Oladipo Expected To Draw Trade Interest From Knicks

Following a report that stated Victor Oladipo was “looking to move on” from the Pacers, the two-time All-Star dismissed the idea that he wants to leave Indiana.

Still, with just one year left on his contract and no guarantee he’ll re-sign with the Pacers, Oladipo figures to draw trade interest this offseason, and the Knicks look like one of the teams that will kick the tires on a potential deal, as Marc Berman of The New York Post writes.

Addressing the possibility of the Knicks pursuing Chris Paul, Berman cites NBA officials who say that putting together an offer for Oladipo is expected to be a “higher priority” for the club.

New president of basketball operations Leon Rose has a long-standing connection to Paul, having previously represented him at CAA. However, Oladipo is seven years younger and has a major booster in New York’s front office as well, Berman explains — general manager Scott Perry drafted the guard in 2013 when he was a member of Orlando’s front office and “still is enamored” with him.

As Berman points out, the Knicks have already made a habit of acquiring players Perry previously drafted in Orlando, signing Mario Hezonja in 2018 and Elfrid Payton in 2019.

Of course, a trade for Oladipo would require a more significant investment, both in terms of the trade package required to land him and in terms of the financial commitment it would take to sign him to a long-term deal.

One NBA personnel person who spoke to Berman suggested that an offer of Julius Randle, Dennis Smith Jr., and the Mavericks’ 2021 and 2023 first-round picks could “whet the Pacers’ appetite,” though I’d be surprised if Indiana is enamored with any Knicks package that doesn’t include one of New York’s own future first-rounders.

If the Pacers do seriously consider moving Oladipo this fall, the Heat are expected to be among the other clubs with interest.

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16 thoughts on “Oladipo Expected To Draw Trade Interest From Knicks

  1. phillyballers

    Knicks would be interesting, hadn’t thought of them.

    Really they could revamp that whole team on some cheaper contracts instead of trying to nail their picks everytime.

    Dipo, LaVine, Buddy, Vucevic, Turner, Gobert. Same guys everyone else is targeting. Expiring contracts and picks. Only need to keep RJ. Everyone else is expendable. Trade for a guard, sign FVF, dont need to move up for Ball. Trade for a ‘Big’.

    I can see Whiteside signing there too.

      • 4Quarters

        I would have agreed with that 12 months ago, and I’m a fan of Mitch Lob — but I dunno now.

        Everyone should be up for discussion for the right price/package.

        Our player development has been putrid. New FO might bring necessary changes, but if we can move ‘promise/potential’ for ‘developed/established’ young vets…I’m in.

        Players on their rookie extensions + bird rights could be a viable route.

  2. xxtremecubsguy89

    Maybe Houston can trade that useless Harden for him. Houston would without a doubt be a better team with him and Russ than big beard James.

  3. knicks at this point will take anyone that comes available so what is the point of this article?

  4. Sillivan

    Knicks need to sign free agents then later trade for dipo
    Knicks have nothing to offer
    Chris Paul doesn’t want to play for Doc Rivers

  5. Sillivan

    Randle and Smith Jr have negative trade value
    They can trade dipo to Hawks for 6th pick

  6. sportsfreak52

    Keep dreaming, Oladipo just said he started in Indiana with IU and would love to finish in the great state of Indiana, his “adopted 2nd home” .
    So, keep dreamin’ and readin’ your rumors ‘cause it isn’t happenin’!!

    • Sillivan

      It does not matter if it’s rumor

      Pacers won’t overpay dipo and his contract will be expired
      Knicks want to overpay everyone

      Knicks double pay 5 free agents last year

  7. Now is not the time to trade (or trade for) VO, as nobody knows what a team acquiring VO is actually getting (physically or contractually). A rebuilding team giving up significant future assets for him right now seems particularly unlikely. Rose hasn’t done anything this stupid yet, so I’ll assume this is coming from Berman until shown otherwise.

  8. emac22

    Who cares what Perry likes. He needs to stick to doing paperwork instead of trying to pick up players that cost him other jobs.

    I can’t imagine how stupid it would be for the Knicks to make this deal. Berman is such a paid stooge he isn’t even worth reading.

    BTW – 2021 is a good draft. It’s sort of a target draft people are collecting picks for. We have two protected first round picks in that draft right now. Don’t give them away for an injured and overpaid vet who is about to be a free agent anyway.

  9. KnickerbockerAl

    Berman is a Knick hater. Don’t believe anything he writes. Knicks are geared for FA next yr. It’s all about Thibs and the rebuild till then. They can make trades or signings then. Their assets will be better and they have 5 #1 picks in 2020-21 thru 2022-23. There’s no rush here. Relax

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