Warriors Notes: Kerr, Wiggins, Trade Exception

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr plans to take a relatively relaxed approach to the team’s offseason mini-camp, scheduled to start next Wednesday. Anthony Slater of The Athletic spoke with Kerr about his approach to the workouts, as well as his thoughts on the recent additions of former team guards Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa to the team. Livingston will be joining the team in a front office role, while Barbosa will serve on the coaching staff.

“We need some young legs on our coaching staff and our players need mentors,” Kerr told Slater. “That’s one of the things I’m so excited about for both Leandro and Shaun joining us. The players need someone they can talk to, go to and ask what it’s like and get an answer from someone who has been in their shoes, literally, in the last couple years.

Here are more Warriors notes:

  • Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area makes the case for why the Warriors should retain, not trade, wing Andrew Wiggins during the 2020 offseason. Wiggins has three years left on the five-year, $148MM contract extension he signed in Minnesota circa 2017.
  • Assuming that the capped-out Rockets will look to make the bulk of their roster transformations through trades that could help the team and save money, Grant Lill of NBC Sports Bay Area thinks that the Warriors could use their $17MM trade exception on either Houston forward Robert Covington and guard Eric Gordon. Covington will collect $25MM over the next two years. Gordon inked a four-year, $75MM extension that will compensate him through the 2023/24 season.
  • In case you missed it, several front offices believe the Warriors would prefer to use their pick in the 2020 draft on a wing. Should Georgia swingman Anthony Edwards be selected with the top pick by the Timberwolves, the team may trade down rather than select point guard LaMelo Ball or center James Wiseman.
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35 thoughts on “Warriors Notes: Kerr, Wiggins, Trade Exception

  1. Sillivan

    For Rickets,cutting costs is unstoppable
    TPE for Covington makes sense

    • Sillivan

      Sorry for misspelling

      Next year Rockets would receive and share luxury tax income 200 million from
      Warriors Clippers Nets 76ers

      You have 2 choices
      Tax income or slim chance to win championships

      Rockets Owner Will pick one

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      And what exactly would the Warriors give for RoCo? They’re not just giving him away for nothing after trading Capela and a first round pick to get him. Are we talking two first round picks, maybe three?

      • hiflew

        You smoking crack again? Do you seriously expect 3 first round picks for Robert Covington?

        • harden-westbrook-mvps

          They basically gave up two first rounders (one plus Capela) for Covington, so why would anyone not named Simple Jack think that Daryl Morey would just give him away? And thanks for the offer, but I don’t smoke crack.

            • xxtremecubsguy89

              How did hiflew offer? You must smoke pot. Nothing in his comment said anything about offering crack.

            • Lionel Muggeridge

              Forgive him, he’s had a rough few years in the playoffs lol

          • arc89

            Don’t worry Warriors are not going after Covington. Its just a suggestion from a sport writer nothing says they want him. GSW would have picked him up already if they wanted him.

          • adamsessler

            Trading Capela & a 1st rd pick for Covington (& a couple 2nd rd picks from a few yrs from now) doesn’t mean that Covington is worth 2 or 3 1st rd picks… Not even close.

            1. The 1st rd pick that HOU gave up in the middle of the season has less value than another team’s 1st pick that would be traded this off-season. At the time HOU traded the pick, they knew it was going to be a pick in the 20’s, which limits its value. If a team trades its 1st rd pick in the off-season, then that pick has an unknown value; the pick could be in the 20’s or it could be a lottery pick… Even a team that thinks it’s going to be good next year has some degree of uncertainty about where that pick will eventually land; MIL might think they’re going to be good next yr. & might assume that their #1 is going to be in the mid-20’s, but if Giannis gets hurt early in the season, their #1 could be a lottery pick… That uncertainty means that pick has much more value than HOU’s pick that is known to be in the 20’s.

            2. Capela is a very good player, BUT he’s also owed another $55M for the next 3 seasons, which impact value. If he was in his 2nd yr., & had 2 yrs. left on his rookie deal, then he’d have more value.

            3. Value depends on supply & demand. When HOU traded for Covington, there were very few players of Covington’s level available, so supply was low. HOU was in the midst of (what they believed to be) a run at a championship & felt that a guy like Covington would greatly increase their chances, so demand was high. Therefore, at that moment, Covington’s value was probably higher than at any point in his career, & likely higher than it ever will be. Basically, if Covington was a stock, HOU bought him at his highest value. Since the trade, Covington’s value has greatly fallen b/c there are far more available options for wing players, either via free agency, possibly the draft, or trades w/ other teams. Plus, his contract impacts his team’s salary cap which would restrict the team’s ability to sign other free agents during the off-season, which further limits his value.

            When you put all those things together right now, there is no way that HOU can get even 1 1st rd pick for Covington this off-season, let alone 2 or 3. That’s just laughable.

            • wagner13

              High quality analysis. I really like the way you broke that down. Unfortunately for Houston, I believe they will need to either trust their personnel and run the table once more or trade Harden and completely start over. Trading Covington or Westbrook would be a waste of time, with the former not generating a worthwhile return and the latter possessing an exorbitant contract relative to his talent

              • arc89

                With the #2 pick in the draft GSW can easily pick up a Covington type player. There is nothing special about Covington other than a good rotation player but not a all star. I fail to see why he would require a trade amount worth a all star. Houston over payed for a chance at a ring.

            • x%sure

              What? Roco alone is easily worth a first or two for a good, win- now team. It depends on the pick slots. Now, not the overall #2, but if they were low picks, yes. What is the point of that long justification if it arrives at “laughable” for Covington landing one or two picks. The metrics used are secondary, using past trading values. He has been playing out of position without being the problem on a round of 8 team.

