Rockets Notes: Morey, Fertitta, D’Antoni, Coaching Job

General manager Daryl Morey’s job is safe and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta declared that Morey and the basketball operations department will conduct the search for a new head coach, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

Fertitta, who made his comments on CNBC, said he will merely sign off on the recommendation made by Morey and his staff.

“It begins and ends with the general manager,” Fertitta said. “You can talk to me all day long. I personally wouldn’t know what coach to hire. That’s why you have a basketball operations team that’s made of a half a dozen people that use all kinds of analytics and experience.”

Mike D’Antoni‘s decision to leave Houston was made public on Sunday.

We have more on the Rockets:

  • Fertitta’s lack of communication with D’Antoni after the Rockets were eliminated by the Lakers led to the coach’s decision to depart, Kelly Iko and Sam Amick of The Athletic report. D’Antoni spoke with Morey and everyone on the team prior to the flight back to Houston on Sunday. D’Antoni expected a phone call from ownership regarding the season and its future plans for him but that didn’t come. Prior to boarding the plane, D’Antoni decided he would leave the franchise and test the open market.
  • Expectations will remain high for the Rockets and that’s one factor for potential head coaching candidates to consider, Feigen opines. The Rockets’ core players are on the wrong side of 30 and their window is closing. If the franchises decides to rebuild after Russell Westbrook and James Harden finish out their contracts, the Rockets don’t possess many assets, Feigen adds.
  • Jeff Green isn’t thinking about retiring, though as a free agent it’s uncertain whether he’ll be back in Houston. Get the details here.
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14 thoughts on “Rockets Notes: Morey, Fertitta, D’Antoni, Coaching Job

  1. Sillivan

    D’Antoni felt disrespect from the owner
    Owner did not appreciate about his success

    Rockets vs Lakers
    It is getting worse game after game
    Game 5 is the worst

  2. ThePeople'sElbow

    Yeah let’s keep the guy who has handicapped the roster with bad contracts, no draft picks and put a ceiling of the 2nd round on the team.

  3. GoLandCrabs

    Morey has no clue what he is doing and built his team to satisfy computer models. Bet he is shocked how easily were knocked out “but but the analytical program gave us 70% odds to beat the Lakers”. Too bad the games are played with heart and you need actual size to win. The CP3 + control of 4 picks for Westbrick trade should get him fired alone.

  4. WSnotAstros2017

    Not crazy with Morey but has been good at times. Could we have been better with Chris. Contract we gave him hog tied us and when Westbrook came along to start thought would work but playoffs not so. If we did get rid of one or both who would we get. Who could we build around. I agree no one behind these two up and coming. So one reason I say more power to D’Antoni for saying no more. I want out. This team had no heart or such like they wanted to go on. Yeah they may have had some with OKC series but not in Lakers after first game. I just hope we get a great coaching staff and something this off season. Right now not liking any of these Houston teams from Texans and Astros too. Astros next year may not have Springer or Correa or pitching. Texans have O’Brien so nothing can do there.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      The only way D’Antoni was saving his job would have been winning a championship. This whole media circus with him leaving by choice is a complete joke and it’s hilarious seeing Rockets haters believing it. If they had any intention of keeping him then Fertitta wouldn’t have completely ghosted him after losing game 5. D’Antoni’s “decision to leave Houston” was made for him, not by him.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Right now Mike D’Antoni is that guy who was going out with the hot girl that everyone wants and after she dumped him he tells all his buddies it was mutual. Of course those guys all believe him because they’re not that bright.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Your girl’s not hot.

      She’s old, washed up, too much money, and doesn’t drive the lane with the same vigor she used to.

    • GoLandCrabs

      LOL the hot girl that everyone wants that was eliminated in the 2nd round….. Rockets are the crazy girl who swears every relationship is the one. And continuously gets denied by the one guy she actually wants.

    • Natergater77

      ummm No. D’Antoni and the Rockets are like the Homecoming King and Queen. But it’s been 20 years. Their marriage/relationship is finally ending after he can no longer deal with her nagging. She herself, still thinks she is the hottest thing around. She’s not, she is ok for her age, but she is gonna have to settle for a nice guy that isn’t the most exciting.

      This means D’Antoni will end up with another team, but have the same struggles, unless he changes. The Rockets, are not getting Lue or any other sexy name coach candidates or free agents. Maybe an undervalued name like Vaughn or a re-tread like JVG.

  6. x%sure

    It was a suspiciously quick quit for Dantoni. Somebody had to be whacked and he was hasty onto ‘the first train out of town’.
    Yeah technically he was actually on the first plane into town, whatever.

  7. jump shot

    Out of respect, they’re letting the narrative be what it is – even tho everyone (and knowledgeable fans) know the narrative is 180 from the truth. I have no problem with the Rockets doin it that way.

  8. Sillivan

    This playoffs record 5-7
    Honestly Rockets playoffs are underachieved for many seasons
    Two seasons overachieved only

  9. jessaumodesto

    Not sure if he’s interested but Gary St. Jean would be an awesome hire for the Rockets!

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