Atlantic Notes: Bullock, Harris, Richardson, Horford, Raptors

Knicks guard Reggie Bullock has a team-friendly, non-guaranteed $4.2MM contract for next season and there are good reasons to retain him, including his friendship with Chris Paul, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes.

Bullock provides a veteran presence along with his reputation for being a 3-and-D wing. New York would still take a cap hit of $1MM if it doesn’t guarantee Bullock’s contract prior to free agency. Bullock’s close friendship with Paul, a potential trade target for his former agent and current Knicks president of basketball operations Leon Rose, also works in his favor.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • The Nets can’t afford to let wing Joe Harris in free agency, Mike Mazzeo of opines. The Nets own Harris’ Bird rights, so they can make him a substantial offer even if it pushes them deeper into luxury tax territory. If they let him walk, they’d only have the taxpayers’ mid-level exception to replace him. Brooklyn is expected to have competition for Harris’ services with estimates that it would need to offer Harris a $15MM starting salary to retain him.
  • Josh Richardson and Al Horford will be traded this offseason, The Athletic duo of Rich Hofmann and Derek Bodner project in an examination of the Sixers‘ roster. In other predictions, they believe young defensive stalwart Matisse Thybulle could be added a trade sweetener in a deal involving Richardson or Horford, while Alec Burks will leave in free agency.
  • San Diego State guard Malachi Flynn and Kansas guard Devon Dotson worked out for the Raptors on Sunday, Marc Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated tweets. Colorado forward Tyler Bey also worked out for Toronto, Alex Kennedy of Basketball News tweets. In ESPN’s ranking of best available prospects, Bey is slotted at No. 28 with Dotson at No. 33 and Flynn at No. 38. The Raptors own the No. 29 pick.
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40 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Bullock, Harris, Richardson, Horford, Raptors

  1. Sillivan

    I support the trade idea of both Richardson and Horford
    I’d add 3 Future Firsts to upgrade
    Remember Clippers and Rockets have always trade future picks

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Horford, Richardson, Thybulle, two 2nd rd picks.
    For >>>> Westbrook . Rockets don’t have picks this yr. Top of 2nd rd they can pick up nice bigs. They can load up around Harden. Only a few places Westbrook can go. Sixers is a nice one. Sixers are only giving up picks. They can replace the two guards. Still have two picks in draft. Rockets can start Richardson and Horford.
    Harden – PG
    Richardson- SG
    Horford – C
    Covington- SF
    Tucker – PF

    • LexLegend

      Not interested in Westbrook. You can’t win a championship with him.

    • I give no fox

      The last thing the Sixers need is another guard that can’t shoot 3s

      • bravesfan88

        Right, exactly this. They need to strictly invest in perimeter shooters, and 3&D wings. They could probably use another playmaker off the bench, but outside shooting clearly takes precedence..

    • That’s a terrible deal for the Sixers. Let’s add another ball-dominant next to two other ball-dominant guys.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Westbrook has led the league in assists. Simmons needs to play off the ball. Westbrook has never played with a dominant center. And Westbrook wants to win more than Butler. You think Sixers need that. They aren’t giving up anything. You understand what FG% is. Basketball is about scoring playing D gm management . Putting Simmons on wing and letting Westbrook run point. Does all that. To get Westbrook back for Horford. Is a freakin miracle. Simmons at PG will get you what Harden gets Rockets . A seat to the playoffs finals. Haaaa
        I guess your brainstorm is to back to TANKIN.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    Horford Richardson Thybulle and …. for Buddy Heild and Harrison Barnes

    1. Simmons
    2. Heild
    3. Barnes
    4. Harris
    5. Embiid

    Good bunch of shooters, good amount of experience but still young enough to hang around a few years, huge payroll but both Heild and Barnes deals decrease every year.
    If you manage to have this as you starting 5 you’ll be able to fill out the bench with vets on the minimum, 2nd round pick rookies and still be a really solid team.

      • El Don

        You mean how many picks to PHI, come on dude Horford is better than Hayward… not even close!

        • hiflew

          Yeah, but Horford is owed WAY more money. The picks would definitely go to Boston. Probably at least 2 firsts.

        • Curtisrowe

          Hayward only has one year left on his contract while you’re stuck with Horford for three more years El Don. Come on, think a little harder

        • ball_lover002

          Horrfords not a better player than Hayward. Horford sure scored 12 points last year but on only 45% as opposed to his 53% the year prior… he was still a decent shooter from three shooting 35% but that percentage was still down from the year before.
          Hayward is a valuable wing who is a good scorer. Hey averaged 17.5pts 6.7rbs and 4 assist on50/38/85 shooting splits…. Hayward is clearly the better player…

          • El Don

            Oh but Horford is better, a bit less in the offense… but man Al is a great defender, meanwhile Hayward is pretty awful right there! Ditto I, that is my opinion anyway & I am not gonna change it, would always prefer Horford than Hayward!

