Eight Teams Left Out Of Restart To Conduct Workouts At Home Sites

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have finalized an agreement that will allow the eight teams who were not invited to Orlando to conduct voluntary group workouts at their team facilities, according to a league press release.

The teams will each reside in a campus-like environment under controlled conditions.  The agreement includes comprehensive health and safety protocols.

The workout program is scheduled to take place Sept. 14–Oct. 6 and will be implemented in phases.  The first phase, which will be held Sept. 14-2o, will consist of voluntary individual workouts at team facilities and the commencement of daily COVID-19 testing for all players and staff planning to participate in group workouts.

The second phase will occur from Sept. 21–Oct. 6. It will consist of group training activities in market, which may include practices, skill or conditioning sessions, and intra-squad scrimmages. Daily coronavirus testing will continue during that phase and each team will create its own campus-like environment in its home city.

The “campus” will include the team’s facilities and private living accommodations for all participating players and team staff.  In order to participate in group training activities, players and team staff must remain on the campus.

In addition to players under contract with the team, each of the eight teams may also include up to five players who are not currently under an NBA contract, but who were under an NBA G League contract and assigned to the team’s NBAGL affiliate this season.

Discussions about organized team activities (OTAs) – including group workouts and scrimmages – for those eight clubs have been ongoing for weeks. There was plenty of speculation that the teams would convene at one site but obviously both the league and NBAPA decided it would be easier and safer to keep the teams in their home cities.

The Warriors, Timberwolves, Cavaliers, Hawks, Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, and Hornets were the eight teams left out of the restart.

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14 thoughts on “Eight Teams Left Out Of Restart To Conduct Workouts At Home Sites

  1. x%sure

    Could a team choose to do their workouts in another Uninvited Eight facility, thus giving them a team to scrimmage against? The Cavs could assemble anywhere, Detroit, Chicago, NYC, Oakland. I doubt many live in Cleveland, IDK. Nance does.

  2. MavsFan

    Can the teams add any G league players or do they have to be from their own G league team?

  3. jump shot

    No matter how many times I count, the Warriors, Timberwolves, Cavs, Hawks, and Hornets don’t seem to be 8 teams. Maybe I gotta count backwards…

      • jump shot

        Lol Was jokingly referencing the mention at the end of the article above…. said 8 but only listed 5.

        • Luke Adams

          There are eight teams in the list but for some reason it’s cutting some off in the app — I have no idea why, but if you turn your phone sideways you can see them all!

          • jump shot

            Magically, there are 8 teams now no matter how my phone is!
            Btw… who’s gonna be the next 76ers coach?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    All those teams should be working out on their own. We need to move on from this as soon as possible. All that matters to them is the draft. Players under contract should be allowed to work out. They should have their own quarantine in each city’s team. Its all about next yr for them. I don’t get why this is even an issue. All these teams should know what they need to prepare for next yr. I’m sure priority #1 is draft.

    • x%sure

      1. They cannot work out as a team. They can just do solo shoot-arounds.
      2. They care about more than the draft. They would like to have the same TEAM development other teams get, so they don’t fall further behind. Also man-to-man recruiting is going on.
      3. It’s not always about getting new players. Sometimes it’s about existing players.

      • El Don

        Perfectly said x%sure! Draft is only for losers, if your team & future only depends on draft you in real trouble, it is okay as one more tool, but it isn’t all important. As most picks even the top 5 won’t live up to expectations!

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