Warriors Notes: Myers, Draft, Resumption, Mullin

The Warriors project to have the best odds whenever the draft lottery takes place, but they aren’t committed to keeping their pick. General manager Bob Myers confirmed to Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area that trying to trade for a more established player remains an option.

“Yeah, we’re going to consider all that,” Myers said. “Now, I don’t know if the headline is going to be that we’re trading our pick. So, be clear that I said ‘consider.’”

Golden State is aiming to get back into title contention after a lost season due to injuries to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Myers admits there’s not a “transformational” player at the top of this year’s draft and Poole states that there’s little difference in talent level between the top pick and No. 5, which is the farthest the Warriors can drop in the lottery. Adding to the uncertainty, the traditional pre-draft evaluation process has been disrupted because of COVID-19 concerns.

The current front office has never been in position to make a top-five pick, so the Warriors are reaching out to other franchises, including the Hawks, whose GM, Travis Schlenk, was a former Golden State executive.

“He said there’s a lot of activity, that it depends on the traffic and how open you are to doing something,” Myers said. “The higher you are, the more optionality you have to make moves. The thing about trading or not is you want to make the best decision possible. The best position might be to draft, or it might be a trade. You don’t know until you see what you can do and what offers you have.”

There’s more Warriors news this morning:

  • It’s not certain that Golden State and the other teams at the bottom of the league will participate in a resumption of the season, but many people in the organization believe it would be beneficial, writes Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area. A few practices and games could provide a mini-camp to help prepare the team for the start of next season.
  • Former Warriors star Chris Mullin believes The Last Dance documentary sheds light on how impressive Golden State’s five-run in the NBA Finals was, relays Alex Didion of NBC Sports. “I think it puts into context how great this last five-year period the Warriors have been on,” Mullin said in an interview on KNBR. “That’s a hard thing to endure man, and the way they did it, they did it with some grace and some class and some dignity. I know (Warriors coach) Steve (Kerr) didn’t let the cameras in, but I think as years go by, we’re gonna look back and go ‘Man, that Warriors team of the last five years was a special, special time here in the Bay Area.’”
  • The Warriors have almost no chance of reaching the 70-game threshold for their regional sports network, tweets Anthony Slater of The Athletic. Of the 65 games they have played, nine have been exclusive to national TV, so they would need 14 more to meet the target.
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29 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Myers, Draft, Resumption, Mullin

  1. warriors are in a good position. Get a great pick or trade for a real good player for the bench. Either way they win. Somebody will want to move up if they get one of the top 3 picks.

    • Sillivan

      Knicks get Warriors pick
      Warriors get John Collins
      Hawks get Knicks 2020 and 2021 picks

      • claude raymond

        Problem is the Poole reference was without an initial mention of Monte Poole. Looks like the order of items in the article was reversed at some point.

        I don’t like to gripe about writers typically but Mr. Hill wrote poorly on this article, imo. The opening sentence error specifically got my attention. Truth is several writers keep making this error. Warriors do not have the best odds. They have the same odds as Cleveland and Twolves for the first four picks. The guarantee of no worse than 5th pick is the only position that they have that is better than Cavs and wolves

        • x%sure

          Agree with this Poole via HR’s Hill.
          Some college FB coaches say that the month of workouts they get before a bowl game gets the team better-prepared for next year.

          • claude raymond

            Damn, that really makes sense. Plus, the next season will start not long after this one ends so learning sticks better. As gsw fan i first thought that I wished they’d just go straight to playoffs and get healthy but now, x%, ur/pooles idea sounds good

  2. Sillivan

    Wiggins, 1 First and 6 seconds to Pistons for Snell
    Then use 17 million trade exception for Covington

    Rockets owner want to cut costs due to paying too much interest

    • Steven St Croix

      So Houston, who traded Capella for Covington, is just going to send him to GS for a future 1st and cap relief? HOU will probably be better than GS next year so why would they do that?

