Draft Notes: Yurtseven, Combine, Toolson, Jessup

Former Georgetown big man Omer Yurtseven has met virtually with about a third of the teams in the NBA, including the Hawks, Wizards, Spurs, Hornets, Kings, Sixers, and Rockets, per Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. As Yurtseven explained in a conversation with Hughes, he has made an effort to do his homework on each team interviewing him in order to make a good impression during those meetings.

“You have to know their rosters in order to see how they would fit in; what shooters are you going to be able to kick out to, or what bigs would you be playing with, what picks do they have,” Yurtseven said. “In all the interviews, I try to incorporate all the things I know about them in order to show them that I care, that I want to be on their team.”

Here’s more on the 2020 NBA draft:

  • The revamped “combine” won’t allow teams to get as much first-hand information as in a typical draft combine, but after six months of doing little but rewatching tape and making phone calls, scouts and teams are pretty interested in the process and anxious for new information, tweets Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report.
  • In a story for Bleacher Report, Wasserman looks at some of the latest draft rumors, attempting to weigh their legitimacy. Wasserman is buying talk of RJ Hampton‘s improved jumper, but doesn’t expect the Timberwolves to trade the No. 1 pick and is skeptical about some of the chatter coming out of Golden State.
  • Despite the fact that just about every NBA team would love to add a sharpshooter such as Duncan Robinson, the Michigan forward went undrafted in 2018. With that in mind, CJ Moore of The Athletic identifies four prospects who could be this year’s under-the-radar marksman like Robinson, including BYU’s Jake Toolson and Boise State’s Justinian Jessup.
  • The latest mock draft conducted by team beat writers at The Athletic featured LaMelo Ball going No. 1 to the Timberwolves, the Warriors trading the No. 2 pick to the Suns, and Anthony Edwards slipping to the Hornets at No. 3.
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10 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Yurtseven, Combine, Toolson, Jessup

  1. Sillivan

    Team beat writers at The Athletic featured
    Warriors get Kelly Oubra and #10
    Suns get #2

    Kelly Oubre has little value, expiring contract doesn’t mean much. He can sign with other teams later.

    Say no to Oubre

    • x%sure

      This trade mas much criticized in the comments section. Apparently a senior writer has been wanting Oubre on GSW for some and got way vitually on this mock panel.
      But Arizona posters are mad about that and about how the site fired all three beat writers for Phoenix.
      As much pointed out, the proposed trade makes no sense, since the Suns then take Halliburton, who would likely be available at #6 anyway, and they want rid of Oubre just for his $14mil to spend on Vanvleet, who plays Halliburton’s position.
      phew. It’s funny though, and a good read.

  2. El Don

    I really like this mock draft, as I do think LaMelo is by far the best talent & fit for MIN.
    GSW would be very happy getting KOJ & #10.
    Although I don’t see why PHO would pick Wiseman while having Ayton, unless they went for Avdija as they would have the gap of KOJ to fill.
    Unfortunately CHA would be left with picking Edwards, so they would be the losers, unless Wiseman was still in the board, which then that would be awesome for them. Having a franchise changing talent like Wiseman to play the 5.
    Then CHI could get at the #4 Edwards, which they don’t need unless trades are to happen, as they already have ZLV & Coby.
    Really like this thinkin’ from the Athletic guys! Very interesting!

    • Luke Adams

      The Athletic’s mock had the Suns picking Haliburton at No. 2 after trading up — Wiseman went at No. 4 to Chicago.

      • El Don

        Many thanks Luke, I don’t have a subscription to the Athletic, I just figure it that way without reading the article, but as I said thanks for letting me know what it said exactly!

        • x%sure

          TA is not usually so interesting, they make me about as mad as anyone else. One would think for $50… nevermind.
          This on the #1 pick:
          “This Wolves front office likes to play chess. Edwards, a gifted scorer with All-Star potential who has also drawn concerning comparisons to Andrew Wiggins, is more of a checkers move. ”

          The writer didn’t say it, but probably, soon after Ball arrives, D’Lo will be seeing the merits of playing off-ball, and the Wolves will be better off for it. I think he really prefers having some space to operate, not being in charge of everyone per se. Lamelo is quite what I would call arrogant. He can out-D’Lo D’Lo when D’Lo is up. Users of that word say, *good arrogant. self-confident*. But some hear that word and are repelled from the getgo.
          It’s just a thing and can work at MIN.

  3. x%sure

    Today’s HR reads are the best for the draft in some time, neverminding lead Yurtseven or Yurts of any number. :D

    Wasserman’s points://my IMO
    RJ Hampton’s improved jumper is believed// DXC & tazza differ
    rumors coming from GSW not be believed// ✓ blowing smoke
    JalenSmith & PatWilliams rising believe// ✓ JS been sayin’so
    Pistons, Hawks, Suns moving, Wolves not// ✓ MIN takes Ball

    Moore’s Duncan Robinson clones:
    Interesting to collect, all from Western colleges, but not enough info on whether they can shoot on the run like DR.

    I’m not sure about “publishing” details from a paywall website.

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