Mavs’ Porzingis Has Meniscus Tear, Ruled Out For Series

4:56pm: Porzingis has been diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear of his right knee and has been ruled out for the remainder of the Mavs’ first-round series, the team announced today (via Twitter).

The Mavs and Porzingis are evaluating further treatment options. According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN (Twitter link), surgery is one possibility to address the injury, which Porzingis suffered in Game 1.

4:07pm: Game 6 between the Mavericks and Clippers has been pushed back by three days and will now take place on Sunday instead of Thursday. However, Dallas big man Kristaps Porzingis didn’t practice on Friday and remains “very doubtful” to play due to his right knee injury, head coach Rick Carlisle said today (Twitter link via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon of ESPN).

With the Mavs facing a 3-2 deficit, it’s possible that Sunday’s game will be their last of the season, which means we may not see Porzingis again until the start of the 2020/21 campaign. He has been sidelined since Game 3 of the team’s first-round series.

The Mavs haven’t offered any specific diagnosis on Porzingis’ injured right knee, having listed him as out with “soreness” for the last two games. He underwent an MRI on this week and the Mavs didn’t say it showed any structural damage, though Carlisle didn’t offer many specifics on the results.

While Porzingis’ outlook for Sunday doesn’t look promising, it’s possible the delay helped a few other Mavs players get healthier. Luka Doncic (ankle), Dorian Finney-Smith (hips), and Trey Burke (ankle) had all been listed as questionable earlier this week when Game 6 was still scheduled for Thursday.

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16 thoughts on “Mavs’ Porzingis Has Meniscus Tear, Ruled Out For Series

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    OK it’s not looking ver good. When you hurt one leg. He tore his left knee on NYK. You tend to favor other leg on coming back. Especially players who don’t like contact. There’s been more than a few players. Who never came back and just hung on. Grant Hill reinvented his gm. Bernard King reinvented his gm. MJ came back from serious ankle injury. KP body type makes me skeptical. I hope he’s ok and finds his way. Feb 6, 2018 is when he blew out his left knee. It’s going on Three yrs.

    • x%sure

      Good point about Dirk, in that he mostly stayed balanced above his feet. Even spinning, he did only what his foot movement allowed him and did not cantilever except as a finishing movement which he shot the ball with, like a fallaway jumper. Doncic also stays above his feet and rotate a lot which is okay.

      Porzingus cantilevers, and has an attitude of persecution, of why-not-me-too. If you go further than your feet go… [I will edit my spiel]… A semitruck cannot corner like a Porsche.

      A big who thinks it unfair that he must pull his feet around while a short man GETS pulled by his feet, without even having to think about it… That long guy if he keeps trying the same, will shred foot & leg tissues. The feet are too far away for built-in coordination.

      It’s a long cause-and-effect linkage, but his sense of justice will injure him. The player-movement news of social justice lately reminds me. Zinger & Embiid movements do too.

      • 4Quarters

        Long ass winding post, but you’re spot on. What popped into my head, and go the ‘Lol.’ was Dirk’s balance.

        I watched Kristaps here in NY & he doesn’t have that ‘mastery of movement I’m afforded’.

        Push up on him, and it’s either a chuck or a pass.

        Dirk used to catch the ball in the post to face-up, create room, then dribble into that turn around fade-away. If people are expecting this from KP, with what he’s shown so far…they don’t know hoops. Point blank.

  2. SueJen

    Have no use for this porcelain doll. Injury after injury. Knicks got rid f an injury waiting to happen.
    Unicorns NY departure leaves me with no tears for this phony!

    • Breezy

      You make it sound like he chose to get injured. The fact remains that he’s a talented player when on the court, unfortunately injuries are getting to him.

      • SueJen

        He doesn’t choose to get injured. His body does it for him. Unicorn is like a delivery from Post Office.
        Fragile: Handle with care!

        • El Don

          Still better than all the junk NYK has right now or will have in the next 20 years! Salty much than NO ONE wants to play in MSG!

          • Curtisrowe

            Haha. Looks like we know who another one of El Don’s favorite players are!

            • KnickerbockerAl

              He’s failed again. He gave us a big rant. When I posted NY is better off. Even if we took less.
              Fact is it’s looking like Knicks were ahead of the gm. Hate to see any athlete go down. No matter how I feel about him. We’ll see what those two picks brings. Mavs need to heal him and protect him. He can still have a productive career.

  3. The Howler

    That’s a shame as this had a small chance of being an upset series. Luka is going to have to play out of his mind and get a triple-triple (100 pts – 100 reb – 100 assists) or sumfink.

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