Atlantic Notes: Okoro, Dragic, Dunn, Theis, Celtics

Lottery prospect Isaac Okoro has received plenty of attention from the Knicks, Ian Begley of SNY TV reports. Okoro’s college coach, Auburn’s Bruce Pearl, said New York’s front office has conducted a number of interviews regarding the 6’6” Okoro, who is ranked No. 7 overall by ESPN. The Knicks own the No. 8 pick.

“They’ve talked to strength coaches, trainers, assistant coaches – they’ve done their homework. And they’ve liked Isaac from the jump,” Pearl said of the Knicks.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Goran Dragic, D.J. Augustin and Jeff Teague are some of the veteran free agent options at point guard that the Raptors might pursue, Blake Murphy of The Athletic opines. Combo guard Kris Dunn could be an even more attractive option as a restricted free agent, and De’Anthony Melton could also be a consideration despite his RFA status, Murphy adds.
  • Daniel Theis was a big part of the Celtics’ rotation during the restart and Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston doesn’t anticipate that anything will change next season. Theis complemented Boston’s stars nicely since he’s solid at screening and defending, Forsberg adds. Boston must guarantee Theis’ $5MM salary prior to next season but that seems like a foregone conclusion.
  • The Celtics own three first-round picks in the November draft and they’ll be looking to deal, according to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report. Boston simply doesn’t have the roster space to absorb and develop three rookies and if the Celtics can’t trade one or more of those picks, they’ll look into draft-and-stash options.
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31 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Okoro, Dragic, Dunn, Theis, Celtics

  1. C’s want to move picks and Knicks may want to trade down if their targets are not available at #8. Why not:

    To C’s – 8 and 38
    To NYC – 14, 26,30

    C’s move up, and the second can be spent on a non-guaranteed deal or draft and stash player. Knicks either draft four times in the first, or package two of the picks to move back up the board a few spots again.

    • wildboys

      I like this idea. More times to the well, the better chance at finding a gem in a weak draft class. And they can use all the help they can get. Target guys like Maxey, Hampton, Bane, Lewis Jr. , McDaniel, Mannion, etc.

    • Sillivan

      According to Nick Nurse,
      You’re seeing more undrafted guys contribute, and I think a possible reason is that there is no difference between the 25th pick in the draft and the 95th pick.

        • hiflew

          I think you know what he meant. Sillivan has so many comments worthy of logical rebuttal, but this one just reeks of picking nits.

    • Not good for the Knicks. The trade down isn’t the problem, its the compensation. No use for that kind of volume at the end of the 1st round. No team wants to bring in 4 first round rookies in a year. To my knowledge no team ever has, and the Knicks, with a roster already full of young RSC guys they need to make calls on, shouldn’t be the first. They’d only be taking on the headache of how to realize value on a bevy of late 1st rounds.

  2. Marvels MagaMan

    If youre the Knicks.

    Offer Randle and whatever you need to salary matching purposes to get Hayward and those picks.

    Gives the Knicks 3 1sts, Celtics unload Haywards contract, and pick up front court depth

    They can move Brown to SG, Tatum to SF, Randle to PF, and Smart to 6th man.

    • Lionel Muggeridge

      It would be good for Gordon to be the star of a team again. He might go well in the big apple

      • Marvels MagaMan

        Hayward proves he is healthy Knicks can ship him out for more draft assets.

        Knicks would have 5 1st round picks this year so they can certainly build a contender and set themselves up for the future.

        They keep # 8 (Cole Anthony or Tyrese Hailburton) and #14 (Saddiq Bey or Aaron Nesmith), and at #26 they take Zeke Nnaji or Daniel Oturu and trade #27 and #30 away for future 1sts

  3. Ialreadyhadsteveijustupdatedmypicbeenheresince08gimmemynameback

    Theis can be the first big off the bench, sure. But if Theis is starting and finishing games next season then the celtics can’t expect to be that much better of a team. The mpg isnt necessarily the problem it’s when it’s being used plus the personnel down low outside of theis that is. Ainge cant go about wiffing on another Kanter-esque signing, hopefully he looks at something maybe a tier or two up from that, something major and known in quantity. However that becomes immensely difficult to pull off as I dont believe they have any cap space for one. Certainly wont if they lock in brown or Tatum to a re-signing/extension. Last year was the year to address their lacking play/personnel down low. Instead Ainge signs kemba Walker, tieing up cap space that wont be easy to clear in a pr friendly manner, while also still relying on Tatum and smart to facilitate and create/initiate offense when things slow down in the playoffs. Then of course theres Heyward. Ainge had
    guards and signs a guard, singe had wings and signs a wing. About time to address the lack of defense and physicality that plagued our big men rotations since Garnett departure. Ainge doesn’t seem to like to spend money on those traits when it comes to big men, Horford was kind of a meeting in the middle for ainge. A major signing at the big position as well as a talent upgrade but clearly lacking the aforementioned traits. Without cap space to waste on other positions/players you’d have to imagine that ainge actually puts time and effort into making a savvy signing or two down low right? past seasons tell us to expect signings more on par with shavlik Randolph, Greg steisma, and ryan Hollins than a Marc gasol, DeMarcus cousins, Hassan whitesides type deal. Ainges position needs to be reevaluated. One title does not make up for squandering 3-5 years worth of cap space and refusing to roll the dice on low risk high upside signings/trades down low. If they aren’t careful they may end up axing Steven’s before they do ainge if things dont pan out. And that would be a mistake