              GSW could use defensive ability more than driving ability, as long as Roco hits his shots.

              • adamsessler

                No way that RoCo is worth a 1st round pick during this off-season. I’ve already gone over a lot of reasons in the abstract, but let’s do this…

                Last off-season, Jerami Grant was traded by OKC to DEN for a top-10-protected 1st rd pick. Grant was just 25 yrs. old at the time, was coming off a breakout season in which he avg. 13.6 ppg, shot .392 from 3PT range, had a defensive WS of 3.3 (29th in the NBA), & total WS of 7.3 (35th in the NBA). He was also under a contract he had signed BEFORE his breakout season, meaning he was locked up to a team-friendly contract for another 2 yrs. In short, Grant was young, potentially had a lot of upside, was very good on both sides of the ball, & locked up to a team-friendly deal.

                RoCo is a solid player, but he does not have more value than Grant did last yr. RoCo is almost 30 yrs. old. He’s coming off a season in which he had a DWS of 3.0 (which is very good) & a total WS of just 3.7 (which is not as good; 110th in the NBA). At his age, RoCo is what he is: A solid role player & a good-defensive forward. But he doesn’t have the upside that Grant potentially had last year. Plus, Grant was on a more-team-friendly deal. And again, Grant was worth just 1 protected 1st rd pick. Hoping to get the same or more for RoCo is just unrealistic.

                • x%sure

                  Denver got an unusually good deal with Grant. For some reason Presti gave up on him. For the first part of the year, he looked right. Of late, not. Grant survived and should get the MLE 4/40.

                  But you are overrating lower picks anyway. If a team gets something from a low first, they should be happy. Roco gives you something for sure. (But the GSW #2 is better.)

                  arc89, it is very hard to measure defense, or the ability to play multiple positions. It is the better teams that want that usually. Its the lesser teams that look for a shot-creator, which Roco is not.
                  We were talking about GSW, which has fin als aspirations . Wiggins would be added to, not replaced, and with his contract, is definitely worth less than Roco. Whether Wiggins is a better player is not the point, but he’s not been a winner or even benefits his team statistically when he’s on the floor. Potential is not the goal compared to value, but there are many who think it is, usually fans of tanking. Getting young & promising players is key to tanking.

              • arc89

                Covington is not a young player with loads of potential. He scores around 13 points a game with is not great. His rebounds is 8 a game which is not great either. He is a 4th option player or a bench player for second team. Wiggins is a better player than Rocco and I doubt he would get you 2 top picks and a player. Face it the rockets over paid for him.

  2. x%sure

    Houston giving up Roco to GSW is like helping an enemy. Doesn’t look good but who knows what will be going on in that troubled FO.

    • Yes I don’t think there’s any way Houston trades Covington because they gave up so much to get him. He is a key piece in today’s NBA and you probably want to hold on to him. The Rockets will probably try real hard to trade Eric Gordon but it’ll be tough cuz his game has slipped a little and he’s owed a lot of money.

      You can’t trade Westbrook really because his game is polarizing and he’s also owed lot of money. Really the only solution aside from running it back next year is to trade James Harden now. Will a new coach Garner a different result with this same cast? I say blow it up and trade James Harden. You could get a major haul back. The Warriors will give you their giannas package plus maybe a little something more because Harden is so good ?

      • x%sure

        They should give a new coach a chance first. Anyway having Harden would change things too much on GSW. Let’s see that comeback!

  3. Scott

    Trading down for GSW for a future 1st makes sense. If they are trading down for a wing, then I have to think it is for Avdija. Personally, I’d prefer they trade down and select Okongwu who could become a Bam clone.

    • arc89

      They could trade down a few spots and get a 2nd rounder in the future still pick up a good draft pick.

    • Any guy in the draft is too young for their current Championship goal. Especially an 18 year old. They’ll be trading their pick plus other stuff for an impact veteran.

  4. phillyballers

    Draft a high level Center prospect or trade down for FOMO bc of Doncic-mania? That’s a nice media generated narrative. Truthfully we all know they can attract a vet wing for the minimum every year they have the splash bros.

    Wiseman, Draymond, Wiggins, Klay, Steph

    That’s a formidable team.

    • There’s a chance that you’re right but Wiseman is such a mystery. I don’t think the Warriors will gamble the second pick in the draft on a mystery. They have to nail this because there’s only two three years left for a championship run with the squad. Whoever they do draft will be for another team in a trade.

  5. Sillivan

    I am not seeking TPE for 17 million Players
    I want to trade TPE for 4 million players such as John Collins and Luke Kennard
    or 12 million players such as Covington or Snell
    Certainly it will attach 2nd pick or any pick

  6. harden-westbrook-mvps

    There are plenty of things the Rockets can do besides making any trades. Adding a center like Boogie Cousins for the minimum could be all they need to do in the offseason.

    • arc89

      Hmmm Just a month ago you said they will win a championship. They are getting very old the ship has sailed.

      • Boogie Cousins coming off back to back major injuries shouldn’t move the needle for any team with championship aspirations

    • Afk711

      Boogie ain’t closing the gap between the rocket chokers and the Lakers

    • Strike Four

      lol man you are really going through it, huh?

      The ONLY route for the Rockets here is total teardown rebuild. They created a team that will never ever win. Total roster turnover only option here. Byebye Rockets, thanks for literally nothing since the 90s

  7. Strike Four


    Bye bye next 5 titles (health permitting)/

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