Proposed NBA Plan Would Complete Finals By October 12

Last week, we heard that the NBA was tentatively circling July 31 on its calendar as a target date for the resumption of the 2019/20 season. Today, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski provides another important detail on the NBA’s proposed timeline, tweeting that the league is eyeing October 12 as the last possible date for Game 7 of the 2020 Finals.

Wojnarowski notes in a follow-up tweet that the league is still working through details on its return-to-play plan with the NBPA. As such, it’s not clear whether that October 12 date is part of the tentative proposal for now, or if it’s just the latest possible Game 7 date that has been discussed, out of a handful of possibilities.

The NBA intends to bring a proposal to its Board of Governors on Thursday for a vote, so the details of the plan will likely need to be finalized soon.

During the first month or two following the suspension of the season, reports suggested that the NBA preferred not to have the 2019/20 season run beyond Labor Day. The new timeline reflects the league’s changing stance on that issue.

The NBA has seemingly become more willing to start the 2020/21 season much later than usual in the hopes that by the time opening night arrives, fans will be allowed back in arenas. Given how much revenue is generated from ticket sales and in-arena purchases, the league likely won’t be in any rush to begin next season until states have lifted bans on large gatherings, at least to some extent.

If the season runs into early October, 2020’s draft and free agency period likely wouldn’t take place until mid-to-late October at the earliest. It also seems unlikely that the ’20/21 campaign will tip off before Christmas.

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13 thoughts on “Proposed NBA Plan Would Complete Finals By October 12

  1. bklynny67

    This season should just be canceled. Enough already. Next season and probably beyond that will be delayed if this season ends that late. Scrap it, and plan to start next season on time.

    • tmoney233

      The point is that there’s no reason to start next season on time if there’s no fans. I’d rather finish this current season and crown a champion than start next season with no fans.

      • L Lawliet

        There will be no fans at the arena next season no matter what. Somay as well plan fora fullseason without them finding ways to generate alternate revenue. The thing about yrying so hard to restart this season is what if it goes wrong then ALL of next season could be potentially gone. Play itbsafe camcel then plan fora safe full season.

        • bdpecore

          How can you be so sure that restrictions won’t be lifted my Christmas? Coronavirus isn’t going away regardless of the can make a vaccine or not. It mutates too fast which only makes a vaccine partially effective similar to a flu shot which btw is a similar virus but in mutates at a much slower rate allowing scientists to better predict an effective vaccine year to year.

        • Afk711

          We have thousands of people in the streets every night but sure we cant go to basketball games for at least a year

  2. Dodgethis

    Still pretending there is going to be a conclusion to this season so LeBron and the Lakers are screwed for the next decade when Davis bolts.

  3. Sillivan

    Virus everywhere

    Teams want to make sure nba gives them real chance to win

    • El Don

      Good teams have 82 chances to win, if they haven’t by the game 65, they ain’t good enough for the playoffs, but they still have to play, try to get better for the next season & that only comes from playing, not sitting around their house twiddling their thumps & saying I deserved a chance for the postseason, when everybody knows they didn’t. Play better, suck less.

  4. Old Dude watching hoops

    There are two options: 1) Call the season, you will always have people saying ” if my guy hadn’t got injured or if someone has to sit because of vivid 19″ . Will everyone feel that a quarantine is handled properly; would a test of a superstar be handled differently than a bench player or coach. What if a star tests positive after an elimination game – will people think a test result was withheld until after the game ? Use the Disney bubble for a summer league, if the virus is problem, no big deal. Use it as a test vehicle to try the quarantine protocalls. Or 2 ) If you really want the pros to play, then host the first and only “Adam Silver Corona Virus Crystal Ball Trophy tournament” . No NBA championship just a tourney, if virus issues arise or players til ankles or pull jammies no big deal. If someone doesn’t want to hook – so be it

  5. Jaffer

    Only way this works well is to have a 2 week exhibition and then jump into 16 team playoff. Any more teams then that and may as well include all teams and at that point, need four months so may as well call the season and start fresh in fall.

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