Hawks, Knicks, Suns Expected To Pursue Davis Bertans

The Hawks, Knicks, and Suns are expected to be among the top threats to pry unrestricted free agent Davis Bertans away from the Wizards this offseason, according to Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. Atlanta is “shaping up to be particularly aggressive,” Hughes writes.

Bertans opted out of the NBA’s restart due to his history of ACL injuries and a desire to preserve his value for his upcoming free agency. Before that, he had enjoyed a career year in 2019/20 during his first season as a Wizard, averaging a career-best 15.4 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 1.7 APG in 54 games (29.3 MPG). The 27-year-old also had his best shooting season, making an impressive 42.4% of 8.7 three-point attempts per game.

Bertans’ rare combination of size and shot-making ability will make him an intriguing target for teams seeking a big man who can stretch the floor. Estimates earlier this season suggested that he may be in line for a deal worth in the range of $15-20MM per year. The coronavirus pandemic has created some uncertainty about teams’ financial situations for next season, but Hughes says league sources still expect Bertans to command a salary in that $15MM+ range.

The Hawks project to have the most cap room of any team this offseason, making them a legit threat to make a run at Bertans. The Knicks could also create significant room, depending on how they handle their numerous veterans with non-guaranteed salaries and team options.

The Suns’ cap outlook is cloudier. They have more guaranteed money on their books than Atlanta or New York, and ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said this week during an appearance on Arizona Sports’ Bickley & Marotta podcast that there have been rumblings that Phoenix intends to reduce its spending. Windhorst cited the sale of the Suns’ G League franchise to the Pistons as evidence of team owner Robert Sarver clamping down on the team’s expenses.

Of course, the Wizards still may be the frontrunner to retain Bertans. They turned down offers for him at the trade deadline, hold his Bird rights, and have long expressed a desire to bring him back on a new deal. Based on the competition they’ll face though, it sounds like they shouldn’t expect to get him back at a discount.

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26 thoughts on “Hawks, Knicks, Suns Expected To Pursue Davis Bertans

      • hiflew

        Sign and trade for Langford & Theis/Kanter if he opts in. Their cap is not really THAT bad. Kemba and Brown are really the only big deals on the cap right now. Tatum is still relatively cheap until after next season.

        Of course the best thing they could do would be to pawn off Marcus Smart and their #14 pick onto a team (New Orleans? Charlotte? New York?) that could absorb the deal in exchange for a 2nd rounder.

        • hiflew

          Just to get away from boycott talk, let’s talk offseason trade possibilities.

          What does everyone think about this 3 way deal?

          Celtics get
          Malik Monk
          Miles Bridges

          Pelicans get
          Marcus Smart

          Hornets get
          Lonzo Ball

          The Celtics free up some cap room, the Pelicans upgrade at PG, the Hornets become a possible home for the Ball family giving them an identity. Not one I would want, but at least it would be more than they have now.

          • raz427

            It’s been a while since I posted but I think the problem with this deal is who would Charlotte taken then? They can’t have BOTH Ball’s AND Graham? They need a big badly. Why not ask for Hayes from Pelicans? Also, I think they want to reset the cap, where as Lonzo is eligible for a RFA deal soon.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Not bad Hornets would have to get at least 2nd rd pick though. Helps all teams. Stories are Lonzo could be moved. He’s a solid PG to me. Just hope he hasn’t become a head case lol

          • x%sure

            Hornets have the #3 pick which will determine their course. I worry about their new PG Graham!
            IDK that the Pels are dissatisfied with Lonzo. Again, other priorities there.
            And the Celts don’t get a bigguy.
            Gotta wait I guess.

          • In the future, any NBA team that hopes to succeed will need to carry a strong set of Balls.