  3. Magic 24/7

    Wonder if something like this would work…

    Vucevic + Oubre + 2020 (#10)

    Wiggins + 2020 1st (#1-5)

    Gordon + 2020 (#15)

    • Trade A
    GSW: Wiggins ($29.5m) + 2020 1st (#1-5)
    ORL: Vucevic ($26.0m)

    • Trade B
    ORL: Gordon ($18.1m) + 2020 1st (#15)
    PHO: Oubre ($14.4m) + 2020 (#10)

    • Trade C:
    ORL: Oubre + 2020 1st (#10)
    GSW: TE ($17m)

    (PG) Curry / Bowman
    (SG) Thompson / Lee / Poole
    (SF) Oubre
    (PF) Green / Paschal
    (C) Vucevic / Looney
    + 2020 #10

    (PG) Fultz /
    (SG) Fournier / Ross
    (SF) Wiggins / Ennis
    (PF) Isaac / Okeke / Aminu
    (C) Bamba / Birch
    + 2020 #1-5

    (PG) Rubio /
    (SG) Booker / Johnson / Jerome
    (SF) Bridges /
    (PF) Gordon /
    (C) Ayton /
    + 2020 #15

    • Sillivan

      Warriors too much salary

      Fournier instead of Vuc
      Future first and 4 seconds

      Keep 1-5 pick this year

      • Howie415

        Why would the Warriors want to give up that many picks when they are looking to get younger?

      • Magic 24/7

        Warriors would save $22.7m just by swapping Wiggins for Vucevic…and Oubre is 1 year / $14.4m. Warriors cut salary in this transaction.

        • Vucevic = $72.0m ($26.0/$24.0/$22.0)
        • Wiggins = $94.7m ($29.5/$31.6/$33.6)

        Unless the Magic FO believes Wiggins can become worthy of that albatross contract, which I seriously doubt…the Magic wouldn’t trade Fournier for him. Not to mention ORL would have to send out at least $10m more in assets just to match salaries.

        ORL can just extend Fournier + another quality player for what they would pay Wiggins. Its not even clear that Wiggins would be an upgrade over Fournier.

        The only way Wiggins makes sense for ORL is because they would be swapping out Vuc’s salary…and that’s only if they think Bamba is close to being ready for starter role.

    • x%sure

      Not sure Orlando wins here… not the usual issue from a hometown fan!

      If Vucevic is available to GSW for Wiggins, they should take it, despite Vooch being more of a spinner/fader than slasher/pusher.

            • Magic 24/7

              If they think Bamba is close enough to being ready for starter minutes they’d want to shift Vuc’s salary to a guard/wing type player.

        • Magic 24/7

          He’s one of the best passing C’s in NBA, not Jokic level, but up there. The Magic run a lot of their offense through him…very good facilitator from high and low post.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    Lottery truly rigged is GS wins. Knicks should of won last year and got Zion. GS doesn’t deserve the top pick. It’s like the rich get richer. Totally unfair. The worst nightmare for Knicks fans they win lottery this year a year too late.

    • Sillivan

      GS have two valuable top 5 picks
      Wolves pick
      All wolves are bottom defensive players, They are doomed

  5. x%sure

    These days Myers should think more about making offers than fielding them! This is not the time to be like Shlenk with the Hawks, with a lot of capspace someone might want to gain some cash with. People want to know what GSW will do, not what they will accept.
    The idea that GSW cannot lose playing small ball should be what Myers deals with first for the 2021 target.

    Hint for Coach Kerr, the Bulls were going for their 6th finals when they let the cameras in…

    • Sillivan

      Good points
      Are Warriors going to dump salary?
      I can see Wiggins and value of 2 Firsts to Pistons for Snell

        • Magic 24/7

          that’s never gonna happen…Magic are not salary dumping their best shooter and secondary playmaker

      • x%sure

        There would be some perception of Snell from previous stops as Not a playoff or pressure performer, so GSW would look elsewhere.

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