Damian Lillard To Miss Game 5 Due To Knee Sprain

After undergoing a second MRI on Tuesday, star guard Damian Lillard has been diagnosed with a right knee sprain and will miss Game 5 against the Lakers on Wednesday, the Trail Blazers announced today (Twitter link).

With the Lakers holding a 3-1 lead over Portland in the first-round series, it’s possible we won’t see Lillard return to action again this season — the Blazers figure to be significant underdogs on Wednesday with Lillard out and backcourt mate CJ McCollum still playing through a fracture in his back.

Lillard has been one of the NBA’s standout players since the season resumed in July. He earned bubble MVP honors by averaging 37.6 PPG and 9.6 APG on .497/.436/.888 shooting in the Blazers’ eight seeding games, then led the team to a win over Memphis in the Western Conference play-in game. However, after claiming the No. 8 seed and upsetting the Lakers in Game 1, Portland has seemed to run out of gas.

Following his scorching-hot start this summer, Lillard has slowed down over the last three games, which can be attributed at least in part to health issues. Before injuring his knee in Game 4, the All-Star guard dislocated his left index finger in Game 2.

With Lillard unavailable, the Blazers figure to lean more heavily on Anfernee Simons and Gary Trent Jr. One of the two guards figures to replace Lillard in the starting lineup.

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27 thoughts on “Damian Lillard To Miss Game 5 Due To Knee Sprain

    • afsooner02

      There was a fork stuck in them already…..it’s just a pitchfork now…..

    • GoLandCrabs

      Warrior fans continue to live in their fantasy land. Your 2015 title came without Kyrie and Love playing for CLE. But yeah the 8 seed having an injury is a bigger deal.

      • lliard is Portland best player. I love how LeBron fans never admit that he has easy way to championship games. In Cleveland he never went against a real good team. Now he has another team built around him by bringing in star players to fill out the roster. NBA made sure he would win on Kobe b-day with all those non-calls. Raptors championship came without Thompson and Durant but you don’t hear warrior fans calling it a cheap championship like you LeBron fans do to the 2015 championship. Jordan will always be the GOAT with Chamberlain and Russel ahead of LeBron.

        • GoLandCrabs

          LOL gotta love these Warrior homers who think the bay area is the center of the universe. Y’all said Lebron could not survive the west. Imagine thinking Portland had a chance even with Dame at full strength. They got swept by a KD less Warriors team last year. Golden State homers are so insecure about the Lakers winning now that their dynasty is over.

          • Golandcrabs@ the last I checked Lakers haven’t won anything yet. Let’s see how it plays out and enjoy the playoffs. Lakers might even have a little trouble with the Clippers and maybe the Bucks along the way. Toronto looks pretty good as well. I wouldn’t count my chips just yet. There’s a lot of games left to be played.

        • x%sure

          Warrior fans did not bring up injuries?

          On and on

          arc89 is delusional with hate

      • 2015?? That was so far back there’s already dust on that Banner. LOL you sure you don’t want to bring up the 1975 title?

    • Curtisrowe

      You think Lilliard being injured in the first round means LeBron “backed into a title”? Seriously?

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Obviously not since the Lakers aren’t going to win the title.

        • imindless

          Who stands in there way in the west? Houston, clippers? Both are struggling in there series….raptors/bucks are a lock to win this year

          • Curtisrowe

            See Mindless? We agree!

            Although I think either the Lakers or the Clips could beat the Bucks, If I had to bet…I’d take your team.

            • Curtisrowe

              Anyone that says they “know” who is gonna win it this year is just talking smack.

  1. implant

    Portland guards running out of steam? Yeah thats what a suffocating D will do to ya

    • You can’t do it on your own in this league. He sure gave it a shot. He was on fire in this mini season just couldn’t keep it going.

      You need 2 or three serious Sidekicks to get it done. CJ McCollum is pretty good that’s about all they have as far as stars. We’ll see what they do in the off-season. Is it time to break them up yet?

      • mlbnyyfan

        It’s time Blazers move on from either Dame or CJ. That small backcourt needs to go away. Trade Dame to NY.

        • x%sure

          Maybe with Mccollum having a bad back, GM Olshey will give him up. I would like to see him as the top scorer, getting a shot at will. He may not be so twisty for long!

      • The Human Rain Delay

        NAW they are a wing away imo….put Ariza in the hot tub time machine back to his prime and they coo-

        Melo’s been pretty damn good as well all year, they should try and re-sign him as well

  2. The Human Rain Delay

    Geez we got some great action going on right now but half you cant stop spewing hate=

    Chillax, pop some popcorn and enjoy…nobodies crowned and for the first time in what seems forever its wide open-

    If Lowrys 100 I like Torontos Mojo right now

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    CJ and the back, thought it was over. Then he played looked ok. Then Collins is out. Blazers to win, needed everyone. Now Dame, best for Lakers to get it over and rest. Rockets need to healthy to have a shot. Best if they win without Westbrook. I hope Tyson can play. Cause they will need him at least 15 mins for Lakers. Rockets guards will have to win matchup big. To have a chance. I know Howard will enjoy playing Rockets. I’ve had Clippers vs Bucks since trade deadline. Clippers picked up good players. They are still deepest team now. Looking more and more like an LA showdown. Should be fun.

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