    • x%sure

      Congrats on breaking the record for words per column inch.
      Are you sure it’s Ainge who has the idea to play small with nobody listed at over 214 pounds? There are bigger players available on the roster though not necessarily better. I have not read whether it’s Ainge or Stevens pushing the small ball Walker-Smart-Brown-Tatum-Theis primary lineup. A spontaneous arrangement can mean bad planning. There does not seem to be great disappointment at Robert whatever not breaking through, like there was a plan that he would be ready to start by now. I think his profile says, Tends to be unready. The king that got beat by the Normans in England was Athelstane the Unready. He lost and his people became serfs.

  4. Sillivan

    For top 10 picks, Knicks only want 4 players.
    LaMelo Ball
    Tyrese Haliburton
    Devin Vassell
    Isaac Okoro

    • Sillivan

      Knicks also want to find a potential franchise player around 15th pick.
      Trade Up Into The Middle Rounds Of This Year’s Draft
      flashy Argentinian point guard Leandro Bolmaro

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    True Celts don’t need three new 1st rd rookie contracts. If they were smart. They should take Pokusevski with 14th pick. He’s going in first rd. And stash him in Europe for 3 yrs. This guy is the next great stretch 4. If he last to Knicks at 27 I hope they take him. Celts should be looking for big. Considering how Bam abused them. Love, Aldridge, Horford would be nice. I’d give Philly Hayward and 30th pick for Horford.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Okoro would look good in Knicks uniform. He’s a Thibs kind of player. His D right now is ahead of his O. He’s a smart player and has tools to develop offensively. He could be another Butler. Be very happy with him. Okoro could start right away. Just have to move Randle.

  7. case7187

    The C’s should of traded last yrs picks also it obvious they can’t draft out of the lottery every pick they have below 14 has been crap or bust and if they do get one it takes 2-3yrs before they are worth a damn and by that time you can’t trade them

  8. Sillivan

    Wizards fall in love with 8th pick. They are willing to offer Knicks 9th pick + one of the 3 first round rookie contract such as lottery pick Jarome Robinson. ….

    This draft is so deep.
    RJ Hampton is projected at 5th pick last year, now he is projected at 25th pick.

    • hiflew

      That doesn’t make the draft deep, it just means RJ Hampton got exposed against better competition than high school.

      BTW, LaMelo Ball was projected as pick #16 last year, now he is top 3. Dos that make the draft shallow again?

      • x%sure

        I want to jab at about every post that goes up. Some days… some nights at this point. Something I ate. Sillivan estimates the draft to last at least 3.16 rounds, reaching #95. I wonder what MDG stands for, or about the Celtics wanting to trade Tony Allen (bkn), the whys, whos, hows. v

  9. R.allen MDG

    Celtics can just sign d bertans, trying to trade tony allen (bkn) for 1st pick
    Add for shooter like eric gordon.
    Gordon hayward,semi ojeleye can be send via trade

  10. BishopL

    Bleacher is usually all over the place with trade proposals but that Hayward for turner swap wouldn’t be terrible. At 14 a sniperlike Nesmith could make like easier for Warren and sabonis. Or they could roll the dice on Hampton and see what olidipo fetches.

  11. Okoro is a talent, and a great fit for the culture that Thibs wants to establish. I’d be fine with him, Vassell or Williams at #8. I wouldn’t trade up for any of them, though, or anyone else in the draft. Rose needs to be patient, and play to the strengths of this draft.

  12. Sillivan

    Celtics 3 picks is equal to 10th pick at most

    There is no difference between 3 and 14 picks
    Bobby Marks says something similar?

    Why not trade 14 for 3 straight up?

    • x%sure

      Talents at #3 & #14 may be equal but the #3 team gets first choice between them, so can account for fit & sync. #14 team takes what is left over or chooses from a lesser tier.

    • hiflew

      This scares me, but in a way I sort of understand his point. If you think there is no difference between the 3rd pick and 14th pick, swapping the spots would save you quite a bit on salary. Of course, most people understand that there is a big difference between the 3rd and 14th picks. That’s not to say that the 14th pick won’t have a better career than the 3, because that could happen. But it’s all about perceived value right now.

  13. rap4life

    Makes a lot of sense for any team BUT the Knicks. They can mess up anything, especially with Dolan as the owner

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