  4. Sillivan

    The only player that Kings don’t want is Horford
    Horford can’t help Kings to make playoffs next 3 years
    3 way deal to send Horford to Third team
    3rd team sends a star to Kings

    • Sillivan

      3-way trade idea:

      Kings get Beal
      76ers get Hield
      Wizards get 2 Future Firsts from 76ers and 2 future Firsts from Kings, and Horford.

      • hiflew

        I don’t think the Wizards owner would approve of that much of a rebuild, but I think it could be tweaked to make it work.

        Kings get
        Bradley Beal
        Matisse Thybulle
        pick 36 this year from Sixers

        76ers get
        Buddy Hield
        Ish Smith

        Wizards get
        Al Horford
        Marvin Bagley
        pick 12 this year from Kings
        pick 21 this year from Sixers
        2022 1st from Sixers
        2023 2nd from Kings

        I think that layout could work. A frontcourt trio of Horford, Bagley, and Hachimura could be very good for the Wiz. They would also have enough draft capital to either take a couple of wings or trade up to maybe get Edwards.

        • I give no fox

          Let me get this straight: Horford, thybulle, two firsts, and an early 2nd nets the Sixers buddy hield? Brand should be fired immediately if he makes that deal

            • hiflew

              Because the best assets (pick 12, Bagley) are coming from the Kings. The Sixers likely don’t have enough to get Beal without the Kings’ assets.

          • hiflew

            Brand should have been fired immediately for signing Harris and Horford to such awful deals. But since he wasn’t, you gotta pay to get rid of one of the worst contracts to production ratios in the league. Firsts in the 20s don’t have the trade value you think. Plus, the Sixers are not going to roster 4 second round picks this year, so it’s not a big loss either. The only thing of value they are really losing is Thybulle.

            • I give no fox

              If it were a first, sure. A first and a second, ok. Two firsts, a high second and thybulle just to dump Horford is way too much. Not to mention Hield isn’t without his flaws, piss poor attitude and lack of defense. All I was trying to point out was the gross overpay from the Sixers perspective compared to the great returns for the other teams. Makes no sense, but that’s just my opinion. And Just because you have a lot of p

              • I give no fox

                Just because you have a lot of picks doesn’t mean you just light them on fire in a bad deal.

              • hiflew

                That’s a fair assessment. To be honest, I messed up. I meant to put a 2nd rounder going from the Kings to the Sixers instead of the way I typed it in. When I finished I didn’t have a pick going to either, but I felt the team giving up 2 first rounders should get a 2nd back and I mistakenly read that I had two firsts from the Kings instead of Philly.

                Just go back and eliminate the 36 pick in the deal and take the 23 2nd rounder from the Wizards and send it to Philly.

                Man, it really is hard putting these deals together even when I am trading with myself. lol

  5. Bullock is being guaranteed, and it has nothing to do with his friendship with CP3. Not only is he a bargain at his salary, it’s 1 year and he’s two things the Knicks are starving for on the perimeter – defense and 3 pt shooting. Only Berman would look at Bullock’s rather simple obvious situation and tie to a potential CP3 deal.

  6. x%sure

    The NOLA writer is typical, wanting to see Etwan Moore ditched due to age, yet wants other team’s older players brought in as mentors. Is he not mentor material?
    If a player feels that his best chance anymore is as a mentor, he will be a mentor, or at least give that impression, but how do you know if he succeeds at it? Or if that system even works.

  7. formerlyz

    I could see Toronto drafting Flynn, depending on how trades may go in the first round. I also kind of like Tyler Bay as an option for the Heat, depending on certain people that i also think will possibly be gone by their pick. That being said, i havent really done that much draft stuff yet…

    not sure thats the greatest move by Philly, considering their biggest issue was poor rotation decisions, and needing a shooter *(although the argument could be made they have misused a couple of people), and to make free throws, and they should be good if they can stay healthy…last year i met some philly fans when i was randomly in Utah a couple of weeks before training camp, and said that they would have issues with the rotations early, and then they would see the obvious, and then they would go on a run…lol but they never did that. they somewhat did later, with Horford off the bench, but then they had the injuries, and the combinations that should have been playing with each other on the floor werent the lineups they used in more significant minutes, if at all. I also said they would be bad at FTs and it would cost them games lol. Thats only b/c literally all of the Heat recent former players were the ones missing them the last 3+ years. I would actually watch games on league pass, and would laugh when they would go to the free throw line…..

  8. Thybulle shouldn’t be traded away unless the incoming player is transformational to the existing roster.

    Horford and picks for Hield. Richardson turns into their 6th man since the bench is not good at the present moment.

    • x%sure

      If Thybulle goes it would likely be to dump salary instead of acquiring someone per se. Bit of a waste from a BB standpoint. But like formerlyz says, things don’t always go right there, even when a good decision gets made, like with Burks & GR3.

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