New York Notes: T. Johnson, M. Jackson, Thibodeau, Randle

It took four years, but Tyler Johnson is finally a member of the Nets and he’s thrilled about the opportunity, writes Brian Lewis of The New York Post. Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks presented Johnson with a four-year, $50MM offer sheet in 2016, hoping to snare the young guard as part of a rebuilding project.

Johnson’s stock has fallen considerably since Miami chose to match that offer. He has been out of the league since the Suns waived him in February after a disappointing season following knee surgery. The Nets signed him last month to fill one of their many roster openings.

“Maybe I wasn’t at 100 percent. I was working through it, trying to get right,” Johnson said, adding that his knee is now fully healed. “But I didn’t have that pop, that bounce I used to have where I’d try to go up over the top of people. Who knows if that played a role in anything. I don’t put any blame anywhere but myself. At the end of the day I can only control myself. … Unfortunately it didn’t work out. But fortunately, I’m here. I find myself in a position where I can have a little bit of redemption.”

There’s more on the New York teams:

  • There may be hints that Kevin Durant is throwing his support behind Mark Jackson to be the Nets‘ next head coach, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on his latest podcast. Windhorst notes that Rich Kleiman, Durant’s friend and business partner, has started tweeting frequently about Jackson, the former Warriors coach and current ABC/ESPN broadcaster.
  • Former player and current agent B.J. Armstrong believes Tom Thibodeau would be an excellent choice as the Knicks‘ head coach, according to Marc Berman of The New York Post. Armstrong represents Derrick Rose, who played for Thibodeau in Chicago in Minnesota and maintains a tight relationship with the coach. “I always admired how (Thibodeau) coached,’’ Armstrong said. “He brings the fire and the heat. And most importantly, he’s always prepared for the game. He loves the game. He had an excellent career in this league. He made a life commitment to the game. I’ll be really happy for him (if he gets the job).’’
  • Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic looks at how the Knicks might be able to find a better role for Julius Randle if he remains with the team next season. New York is reportedly willing to trade Randle, but his salary may make that difficult in the current financial climate.
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14 thoughts on “New York Notes: T. Johnson, M. Jackson, Thibodeau, Randle

  1. Sillivan

    Mark to become Nets coach?
    Be patient
    At least 8 coaches will be part way by October

    • kingcong95

      It might be his only chance to be the butterfly instead of the caterpillar.

  2. Sillivan

    The team with the best big five talents
    1 Rockets
    2 76ers

    By record, both teams are the 10th to 15th best teams
    Coaches will be part way?

  3. nentwigs

    Thibs would work well with the Nets in their current situation……….
    He only needs 6 players.

    • Al Hirschen

      Mark Jackson Jason Kidd Mike D’Antoni are the only ones that should be coaching the nets

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    DAntoni imo fits them well. Plus he knows NYC. His offense is what KD and Kyrie want. Since both are not D first players.
    Randle will be moved next yr. Been too much smoke about him. He has 1 yr left on contract. Plenty of teams would love to unload a contract with that. Like Cavs and Love. Would Sixers take Randle, DSJ, Bullock for Horford. Could be what DSJ needs to finally get it. Horford can mentor Mitch. And help build a winner. And Horford and Mitch can play together. I’m gd with this.

    • Simmons>Russ

      As a Sixers fan, I don’t mind Horford I respect him but he isn’t a good fit and that contract sucks. I don’t really like Juilius Randle but this is an interesting idea. I kinda like DSJ but I don’t think he works in Philly would be like Markelle Fultz all over again and would leave for nothing.

      I’d be interested to know what you think of Julius Randle and RJ Barrett for Al Horford, Josh Richardson, Zhaire Smith and a first round pick.

      Sixers add to their young big 2 and become Simmon Barrett Harris and Embiid plus role players.
      Knicks on the other hand become a more competitive team. Horford and Mitchell sound like a good duo especially defensively. JRich plus a top pick in this draft like LaMelo Ball/Tyrese Halliburton/Cole Anthony sounds like a solid backcourt and then you also get Smith (see if there’s any value in him) and a future first aswell. I like JRich and his side kick sorta role and good defensive plus a young PG to give the reins of the franchise too. Ball and JRich would be good both tall and skilled. Cole Anthony a score first point with the aggressive mindset plus JRich as a side kick vet with defence

      • andremets

        Absolutely not. Barett is our foundation. We don’t need to mediocre guards for him.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    I think Mark Jackson is a solid coach and will show everyone why soon. I like the idea of him returning to where he was born and raised to coach Brooklyn and lead them next season with Kyrie and KD.

    It would be a major feel good story of the man (who actually layed the foundations for the GSW dynasty) returning home to Brooklyn to prove to the league he’s a solid coach. KD who is viewed as the snake who got “gifted” two rings having to lead his team to get 1 that he’s worked hard to earn.
    Jackson and KD both have something to prove against GSW aswell and that would be an amazing finals.
    Brooklyn the small team in New York beating their big brother the Knicks to winning a champions ring, something the Knicks haven’t done since 1973.

    It would be huge if Jackson joined the Nets and they were good again. I’m not saying they instantly win a ring but I think he’s a solid coach, Kyrie and KD are two of the leagues elite players. They also have Dinwiddie LeVert Jarret Allen Joe Harris and so on and so on. If fully fit I see them as better than the Heat, possibly better than the Raptors next year depending on free agency (FVV, Ibaka, Gasol) which makes them a top 5 team in the East.

    • andremets

      Nets will never win with Irving tying up so much cap space, causing so much chaos in the locker room, and always being hurt.

  6. The only role that Randle can play on a good team is as a backup center. I’d prefer to trade him, but in that role he’s innocuous. If that doesn’t work, just buy him out. No way should they take on any long term $$ to get rid of him.

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