  1. Dxit90a

    To be honest 15 million per year is too much for his talent . 8-10 million per year is more reasonable. I really wish the nba would bring hand check and more rules to make the game more defensive than its now. All the stats of players are inflated because of that and it’s getting repetitive offensive game. The art of defense needs to come back

  2. hiflew

    2 years from now people are going to look at guys like Davis Bertans and Christian Wood and a few others and wonder why they anyone was foolish enough to give them such large contracts. Well there was a time not so long ago when guys like Nicolas Batum and Chandler Parsons and Tim Hardaway Jr. were in the same position. It really is amazing how these people never seem to learn from their mistakes. And it is just stupid that they don’t learn from the mistakes of others.

    • mlbnyyfan

      Who’s better Wood or Bertans? Does this mean Brazdeikis not getting a chance

    • mcmillankmm

      Oh yeah, those guys got huge deals despite not proving a whole lot…more so Parsons and Batum…was always glad it wasn’t my team giving them those deals

  3. Sillivan

    David Bertans
    True value 4 years 35 million
    Market value 4 years 70 million

  4. Sillivan

    How about Gallo and Joe Harris contract?
    I want you guy to predict first

    Market value means overpay contact value

  5. j_butte

    The Hawks need another shooter but they don’t need another subpar defender. If they sign Bertrans hopefully they add Okoro in the draft. The only decent defenders they have are Capela, Hunter, and Reddish. They would still need a backup point guard that can defend but they’d challenge for one of the last playoff spots.

    • x%sure

      A shooter is just what Capela, Hunter & Reddish need to be alongside! And Bertans’ hustle is what the team needs.

      I think what Bertans mostly needs is a fast pace. He will reward a team that spends. ATL may be the best spot. 3/$57, $19mil per

      • x%sure

        $19 per is high for a PER16 player 19/20, but the situation is that only one bid can be made… the amount is not something that can reliably be worked out with his agent, so for RFAs, amounts can run high (Tyler Johnson, Otto Porter).
        ATL’s highest salaries go to Capela & Dedmon, 17+13.
        Collins will have to be replaced if he goes, negotiations to be hard.
        I already predicted ATL will move to draft #2.
        With high picks already in tow, ATL tends to be passive.
        Trae Young wants to see the FO make moves (but not FVV).
        Bertans is still improving at 27, and missed only 2 spells in 19/20…
        ^ (54 of 64 games at 29’pg, parttime at Spurs 153 of 164)

  6. padam

    Knicks sign Bertrans to a max contract. Because that’s what they do.

    With Rose there, hopefully that won’t be the case. In fact, chances are they don’t look at him at all. He’s not a game changing/impact player they need. Draft well, stock up on cap and eventually sign some good FAs in 2-3 years.

  7. Like FVV, he’d be a good fit. All comes down to price (more length of contract, than average salary). I don’t see Rose & Co. chasing FAs this year, unless it’s on a short term deal.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Who have Knicks signed to max contract? They got rid of Melo cause of that. Those days are over. Rose an ex agent knows about overpaying for talent.
    I agree he’s not worth 15 mill. But market is around there. With his injury history. He’s best off the bench. Solid stretch 4. He don’t fit with our rebuild. He’s best on contending team. They could pay him. But who’s got cap space. Now a days you don’t pay just cause you can. Probably resigns with Wiz 10 – 12 mill.

    • wagner13

      I tend to agree. He would be a good fit for Phoenix as well, but Washington can easily outbid them. He wouldn’t really fit in Atlanta’s frontcourt and they’re overloaded with shooters. The Knicks don’t need another power forward and Bertans seemed to click with the Wizards, so I’m guessing he returns to the likeliest highest bidder

  9. x_burner_X

    How about this trade link to tradenba.com

    With Ben and Horford, Knicks can sign Harris and Bertans

    So Ben Simmons-Bullock-Harris-Bertans-Horford lineup will give Ben all space he needs. Defensively they’ll be average at best, but boy will they be great offensively with Ben playmaking and Harris and Bertans raining threes!

    • hiflew

      Wow, you must be a Wizards fan to post that deal. I just don’t see getting RJ Barrett, Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson, Julius Randle, and FOUR 1st round picks (including #8 this year) in exchange for only Bradley Beal. Beal is a very nice player, but Giannis wouldn’t get that large a package. Heck, prime LeBron wouldn’t have got that large a trade package.

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