Sixers Notes: Milton, Broekhoff, Simmons, Harris

One of the Sixers‘ priorities will be deciding what role Shake Milton will play, writes Derek Bodner of The Athletic. The second-year guard hadn’t seen much playing time before injuries to teammates gave him an opportunity shortly before the hiatus. In the final nine games before the break, Milton averaged 17.8 points and 4.1 assists while shooting 57.4% from the field and 60.4% beyond the arc.

Most of that production came after Ben Simmons was sidelined with a back injury. Now that Simmons has recovered, coach Brett Brown will have to take a fresh look at how all the pieces fit together and determine whether both guards will be in the starting lineup.

“Ben’s an amazing player,” Milton said. “He’s very unselfish. I mean, I’m unselfish too. I feel like we could definitely feed off each other. His ability to pass, his ability to see the court, his ability to play defense … I don’t see it being a problem at all.”

There’s more Sixers news to pass along:

  • Newly signed Ryan Broekhoff wasn’t part of the Sixers’ traveling party to Orlando, according to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer. The team didn’t offer any other information before this morning’s practice session, and a spokesman said updates will be provided when appropriate. The former Mavericks shooting guard signed with Philadelphia in late June.
  • Even though Simmons has proclaimed himself fully healthy, Brown intends to bring him along slowly until the actual games begin, Pompey tweets“I think in general when you look at the scrimmage situations, you’re going to see something that’s quite frugal,” Brown said. “I believe when it gets in the regular-season games, you are going to see normal numbers that I played him. That answer isn’t delivered because of anything to do with health. It’s delivered because I think that’s the way I want to do it, and the way that I will do it with (Joel Embiid) and Tobias (Harris) as examples, because of their stature more than anything to do with health.”
  • After acknowledging chemistry has been an issue with the Sixers this season, Harris became a leader in maintaining communication with teammates during the break, writes Paul Hudrick of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I think it’s always important to make sure guys mentally are in the right space,” Harris said. “Just being a teammate or brother. We were around each other for so long, so when we go into quarantine with the pandemic we have, I just thought it was really important to keep us in the loop with one another with what we’re doing.”
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12 thoughts on “Sixers Notes: Milton, Broekhoff, Simmons, Harris

  1. Id suggest using Milton as the starting SG to give the team more shooting. Milton at 6’5 can play SG and be a solid player there.
    This would allow Rich to lead the second unit as a ball handler. Richardson was the heats best player last season when leading that team and he had 16 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds. Off the bench he could lead that second unit along with Al Horford which would make for a solid second unit. loads of experience and leaders, both solid defenders and then some young players like Thybulle, Burks, Mike Scott and so on.

    • x%sure

      Brown was making all the noises of someone who wanted a new PG and found it. Of course that was a while ago now, but, if he works Simmons in as PG now, they will likely be running into the same problems they had before.

      Plus, Brown loses some trust. Given his situation, that may be it for his regime. Maybe he’s doomed anyway, if on the other hand he makes his star angry by not sticking him back in.
      Also the FO signed Alec Burks. Brown is not the only one who wants Simmons knocked off of the point.

      I doubt Simmons lasts. He will quit the restart once he’s made his point and got some work in.

      • I am a huge Sixers fan but am fully over Brett Brown. I don’t like his X’s and O’s compared to Brad Stevens, Nick Nurse and Mike Bud on the other top teams in the east. he obviously isn’t a chemistry coach like Tyron Lue or may others in the NBA and he also isn’t a coach who trains and gets the best out of his players either.
        Since entering the league both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid haven’t improved much if at all from their rookie seasons.

        Id much rather Kenny Atkinson, who made Brooklyns team chemistry strong, helped DAngelo Russell improve and has some good tactics. I also like Mark Jackson who originally started the dynasty in Golden State. he looked good tactically and looked really focused on building and winning.

        Either way Id rather Brown made a decision either he likes Ben or he doesn’t. if he doesn’t trade him and get a great return and let Ben thrive somewhere else and once he fils in the playoffs again he will surely be sacked. if he keeps Ben then goes on to struggle again these playoffs then sack Brown.

        personally I also am a huge Ben Simmons fan and think with the right coach he will be a huge star still. if he does end up leaving I hope he goes and proves everyone wrong and excels. Would love to see him with Atlanta with Trae Young and John Collins or in Minnesota with KAT

        • or even Ben Simmons, Al Horford and Korkmaz for DeAaron Fox, Bogi (sign and trade), his years Sacramento first (12th) and three future second round picks.

          1. Simmons. Joseph
          2. Heild. Korkmaz
          3. Barnes. Bazemore
          4. Bagley. Bjlica
          5. Horford. Holmes

          1. Fox. Milton
          2. Richardson. Thybulle
          3. Bogdanovic. Achiwura (draft)
          4. Harris. Scott
          5. Embiid. Carey (draft

          Simmons get better shooters with Heild, Barnes and Bjlica and still has some youth and a bench plus some physical players.
          Sixers get rid of Horfords deal and also get back a young lead guard in Fox. off the bench Carey and Achiwura would be good selections to fill out the depth and both have good potential and would be contributors.

    • jump shot

      Milton got taller during the pandemic?
      “Brett’s Last Dance” will be fun to watch.

  2. Sillivan

    Bucks and Robinson 3 point field goal
    Warriors 39%
    76ers 31%

    Richardson 32%
    If plays for Warriors 40%

    They don’t teach 3 pointers?

  3. Sillivan

    How about this
    Warriors trade TE to 76ers for J rich?

    Warriors will give up future draft picks like candy

    • ThePeople'sElbow

      you’re nuts dude. throwing out BS hypothetical trades every day. we get it you’re jelly and want the Warriors pick.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Simmons should play off ball. Makes them better team. I like Horford. But he is not a goof mix with such big contract. For now he should back Embiid. There are times you can play them. It takes good coaching and gm management. Simmons is also ball dominant at times. He’s too good all around to think that way. He can literally play 4 positions. Bird ran team from SF. Team offense doesn’t always have to come from ball dominant guards. Sixers still haven’t recovered from Fultz. They still can finish this season strong. Then they should shop Harris and Horford. Embiids window is getting smaller. You know they could of signed Butler and DRussell. Instead of Horford and Harris. That team would be serious and have 5-6 yr window.
    I agree that this coach could be out. If they don’t show well here. Considering they are healthy. You still have to be careful with Sixers. Gonna be a tough road. It stands like this 6th seed. Boston then Toronto. If they get by Celts. I think they can beat Raptors. Hope nothing goes wrong with Virus. The East is going to be competitive. It’s been a long time lols.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        I agree he was. But Simmons a better athlete. He really can play PG. Bird was a 3-4 only. Both high IQ players. Just think Simmons on wing can dominate 3 and most 4s.

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