Atlantic Notes: Siakam, Raptors, LeVert, Sixers

The announcement of this season’s All-NBA teams will be important for the Raptors, according to Blake Murphy of The Athletic, who notes that the value of Pascal Siakam‘s rookie scale extension would increase from 25% of next season’s cap to 28% if Siakam is named to the All-NBA Second Team.

Even if Anthony Davis is considered a center and Luka Doncic is listed as a guard, making the Second Team might be a tall task for Siakam, as the Raptors forward figures to be behind LeBron James, Giannis Antetokonmpo, Kawhi Leonard, and Jayson Tatum on many ballots.

While the savings for the Raptors on a 25% max instead of 28% for Siakam wouldn’t be massive, the club will likely welcome any extra cap flexibility it can get as it looks to re-sign Fred VanVleet and preserve cap room for 2021.

Here’s more from around the Atlantic:

  • Steven Loung of examines five pressing offseason questions facing the Raptors, including which of their veteran free agents to re-sign and what OG Anunoby‘s value on a rookie scale extension would be. Meanwhile, Eric Koreen of The Athletic contends that a new contract extension for president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri, whose current deal expires in 2021, would be the best move Toronto could make this offseason. The team extended head coach Nick Nurse earlier today.
  • Nets forward Kevin Durant isn’t convinced the club needs to trade for a third star this offseason, expressing a belief that Caris LeVert is capable of being that star. “I think Caris is that perfect guy for us — any given night he can lead us in scoring or lead us in assists or he can control the offense or we can go to him in the post in a matchup,” Durant said during an appearance on the Old Man & The Three podcast (hat tip to Ian Begley of “I feel like he has the tools to do everything on the basketball court. On our team, we play unselfishly, and we’ve got guys that can play off the basketball so on any given night anybody can be the star.”
  • Rich Hofmann of The Athletic takes a closer look at Mike D’Antoni, exploring whether the former Houston head coach would be a good fit on the Sixers‘ bench.
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16 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Siakam, Raptors, LeVert, Sixers

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    I think I agree with Durant that they don’t necessarily need to trade for a “3rd star” but also what about Dinwiddie? People who keep saying the Nets need to make a move to get another star seem to keep missing the fact that they had Dinwiddie who looked like an all-star for much of the season, averaged 20+PPG and led the offense on many occasions once Irving went down with his injury. Idk maybe LaVert really is the better player and the guy who will be the “3rd star” for this clubs… but I also think people shouldn’t sleep on Dinwiddie and his potential to be the 3rd guy even if he does technically play the same position as Irving. Also as a (possibly still tainted Celtics fan) I’m not sure any team with Irving really even needs to worry about getting a “3rd star” because I don’t think any team with Irving (as he is now… ego and all) can win a championship anyway… but I guess we shall see). but just look at the stats with Irving vs without him. Both with the Nets this year and the Celtics last year… and that now that the C’s have replaced Irving with Walker (who arguably is less “talented” than Irving) but now the C’s look soo much better and have a shot at making it to the finals vs last year when they were a dysfunctional mess mainly because of Irving.

    • DynamiteAdams

      I’d trade LeVert before Dinwiddie and I think the Nets feel the same. Also keep D’Antoni out of Philly. If they didn’t have the personel to make Brown’s system work then D’antoni will have an even bigger problem. Unless they trade Embiid or Simmons for a Klay Thompson.

    • mcmillankmm

      If they want a “3rd Star”, Levert Dinwiddie and Allen will all be in the trade…

      • phillyballers

        Dinwiddie, Prince, LaVert, Allen = 45.4M. Harden’s salary is 40.8 n could add PJ Tucker in.

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          Right. The Rockets will trade Harden and Tucker for those four guys? Not in a million years, even if the Sixers throw in a bunch of firsts.

          • phillyballers

            Sixers? You mean the Nets? And the Nets probably would add picks. Harden or Westbrook will be traded. Timestamp this ‘my guy’ the brodie bunch will be broken up.

    • Curtisrowe

      Dinwiddie and Lavert are both very good players. There isn’t much sense in Brooklyn trying to get another “star.”

      Irving is ridiculously good, I agree though, it remains to be seen how this team will mesh with him as a leader.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I agree with that. The reason they signed with Bklyn. Is cause they have talent. And with them two can take that big jump. I agree I like Dinwiddie as third guard. Allen backing your Jordan. Gives them depth and familiarity. But all I’ve heard since Kyrie and KD signed. Is they will get another all star. They talked about a few players. I think they are good and deep. As long as they get along and play as team. But already Jordan came in said I want to start. Then all the talk of trades. Then like you said Kyries attitude history. You never know. This gets off bad. They will make trades. Cause they are expecting East Finals at least. But so did Bucks. No matter what Nets do. Their window is 3-4 yrs. And the East has young good teams now. This ain’t the east of the Bron yrs.

  2. jump shot

    If a healthy LeVert is your third or fourth best player you should definitely be a “final four” team at the end of the season. I wish he and Dinwiddie could somehow be traded to the Sixers.

      • jump shot

        Lmao CurtisBlow… I hope psychiatrist isnt your day job – that’s the third time u been wrong. Certainly not a Sixers fan – I just see a great fit for LeVert (and Dinwiddie) there. Simmons and Embiid could use that kind of help.
        But, jeeeeez, I comment on a different team every other day, depending the team of subject. According to you, I must be a fan of every team who’s post I respond to.
        Keep reaching… someday you’ll be right about something!

      • jump shot

        Richardson has to be a Ron Harper/Bulls-type piece. If he’s required to, or tries to be anything more, his team is not championship caliber.

  3. Sillivan

    If 76ers sign D’Antoni it had to be 4 years With team option at 3rd year
    76ers were talking about championship last year

  4. El Don

    C’mon seriously! I can’t understand why Siakam would be not only in the 2nd All-NBA team but… I wouldn’t even put him on the 3rd!!!
    Yes, he had a fantastic November… but the rest of the season he went down hill, so much that I think it would be very unfair to put him in any All-NBA team!
    Giannis, AD, LBJ, Kawhi, JC, Butler, KP6, BI, JT & K-Mid were all better than him, so he wasn’t even a top 10 forward. (counting Luka as a PG)
    BTW JT shouldn’t be anywhere near neither.
    The forwards in the All-NBA teams should be
    1) Giannis & AD
    2) LBJ & Kawhi
    3) Butler & JC

    • El Don

      Maybe due to the games lost for his suspension (JC) one might put KP6 in the 3rd team then.

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