Knicks To Interview Mike Brown For Head Coach Job

The Knicks will interview Warriors associate head coach Mike Brown for their head coaching vacancy, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). New York’s list of coaching candidates has now cracked double-digits, with Brown representing the club’s 10th known interviewee.

Brown has served as an NBA coach for more than two decades, holding assistant roles in Washington, San Antonio, and Indiana to start his career. He became the Cavaliers’ head coach in 2005 and led the team to a 305-187 (.620) record over the next five seasons, earning a spot in the 2007 Finals and winning a Coach of the Year award in 2009.

After departing the Cavs in 2010, Brown over as head coach of the Lakers for the lockout season of 2011/12, leading the team to a 41-25 (.621) record. He was let go just five games into the following season when L.A. got off to a 1-4 start, and rejoined the Cavs for a single season in 2013/14.

Since 2016, Brown has been a top assistant on Steve Kerr‘s staff in Golden State. Brown, who interviewed with the Knicks in 2018 before they hired David Fizdale, is also coaching the Nigerian national team that will compete in next year’s Olympics in Tokyo.

The full list of the 10 known candidates for the Knicks’ head coaching position can be found within our tracker. According to Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic (Twitter link), the team started conducting phone calls with those candidates last week.

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17 thoughts on “Knicks To Interview Mike Brown For Head Coach Job

  1. Buckman

    Sounds like an organization in search of a philosophy or one that has a very specific idea of what it wants but can’t find the right fit.

  2. SilvioDante

    Tom Thibodeau will be the Knicks next head coach. It’s a done deal. This is nothing but noise to show how the Knicks are doing their “due diligence.” Thibs is going to be the coach.

    • jump shot

      A month (or two) ago, I would agree. I would have even bet on it. Been hearing lately that may not be so true anymore.

    • wagner13

      I don’t think they would be interviewing a double-digit pool of candidates if they already knew their future head coach

      • jump shot

        In a situation like NYK, they’re not gonna get better via the draft, so it comes down to what coach will game-changing free-agents say “yes” to playing for. Thibs? I think he’s better suited for a ready-made team.
        I think they hire the ‘09 COY ;)

        • wagner13

          I think they hire Atkinson, as he’s proven he can develop young talent and seems competent enough schematically. He can help turn some careers around in New York, such as Smith Jr. And Knox. He did well with Allen and Russell in Brooklyn, so I don’t see why he can’t accomplish similar feats at MSG

        • x%sure

          I think Thibs has a better chance of drawing stars, than a current young AC. That’s probably why he is said to be ahead– good thing or not. I think good. At least for making players (Knox) step up or down.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Thibs would be about the worst possible choice, and it’s the Knicks- so I believe you.

  3. x%sure

    It could be that Rose is playing catch-up, gaining knowledge, as a rookie GM, by talking with so many future opponents.
    Brown is smart but over-confident as a coach, IMO. But that was before he became a “retread”.

  4. mlbnyyfan

    The Knicks just casting their fishing rod on anyone and everyone and hope someone take the bait. I personally want Mark Jackson but it seems very doubtful.

  5. Sillivan

    Knicks can’t get better via coach and draft picks

    They get better by signing free agents and trade them for future Firsts

    • x%sure

      If you had any awareness of what the Knicks did last offseason, you would say the Knicks should try it again. But no.

  6. mlbnyyfan

    Please let me know what free agents will come and then be good enough to get first round picks. They got lucky with Morris and with that a late first round pick doesn’t have much value. If it did they would do the same offer that pick for a significant player Beal/Booker

  7. Buckman

    Knicks know that the Big Name FA approach is not going to work unless Rose has a silver tongue and has sold his soul on EBay. Building through mid level FAs and developing youngsters is their route to success. Patrick Ewing is not walking through that door (as a player).

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