guys are fighting for now,’’ Marks said. “If you talk to Kevin and Ky, they’ve both won —Kevin’s won two championships, Ky’s won a championship — so now, it’s how do we make this ours, how do we take this to the next level and who do we do it with?”
  • In an interview with Michael Grady of YES Network, Joe Harris called remaining in Brooklyn his “ideal scenario” as free agency approaches. “I look back just over four years ago coming to Brooklyn, getting an opportunity to play here, to learn as a young player to play through my mistakes and be given a niche in this league,” Harris said. “And I’ve always loved New York and I love living in Brooklyn. Obviously, it’s a business at the end of the day and there are things you can’t control a lot of things that go on. My ideal scenario … that’s what it is for me.”
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17 thoughts on “Nets Notes: Dinwiddie, Marks, Durant, Harris

  1. mlbnyyfan

    Ky has one but a HUGE one. LeBron should be thankful for Ky and Ray Allen for there big shots they made and Draymond stupidity. Without those shots LeBron only has one. MJ is the goat because even if Paxon and Kerr miss there shots Bulls probably still win 6 championships

    • El Don

      Pigs might also fly!!!
      BTW did you know that Jordan never won without Pip, or went beyond R1EC… Pip got to conference finals without Jordan, just saying, right?

      • jump shot

        Pip WOULD HAVE gotten to the ECF… was a few bad calls vs the Knicks from meeting the Pacers.
        But yeah, I certainly understand your point. Pip went further than Jordan did without each other.

    • Strike Four

      It wasn’t Draymond’s stupidity, Bron snitched on him harder than D’Angelo Russell ever snitched on anyone. Draymonds foul would never be called if Bron didnt cry to the league office to cause the suspension.

      Massive, massive favoritism at play here. Bron gets everything he wants and even though is 3-6 team hopping his way through the finals, doing even worse what KD did (getting together secretly with Wade and Bosh beforehand to decide to pick a spot to all sign with) still wants to be called the goat? Bron barely top 10 and he should be lucky to even be there.

      • jump shot

        Greatest move LeBron ever made was when he stepped over Green. When they thru Draymond out (and, thus, his suspension for Game 5), they coulda just handed the Cavs their trophy right then. People say, “but the Warriors still had Game 6 and 7 to win.”
        NO… anybody that knows basketball (and the NBA) knew the series was over when they didn’t rescind that technical foul on Green.

  2. El Don

    I must say I really can’t stomach this Dimwiddie dude, always comes with the most stupid stuff, just find him really annoying, & to make it worse he isn’t even that good, average to below average player at best… but boy has he got a mouth, & can’t keep it shut, SMH!

    • Strike Four

      You have been hypnotized by billionaire white nba team owners, how does that feel?

      Anything to hate a player, huh? Ever stop and think why you are this way??? Manipulation via media control controlled by a billionaire white male.

      • phillyballers

        Hes a quirky guy with some outside the box ideas. But he isn’t someone I’d take business or finance advice from, since he wanted to create a tokenization scheme when that’s becoming a saturated market to the point of a bubble where you know a lot of these coins will be defunct a couple years from now. Almost as dumb as the stock scheme that Vernon Davis was part of based on player salaries. And I dont think El Don said anything about billionaires vs millionaires, just that he dislikes Dinwiddie from all sides.

  3. Strike Four

    It’s really easy to be able to tell if a sports fan’s IQ is less than 100 or not: if they support owners over players. Dinwiddie is right, what a master class in manipulation. The framing of “profits go up but players arent allowed to have any because they make enough and should be grateful to be playing a game for more money than I make” is so wildly illogical on every level, yet the average sports fan eats it all up – anything to hate a player, even siding with an owner, whos almost always a white boomer billionaire. Great.

    • phillyballers

      Other salaries have increased too that he doesnt talk about. WNBA and G-Leauge, which are funed or subsidized by the NBA. Not as black and white. The only reason ppl say hate ownership and side with players is bc they throw Billionaires vs Millionaires out there. No different than Small Business owner vs Employee. Or CEO vs Employee. They have a CBA, and they can have another lockout if they don’t want to deal w the terms.

      Everyone is being pressured back to work. You have idiots rioting to go back to work. So I dont see how this is a media manipulation. A LOT of people do not want to go back that are getting called back. He has the option to stay home, and if he doesnt want to face scrutiny he can have ‘season ending surgery’ on some nagging injury and collect his paycheck if hes afraid it will be withheld.

    • x%sure

      The media always side with players, because that’s who they get content for their articles with.
      But now it’s humans vs floating zombie amoebas

  4. phillyballers

    So he abbreviated Kyrie to Ky but says Kevin when everyone else says KD? smh

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Don’t players gave contracts for the YEAR. Then don’t even listen to them. Figures a a guy who won’t play more than 3 games is BSing. Personally I’m not sure about 16 team format. It should always be East vs West. Keeps more of nation involved. No way Dinwiddie is on team next yr. With KD and Kyrie already crying about another star. Nets will try and do something. Who they can actually get. Is another story though. Nets window is 3 yrs. With major move and younger could go 2 more. Still East will be more competitive. Young teams are coming into own. Philly, Miami, Boston, Bucks will not lose Giannis. East isn’t what it was when Bron was here. Heat n Cavs. Nets will have more competition.

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